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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dammit9x

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    Downtown Special - Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou! (NES)
    FAQ/Walkthrough for the Technos Samurai Team 1.0 English translation
    September 3, 2007 v1.0
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com
    Copyright 2007
        This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any unauthorized web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited and a violation of copyright.
    2) ALLIES
    3) MENUS
    4) STATS
    6) TECHS
    8) SHOPS
    9) FAQ
      The essence of gameplay, like many beat-em-ups, is to fight through a sequence
    of gangs and gang bosses. Certain events, such as beating a boss, have certain 
    consequences, such as the appearance of other bosses. What makes "Downtown 
    Special" unusual is that these events might occur on any of the play fields, 
    which encompass all of feudal Japan.
      Gangs wander from region to region and may encounter KUNIO when they come to 
    the same region. Gangs tend to seek out KUNIO, with the weaker gangs being the 
    most persistent. Each region is connected to two or three other regions and an 
    overview showing KUNIO and all the gangs can be seen by pressing B at the menu 
      The MAP CRSR item enables travel directly through the overview map. For a 
    screenshot map of all the regions, check the website of "sprays":
    !      a required event 
    $      an optional event
    >      a consequence of an event
    Money  amount of money dropped by gang members and bosses
    TECH   the boss' TECHs, which are learned if the MASTER shades are equipped
    Event                                                  Money      TECH
    !Begin game
    >GINPA (light blue) appears
    >GONSA (pink) appears
    !Defeat light blue gang and GINPA                    10/100       none
    >ICHI & ROKU (yellow) appear
    >YONO (gray) appears
    >cutscene with SANKI
    $Defeat pink gang and GONSA                          12/120    SLAP SP
    >GONSA may join
    !Defeat yellow gang and ICHI & ROKU                  14/140       none
    >HEIRU (green) appears                                 (each)
    >TAME (dark yellow) appears
    >KINSU (blue) appears
    $Defeat YONO                                          -/160      SCREW
    >RIKI may join
    !Defeat green gang and HEIRU                         16/160   WARPSHOT
    >HEIRU (green) reappears
    $Defeat green gang and HEIRU again                   16/160   WARPSHOT
    >HEIRU may join
    !Defeat dark yellow gang and TAME                    18/180     M.FUMI
    !Defeat blue gang and KINSU                          20/200   N.ATTACK
    >HEISI (blue) appears after TAME or KINSU is defeated
    !Defeat blue gang and HEISI                          22/220    H.GUARD
    >JINRO (yellow-brown) appears after HEIRU(1), TAME, KINSU and HEISI are defeated
    !Defeat yellow-brown gang and JINRO                  24/240      DRILL
    >KINSU may join
    >YONO (gray) appears
    >GINPA (light blue) reappears
    >HAN (purple) appears
    $Cutscene with YONO
    >receive KANPOU; BUNZO may join
    !Defeat purple gang and HAN                          26/260    MASSAGE
    >HAN may join
    >GONSA may leave
    >GONSA (pink) appears
    >NIZAE (brown) appears
    >YAGO (dark gray) appears
    $Defeat dark gray gang and YAGO                      28/280   DAGGR SP
    >JUUKI (gray) appears (if GONSA has been defeated)
    $Cutscene with JUUKI
    >JUUKI may join
    !Defeat brown gang and NIZAE                         30/300    DEFLECT
    >TSUI & TATSU (dark blue) appear
    !Defeat dark blue gang and TSUI & TATSU              32/320    TORNADO
    >HEISI (blue) appears
    >TSUI or TATSU (dark blue) appears (whoever escaped)
    >TSUI or TATSU may join (whoever was beaten)
    >cutscene with OKOTO
    $Cutscene with HEISI
    !Defeat dark blue gang and TSUI or TATSU             32/320    TORNADO
    >TSUU leaves (if JUUKI has joined)
    >TSUU (dark green) appears (if JUUKI has joined)
    >ASAJI (red) appears
    !Defeat red gang and cutscene with ASAJI             36/-
    >HEISI (blue) appears
    !Second cutscene with HEISI
    >KINSU may leave
    >TORA (black) appears
    $Defeat dark green gang and TSUU                     34/340   M.KIUKIU, BIGBANG
    >TSUU may rejoin
    !Defeat black gang and TORA                          36/380     E.TORP,  S.TORP
    >JUUKI may join, or leave if he's already joined
    >KINSU may rejoin
    >YAGO (dark gray) appears
    >ASAJI (red) appears
    $Defeat gray gang and cutscene with YAGO             30/-
    >receive GOODTIME
    !Defeat red gang and ASAJI                           36/360   HELICPTR
    !along with JUUKI, if he left                         -/400   BMPKNART
    >all gangs disappear
    >return to BUNZO'S to complete the game
    2) ALLIES
      All allies share the same items and equipment but have different stats, TECHs 
    and GROWTH. The default AI varies for each ally as well.
      Ally changes are performed at BUNZO'S, and some joining and leaving events 
    also occur there. Only one event at BUNZO'S can be triggered per visit, so it is
    possible for multiple events to stack up. KUNIO may need to enter BUNZO'S 
    multiple times to clear them all.
      For an ally to leave, he must not be the active ally. Allies may therefore be 
    prevented from leaving by keeping them active when they would try to leave.
     TSUU                                                | PUNCH   15   AGI    15 |
     Joins: TSUU is the ally at the beginning of the     | KICK    15   WILL   15 |
            game.                                        | WPN     15   DEF    15 |
                                                         | THROW   15   STR    15 |
     Leaves: Defeat both TSUI and TATSU.                 | VIT     63             |
             (TSUU only leaves if JUUKI has joined.)     | STAM    63             |
                                                         |                        |
     Rejoins: Defeat TSUU and answer YES.                | M.KIUKIU     BIGBANG   |
     --------------------------   GONSA
     | PUNCH   21   AGI    29 |   Joins: Defeat GONSA before defeating HAN 
     | KICK    29   WILL   37 |          and answer YES.
     | WPN     35   DEF    27 |   Leaves: Defeat HAN.
     | THROW   47   STR     6 |   (GONSA will not join the second time.)
     | VIT     62             |
     | STAM   136             |   -OR-
     |                        |
     | SLAP SP                |   Joins: Defeat GONSA after defeating HAN 
     --------------------------          and answer YES.
                                  Leaves: Never.
     RIKI                                                | PUNCH   67   AGI    44 |
     Joins: Defeat YONO (before defeating JINRO) and     | KICK    35   WILL   37 |
            knock out current ally.                      | WPN     28   DEF    39 |
                                                         | THROW   16   STR    49 |
     Leaves: Never.                                      | VIT     64             |
                                                         | STAM    46             |
                                                         |                        |
                                                         | M.FIST                 |
     | PUNCH   18   AGI    26 |   HEIRU
     | KICK    26   WILL   39 |   Joins: Defeat HEIRU twice and answer YES.
     | WPN     28   DEF    31 |
     | THROW   72   STR    22 |   Leaves: Never.
     | VIT     74             |
     | STAM   100             |
     |                        |
     | WARPSHOT               |
     KINSU                                               | PUNCH   56   AGI    80 |
     Joins: Defeat JINRO and answer YES.                 | KICK    41   WILL   32 |
                                                         | WPN     20   DEF    39 |
     Leaves: Have 2nd cutscene with HEISI, and return    | THROW   17   STR    49 |
             to BUNZO'S.                                 | VIT     68             |
                                                         | STAM    44             |
     Rejoins: Defeat TORA.                               |                        |
                                                         | N.ATTACK               |
     | PUNCH   46   AGI    43 |   BUNZO
     | KICK    56   WILL   51 |   Joins: Receive KANPOU from 2nd YONO encounter and
     | WPN     27   DEF    78 |          return to BUNZO'S.
     | THROW   38   STR    40 |
     | VIT     38             |   Leaves: Never.
     | STAM    64             |
     |                        |
     | HEADBUTT               |
     HAN                                                 | PUNCH   35   AGI    59 |
     Joins: Defeat HAN and return to BUNZO'S.            | KICK    32   WILL   47 |
                                                         | WPN     91   DEF    24 |
     Leaves: Never.                                      | THROW   44   STR    41 |
                                                         | VIT    100             |
                                                         | STAM    94             |
                                                         |                        |
                                                         | MASSAGE                |
    | PUNCH   48   AGI    51 |   TSUI
    | KICK    67   WILL  105 |   Joins: Defeat TSUI before TATSU, answer NO, and 
    | WPN     26   DEF    67 |          knock out the current ally.
    | THROW   32   STR    54 |
    | VIT     44             |   Leaves: Never.
    | STAM    76             |
    |                        |
    | TORNADO                |
     TATSU                                               | PUNCH   45   AGI    54 |
     Joins: Defeat TATSU before TSUI, answer NO, and     | KICK    99   WILL   73 |
            knock out the current ally.                  | WPN     16   DEF    67 |
                                                         | THROW   26   STR    54 |
     Leaves: Never.                                      | VIT     64             |
                                                         | STAM    90             |
                                                         |                        |
                                                         | TORNADO                |
     | PUNCH   43   AGI    58 |   JUUKI
     | KICK    31   WILL   49 |   Joins: Defeat YAGO then find JUUKI (gray)
     | WPN     64   DEF    21 |          wandering around, and say YES.
     | THROW   52   STR    37 |   Leaves: Defeat TORA. JUUKI now appears with ASAJI.
     | VIT    178             |
     | STAM    52             |   -AND-
     |                        |
     | BMPKNART               |   Joins: Defeat TORA and return to BUNZO'S.
     --------------------------   Leaves: Never.
    Strangely, there seem to be two JUUKIs, because it is possible to get JUUKI to 
    join both ways in the same game. It is even possible to get JUUKI to fight 
    against himself by letting him leave the first way and join the second way.
    3) MENUS
      Shows the character's inventory, where items can be consumed or equipped 
    (USE), unequipped (REMOVE), transferred to the other character (GIVE), or 
    discarded (DRP). Each character can hold up to 16 items. SELECT switches 
    characters. The items carried and worn by the ally are shared by all allies. In 
    a 2-player game, each character may only handle his own items.
      Shows the character stats. SELECT switches characters. 
      Shows the rate at which each stat increases when the character levels up. 
    Level-up occurs when a character knocks out 10 enemies and is indicated by a 
    sound effect. KUNIO and his ally level up separately. Each 10% of growth 
    increases VIT or STAM by 2, and other stats by 1. These rates are doubled if a 
    DOUBLEUP is equipped. SELECT switches characters. In a 2-player game, each 
    character may only manipulate his own growth.
      Shows all the TECHs known by the character. Press the A button to turn the 
    selected TECH on or off. TECHs cannot be transferred. SELECT switches 
    characters. In a 2-player game, each character may only select his own TECHs.
      Enters the save game dialog. Choose SAVE, then confirm, to save the game 
    progress. The game can be loaded by choosing the RESUME option at the power-on 
      Set the computer-controlled ally's enemy targeting, aggressiveness, mobility, 
    and weapon use.
      Displays miscellaneous game options:
    Affects the enemies' stats. On the easier difficulties they have all zeros. 
    The table below roughly shows the stats relative to medium difficulty.
        setting   EASY   ..   MED.   ..   HARD
       STAM/VIT    0     0     1x    3x   10x
    other stats    0     0     1x    2x    5x
    Affects both how fast text messages appear and how long they remain.
    (Cutscene messages can always be skipped.)
    Affects how fast weapons and characters are pushed around in water.
    Press D to reveal more options:
    Determines how much of the CURRENTS setting is applied to characters.
    setting    NO    SMLL    EX
     effect   none   half   full
    Affects how much damage all characters take from attacks.
            setting   LOW   M L   MID   M H   HIGH
    relative damage   5x   0.25x   1x    2x    5x
                       ^ not a typo
    Affects the ability of all characters to guard. 
    Guarding is easiest on HIGH and useless on LOW.
    Affects how much damage all characters take from attacks.
            setting    LOW    M L   MID    M H   HIGH
    relative damage   +20%   +20%   +0%   -20%   -85%
    Seems to have no effect. Either way you must defeat 10 enemies per gang.
      Choose whether the game will be 1 PLAYER with a computer-controlled ally or 
    2 PLAYER. The player may also switch control to the other character by pointing 
    to the characters and pressing A.
      In MODE1 the characters cannot harm one another except with thrown weapons or 
    by hitting unheld weapons. In MODE2, thr characters may harm one another with 
    any attack.
      Press B on the menu subscreen to view the map. With a MAP CRSR equipped, the 
    directional buttons move the cursor, and the A or start buttons move KUNIO to 
    the selected region, while B cancels.
    4) STATS
    Author's note: The function of WILL, and especially DEF and STR, is poorly 
    understood. If you know what these stats do, and can prove it, contact me.
    PUNCH   determines the damage of punches and punch techs
    KICK    determines the damage of kicks and kick techs
    WPN     determines the damage of swung weapons and weapon techs
    THROW   determines the damage of thrown weapons and throw techs
    AGI     determines the walking and running speed
    WILL    determines the jump height
    DEF     determines the effectiveness of the guard move (?)
            and the damage of the DRILL tech
    STR     determines the time an opponent can be held/mounted (?)
            and the damage of the STR techs
    VIT and STAM:
      When the character is hit, STAM is reduced by the numbers shown. The lower the
    character's STAM, the farther he flies when getting knocked off his feet.
      When STAM runs out and the character gets up after a fall, STAM increases by 
    1/4 of the current VIT, and the current VIT is reduced by half.
      VIT cannot be damaged directly unless the character is lying down, or 
    held/mounted while lying down.
      The character is not knocked out until both STAM and VIT are depleted, and the
    character is on the ground.
      STAM is represented by the long bars, and VIT by the short bars.
      The maximum is 255 for VIT and STAM, and 127 for other stats.
      If a computer-controlled ally is knocked out, he is revived at the next 
    screen, minus half his money. If the player-controlled character is knocked out 
    in a 1-player game (or both in a 2-player game), both characters lose half their
    Move                    How to perform              Relevant stat
    punch                   A                           PUNCH
      uppercut                A vs. hit-stunned enemy   PUNCH
    kick                    B                           KICK
      high kick               B vs. hit-stunned enemy   KICK
    pick up weapon          A or B over weapon
      swing weapon            A                         WPN
      throw weapon            B                         THROW
    guard                   A or B before getting hit   DEF(?)
    jump                    A+B                         WILL
      rising uppercut         A while rising            PUNCH
    walk                    directional buttons         AGI
    run                     double tap L or R           AGI
      running jump            A+B                       WILL
    fumi                    A+B over fallen enemy       KICK
    mount                   U or D over fallen enemy    STR(?)
      mounted punch           A                         PUNCH
      kiukiu                  B                         PUNCH
    pick up enemy overhead   A over fallen enemy        STR(?)
      overhead swing          A                         WEAPON*
      overhead throw          B                         none(?)
    pick up enemy by legs    B over fallen enemy        STR(?)
      giant swing             A                         THROW*
      giant swing & throw     B                         THROW*
    * These moves may damage the picked-up opponent by swinging him into weapons 
    lying around, and may damage bystanders by hitting them with the picked-up 
    opponent. The relevant stat is the same in either case.
      Besides swinging and throwing them, weapons can be used by hitting them while 
    they are on the ground. A weapon struck by any attack gets pushed away, and if 
    it hits someone, the damage done is equal to the damage that would have occured 
    if the attack had hit directly.
      Attacks do more damage if performed while running or jumping. The table below 
    roughly shows the amount of damage done relative to a standing or walking 
    attack. This principle applies to TECHs as well.
    movement:  standing   jumping   running   running jump
      damage:        1x        2x        3x        4x
    6) TECHS
    Tech        How to perform                                  Relevant stat
    M.FIST      replaces normal punch                           PUNCH
    M.KICK      replaces normal kick                            KICK
    M.WPN       replaces normal weapon swing                    WPN
    M.KIUKIU    replaces normal kiukiu                          PUNCH
    M.SWING     replaces normal giant swing moves               THROW
    M.FUMI      replaces normal fumi                            KICK
    SCREW       replaces normal running jump                    STR
    N.ATTACK    double tap L or R toward enemy while running    STR
    H.GUARD     replaces normal guard                           none(1)
    TORNADO     B while airborne                                KICK
    WARPSHOT    replaces normal weapon throw                    THROW
    DRILL       double tap D                                    DEF
    HELICPTR    double tap D while holding enemy overhead       THROW
    E.TORP      replaces normal overhead throw                  none(?)
    S.TORP      on: A while airborne; off: A+B while airborne   none(?)
    M.FIST II   replaces normal punch and M.FIST                PUNCH
    M.KICK II   replaces normal kick and M.KICK                 KICK
    SCREW II    replaces normal running jump and SCREW          STR(2)
    SLAP SP     replaces normal running punch                   PUNCH
    DAGGR SP    double tap D while holding dagger weapon        WPN
    HEADBUTT    replaces normal running kick                    WPN
    MASSAGE     double tap U while holding enemy by legs        KICK
    DEFLECT     A+B+down while airborne                         none(3)
    BIGBANG     double tap U while hit-stunned                  none(4)
    BMPKNART    double tap U, then A                            THROW
    (1) H.GUARD reverses the damage back to the opponent.
    (2) SCREW II is activated with a running jump and deactivated by pressing A+B
        while airborne.
    (3) DEFLECT copies the appearance, TECHs and stats of the nearest character, 
        including the current STAM and VIT. The character reverts by using DEFLECT
    (4) BIGBANG stuns all characters and does no damage.
    (?) These techs seem to do fixed damage, independent of stats.
      TECHs known by bosses can be learned by defeating the boss while wearing the 
    MASTER shades. Both KUNIO and the ally may learn if they both have shades.
      TECHs known by allies may only be copied to KUNIO if the boss NIZAE uses 
    DEFLECT to copy the ally, and is then defeated in that form. Sometimes NIZAE 
    uses DEFLECT on KUNIO instead, in which case the ally may learn KUNIO's TECHs. 
    If NIZAE is defeated in his own form, only DEFLECT may be learned.
    Tech        Shop                Price      Boss         Ally
    M.FIST      Suruga TECH shop      300                   RIKI
    M.KICK      Suruga TECH shop      300                 (KUNIO starts with it.)
    M.WPN       Rikuchuu TECH shop   1000
    M.KIUKIU    Kawachi TECH shop 2   500      TSUU         TSUU
    M.SWING     none                    -
    M.FUMI      Kawachi TECH shop 2   500      TAME
    SCREW       Suruga TECH shop      800      YONO
    N.ATTACK    Hizen TECH shop 1     800     KINSU        KINSU
    H.GUARD     Kouzuke ??? shop 1   1500     HEISI
    TORNADO     Hizen TECH shop 2    1000     TATSU,TSUI   TATSU,TSUI
    WARPSHOT    Ezo ??? shop 2       1000     HEIRU        HEIRU
    DRILL       Suruga ??? shop       800     JINRO
    HELICPTR    Kawachi TECH shop 1   800     ASAJI
    E.TORP      none                    -      TORA
    S.TORP      Kawachi ??? shop     1200      TORA
    M.FIST II   Tosa ??? shop 1       800
    M.KICK II   Tosa ??? shop 2       800
    SCREW II    Hizen ??? shop 2     1200
    SLAP SP     Nagato ??? shop       800     GONSA        GONSA
    DAGGR SP    Tosa ??? shop 2      1000      YAGO*
    HEADBUTT    Ezo ??? shop 2       1000                  BUNZO
    MASSAGE     Kawachi ??? shop      800       HAN          HAN
    DEFLECT     Inaba ??? shop 2     1500     NIZAE
    BIGBANG     none                    -      TSUU         TSUU
    BMPKNART    none                    -     JUUKI        JUUKI
    * YAGO offers to teach his TECH for free when defeated
      The following are stat-boosting items. Their effects are cumulative and 
    multiple items of the same type may be used by each character.
    Item                Effect      Price    Shop
    COTTON gloves       +10 PUNCH     150    Suruga TECH shop
    SILK gloves         +30 PUNCH     500    Suruga ??? shop
    COTTON shorts       +10 KICK      150    Kawachi TECH shop 2
    CAMEL shorts        +20 KICK      700    Inaba ??? shop 1
    KAPPA shorts        +20 KICK     1000    Ecchu ??? shop 1
    SILK shorts         +30 KICK      500    Hizen ??? shop 1
    LONG kimono         +4 WPN        150    Rikuchuu TECH shop
    THICK kimono        +30 WPN       500    Rikuchuu ??? shop 1
    OBSCENE underwear   +10 THROW     150    Ecchu TECH shop
    SAUCY underwear     +30 THROW     500    Ecchu ??? shop 2
    WIDE sandals        +10 AGI*      150    Hizen TECH shop 1
    SPIKED sandals      +20 AGI*(1)   700    Kouzuke ??? shop 2
    SNOW sandals        +20 AGI*(2)   700    Ezo ??? shop 1
    JET sandals         +30 AGI*      500    Nagato ??? shop
    THICK socks         +10 WILL*     150    Hizen TECH shop 2
    JUMP socks          +20 WILL*(3)  800    Rikuchuu ??? shop 1
    SOFT socks          +30 WILL*     500    Hizen ??? shop 1
    COMMON pendant      +10 DEF*      150    Hizen TECH shop 2
    SANKI pendant       +20 DEF*        -    BUNZO'S, after BUNZO joins
    NARITA pendant      +30 DEF*      500    Rikuchuu ??? shop 1
    WHITE shirt         +10 STR       150    Hizen TECH shop 1
    WOOL shirt          +30 STR       500    Inaba ??? shop 1
    SUN headband        +20 VIT       150    Kawachi TECH shop 1
    TWISTED headband    +60 VIT       500    Tosa ??? shop 1
    PRICEY kimono       +20 STAM      150    Ecchu TECH shop
    MAGIC kimono        +40 STAM(4)  2000    Kawachi ??? shop, Rikuchuu ??? shop 2
    PONGEE kimono       +60 STAM      500    Ecchu ??? shop 1
    * These items give an incorrect stat-increase message when used in the ITEM 
    menu. The correct effects are given in the table, and can be verified by 
    checking the STATUS menu. 
    (1) normal acceleration on the dirt in Kouzuke and the sand in Inaba
    (2) no slipping on the ice in Ezo and Tosa
    (3) hold A+B to jump to any height or to fall slowly
    (4) STAM regenerates (if the character is player-controlled)
      The following items have other effects when consumed or equipped. Their 
    effects are not cumulative, but they may be used on each character.
    Item             Effect                               Price  Shop
    MYSTERY potion   Unknown                                 50  Ecchu ??? shop 2
    DOUBLEUP         Makes each 10% of GROWTH increase     2000  Ecchu ??? shop 1
                     stats by twice as much at level-up          Rikuchuu ??? shop 2
    MAP CRSR         Press the directional buttons to      3000  Hizen ??? shop 2
                     control a cursor on the map screen.         Rikuchuu ??? shop 2
                     Press start or A to move KUNIO to  
                     the selected region, or B to cancel.
    MASTER shades    Learn the TECHs of defeated bosses.   3000  Kouzuke ??? shop 1
                                                                 Rikuchuu ??? shop 2
    2xEFFECT         Doubles the bonus of stat-boosting    5000  Inaba ??? shop 2
                     items                                       Rikuchuu ??? shop 2
    GOODTIME         Consume it to max out money.             -  Given at second
                                                                 YAGO encounter
    8) SHOPS
      INNs restore all STAM and VIT for one character for a fixed cost of 100. FOOD 
    restores lost STAM and HEALER medicines restore lost VIT, with the amount 
    restored equal to the cost of the item. Eat-in FOOD shops sell items are 
    consumed immediately. In contrast, takeout FOOD and HEALER items are used from 
    the inventory. 
      In regions with two TECH or ??? shops, the shops have been arbitrarily 
    numbered to distinguish them. For the location of all ??? shops, check the map 
    at http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/~sprays/fc/sprays.html and look for the yellow 
    BUNZO'S                               |    ??? shop     JET sandals       500
    INN                                   |                 SLAP SP           800
    Eat-in FOOD shop (2)                  |    
    HEALER                                |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Inaba~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    TECH shop    COTTON gloves     150    |    ??? shop 1   CAMEL shorts      700
                 M.FIST            300    |                 WOOL shirt        500
                 M.KICK            300    |    ??? shop 2   DEFLECT          1500
                 SCREW             800    |                 2xEFFECT         5000
    ??? shop     SILK gloves       500    |    
                 DRILL             800    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ecchu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                          |    INN
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kawachi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|    Eat-in FOOD shop
    INN                                   |    HEALER
    CHANCE parlor                         |    TECH shop    OBSCENE underwear 150
    Eat-in FOOD shop (5)                  |                 PRICEY kimono     150
    Takeout FOOD shop                     |    ??? shop 1   PONGEE kimono     500
    HEALER                                |                 KAPPA shorts     1000
    TECH shop 1  SUN headband      150    |                 DOUBLEUP         2000
                 HELICPTR          800    |    ??? shop 2   SAUCY underwear   500
    TECH shop 2  COTTON shorts     150    |                 MYSTERY potion     50
                 M.KIUKIU          500    |    
                 M.FUMI            500    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ezo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ??? shop     MASSAGE           800    |    ??? shop 1   SNOW sandals      700
                 S.TORP           1200    |    ??? shop 2   WARPSHOT         1000
                 MAGIC kimono     2000    |                 HEADBUTT         1000
    ??? shop 1   TWISTED headband  500    |    INN
                 M.FIST II         800    |    Takeout FOOD shop
    ??? shop 2   M.KICK II         800    |    HEALER
                 DAGGR SP         1000    |    TECH shop    LONG kimono       150
                                          |                 M.WPN            1000
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hizen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|    ??? shop 1   THICK kimono      500
    INN                                   |                 NARITA pendant    500
    CHANCE parlor                         |                 JUMP socks        800
    Eat-in FOOD shop (2)                  |    ??? shop 2*  DOUBLEUP         2000
    HEALER                                |                 MAGIC kimono     2000
    TECH shop 1  WIDE sandals      150    |                 MAP CRSR         3000
                 WHITE shirt       150    |                 MASTER shades    3000
                 N.ATTACK          800    |                 2xEFFECT         5000
    TECH shop 2  COMMON pendant    150    |  * The entrance to the shop is blocked
                 THICK socks       150    |    off by a waterfall most of the time.
                 TORNADO          1000    |    
    ??? shop 1   SILK shorts       500    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kouzuke~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                 SOFT socks        500    |    ??? shop 1   H.GUARD          1500
    ??? shop 2   SCREW II         1200    |                 MASTER shades    3000
                 MAP CRSR         3000    |    ??? shop 2   SPIKED sandals    700
    9) FAQ
    Q) What should I buy?
    A) If you are aiming to max out your character stats eventually, first get a 
    DOUBLEUP for one of both characters. For collecting lots of TECHs, get one or 
    two MASTER shades. To get through the game quickly, buy a MAP CRSR. To save cash
    on future healing, buy MAGIC kimonos. To start out moderately, buy some 
    equipment that boosts one of the offense stats and a couple TECHs that are based
    on that stat. The 2xEFFECT is not worthwhile until your character is wearing 
    lots of equipment.
      Nothing prevents you from buying whatever you want at the beginning, if you 
    have the money from gambling. The shop with all of the special items, Rikuchuu 
    ??? shop 2, always seems to be closed at the beginning of the game, so you will 
    have to run around to the other shops.
    Q) How do I get money?
    A) Either by mugging enemies or gambling. As for fighting, the MAGIC kimono is 
    costly but will save money that would have to be spent healing STAM. Here is a 
    little trick: if both KUNIO and the ally are standing over the enemy as he gives
    up the coin, both will get the money.
      As for gambling, it's really the only way to afford the most expensive 
    equipment. The chance of losing seems to be more than half, however.
    Q) Why does it take so long to defeat enemies?
    A) An enemy must run out of both STAM and VIT to be knocked out. He can't start 
    losing VIT until he's flat on his back. Endlessly juggling the opponent doesn't 
    defeat him any faster because it doesn't affect the VIT. Wait till he's done 
    rolling, then attack.
      Only two enemies can be present at once, and the next one won't appear until 
    the coin of the last one is gone.
    Q) What's the fastest way though the game?
    Q) Where's the KANPOU?
    A) Get it from YONO (without a fight) at his second appearance. It doesn't show 
    up in the ITEM menu.
    Q) How do I control the ally?
    A) Go to the SETUP menu, press D to point to the characters, and press A to 
    switch. This is how to spend the ally's money at shops and heal him.
    Q) Can I get all the allies?
    A) Almost. You can get TATSU or TSUI but not both. You can only develop one at a
    time though, so it's not helpful to get tham all.
    Q) Can Kunio get all the techs?
    A) No, not without cheating. M.SWING doesn't appear anywhere in the game. But 
    all the techs besides M.SWING can be bought or learned with the MASTER shades.
      Two are tricky to get however. BIGBANG can be gotten from beating TSUU with 
    the MASTER shades, if you get him to appear. If JUUKI appears beside the final 
    boss, BMPKNART can likewise be learned from him, though the game is over at that
    point. If TSUU or JUUKI is the ally in the NIZAE battle, it is possible to get 
    their techs if NIZAE uses DEFLECT.
    Q) Can I save the game or what?
    A) This game's battery-backed save doesn't work properly with most emulators. 
    The save/resume functionality may be preserved if saved within a savestate 
      See here: http://dorando.emuverse.com/html/downtown-special-kunio-kun-no-
    Q) Where can I learn more about the English translation?
    A) See here: http://www.romhacking.net/trans/226/
    Q) What are the other Kunio games?
    A) See these sites:
    Q) What's the cheat code?
    A) Go to the rename screen by pressing select at the SETUP menu. Change KUNIO's 
    name to what would be "koganemushi" in the original ROM. This is done by 
    entering J F X (sock) L. After entering the F, back up over it and enter the 
    blank space over the - symbol. Done correctly, this adds 990,000 to both cash 
    supplies and teaches all techs.
      Credit for this goes to "SSGWNBTD"
      This document is my own work. All external sources have been cited as used.
    If you've played the game and used the FAQ, feel free to drop me a line and 
    tell me what you think.
      Any questions, comments, corrections or complaints should be addressed to 
    the address below, with clear indication in the subject line that the email is 
    concerning this FAQ. 
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com

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