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    Enemies List by BeatleFan

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                                                 New Ghostbusters 2
                                Enemies List
     =====Contents===== (in levels)
    1. Courtroom
    2. Abandoned Subway
    3. Apartment Building
    4. River of Slime
    5. Art Museum
    6. Vigo
    Note: All bosses will be included in the levels
    CHAPTER 1: The courtroom
    These guys are very slow and aimless. They won't attack you on sight, but don't
    stand too close. They are very easy to beat; just shoot them with the proton
    beam and, while the beam is still on them, trap them.
    Ghost Runners:
    They are faster than the slimers, but at the same time poses as much as a
    threat to you as them. They run on a fixed route. They run ten foward ten paces
    and come back on themseleves and run to the other end. Then come back on
    themselves etc. The strategy here is to stand in front of them as they run
    towards you, zap and trap. Easy as pie.
    Pink Spinners:
    You'll always see two of these buggers at a time, terrorizing a woman. They'll
    spin circles around. Don't get too close! Keep your distance at around ten
    paces away from the woman, and when you see an opening, zap 'em! When one of
    them is trapped, the other will start spawning smaller versions of themselves
    and disappear. The kids are fast, so just after they hop, zap them as they
    land. Once again, keep your distance.
    Chainsaw ghosts:
    These are annoying. They'll vanish and ,when you least expect it, they'll
    reappear and slice you up. You can know where they are by seeing their shadow
    on the floor. Follow the shadow and when they appear, blast 'em!
    Bath Slime:
    These aren't like the one in the movie. These things are long and
    caterpillar-like. Go right up to the tub, and when it fills with slime, retreat
    to a safe distance, turn around, zap. One less bath slime to worry about.
    Throwing Slimers:
    These dudes are smarter than the average Slimer. They are stationary and will
    throw stuff at you with unerring accuracy. They can't, however, throw through
    objects blocking their way, but you can! But when there isn't anything in their
    way, go right up to them, dodging their projectiles, and... Well you know.
    BOSS: Scoleri Brothers:
    Boy, these dudes really are the masters of brotherly love! Shoot one of them
    with your Proton beam and while keeping your beam on them, keep on the move.
    The other brother will try to charge you down. Once the brother you've captured
    turns a nice shade of pink, you can now trap him. The other guy shouldn't be a
    Pick Axe Ghosts:
    These people will go for you traveling in straight lines. Stopping for a
    second. Then move towards you again. The tactic is to wait until they go for
    you, then bypass them at the last second and in the second where there
    stationary...Do what you know is right!
    Cart Ghosts:
    STAY OUT OF THEIR WAY! Even if you manage to catch them while your facing
    directly in front of them, you won't survive the up-close and personal
    encounter with the mine cart heading straight towards you at 100mph! What
    you've got to do is wait by the tracks until they come towards you. The timing
    has to be right, so don't foul it up. OR you can wait for them to crash into
    the walls at the end of the tracks. You won't get any points but it saves you a
    bit of work.
    Jackhammer Ghosts:
    These move at the same speed and in the same way as the moving Slimers in the
    courtroom. They do, however, make an effort to kill you. They're also a lot
    smarter, trying to get you diagonally. But you're faster. Approach them from
    the side (or front) and perform the number one rue in Ghostbusting. Zap and
    They move exactly the same way as the Jackhammer Ghosts. You can shoot them
    through the seats of the train. Ridiculously easy. However, there is another
    species that can spit projectiles at you. Dive between the seats to avoid them.
    BOSS: Slimer
    It's Slimer again! But...funny thing. He's dressed up as a steam engine driver.
    Don't try to beam him or he'll block it with his shovel. Trapping is
    ineffective, only if his back is turned on you. So hit A + B at the same time.
    He'll turn around to block your stream, but he'll fall victim to your trap.
    Don't dawdle, though. He'll shoot white stuff at you if you leave him too long.
    CHAPTER 3: APARTMENT BUILDING (The most tedious level)
    Slime Blobs:
    They move one space at a time, waits for a second before moving on. Slow and
    easy. Wait until they finish the jump and give 'em a good zapping!
    These spear-wielding demonic cherubs are the most annoying enemies in the game.
    There are two different types of cupids: The wall cupids; They keep still in
    the same spot, poking their spears at you through cracks in the walls. Either
    you wait until they've poked the spear through and shoot them through the crack
    in the wall or you go in the room they're in and take them from behind. The
    square cupids: They go around in squares with their spears outstretched. Do not
    get in their way! What's best is that you shoot them from the sides as they
    Like the cupids, they have two types: The katana ninja and the shuriken ninja. 
    The katana ninja is lot like the chainsaw ghost. Disappearing and reappearing
    too cut you to pieces. The ninja, however, is a lot faster and there's no
    shadow to tell you where they are. They will pause for a split second before
    going in for the attack. Use it to your advantage. The shuriken ninja also
    disappears, reappears etc, it'll throw the shuriken left right and centre in
    the direction it's facing. If it faces directly in front of you, just avoid the
    stars and wait until it has it's back to you. Introduce it to playing cards and
    have a jolly session with it...or alternatively you can give it a blast with
    your positron collider and trap him.
    These dudes are hard. It's best if you retreat to either the left or the right
    side of the room (so you are right next to the wall) and wait until it's at the
    centre of the room and quickly approach it from the side. Whatever you do, do
    not face directly in front of it. Those maces of theirs can reach long ranges
    and they hurt. They also use them without warning.
    NO BOSS: Phew!
    CHAPTER 4: The River of Slime
    Slime Molds:
    They travel via the river. You can see them, sausage shaped and they ripple
    more than the normal river does. They are easy to kill in this form, but they
    can rise from river, expelling blue things in random directions. It's best to
    get out of the way when that happens.
    Throwing Slimers:
    I know I mentioned these before, but a few things to note about these pink
    upgrades. They can now move around while throwing stuff, (at the same speed as
    the normal slimers), and they throw a lot more frequently. The new tactic is to
    wait a split second after it's thrown something, and quickly rid the earth of
    these pests.
    Bruce Wayne isn't going to be too happy with this. They move like the Pick Axe
    Ghosts in the Abandoned Railway only the second before they change direction is
    shortened. It's best to face it dead on and wait until it comes toward you and
    smack it in the face with a well aimed proton stream and trap it. Or if you're
    not feeling confident enough, quickly move to the side as it comes towards you
    and attack it from the side
    BOSSES: Slime Monsters
    These are quite hard. You'll start off with one to start with, but after that
    another will surface with a friend and you'll end up with three at a time. They
    don't need trapping. Just hit one with a proton stream and hold it on him until
    he disappears. Remember to keep on the move because each time they resurface,
    they breathe fire on you. You'll know where they are when they're under the
    slime, because you can see them with their spines in the air like the Loch Ness
    The last one does require trapping. Keep your stream on him until he turns
    green and trap him.
    There's nothing new here. This level uses all the skills you've learned thus
    far and puts them to practice. They use basically every ghost/monster/demon
    you've fought so far. Including the bosses! *sigh* So be ready.
    BOSS: Janosz
    The hardest boss in the game. Where are the slime blowers when you need them?
    Never mind. Might as well do it the old fashioned way...Anyway, there are three
    of this guy. You shoot one of them with a proton beam and keep it on him until
    he turns pink and trap him. Simple, no? It isn't. As one of them is captured in
    the beam, the other two will breathe fireballs on you, which are very hard to
    avoid, so you'd better turn up your toes! One down two to go. Oh damn it!
    Another one has spawned! Well, same routine. Phew! Eight Janoszes later. One to
    go! When you have your beam on the last one, he'll shrink back to his normal
    size.  Hit that trap button right now!
    No enemies down this onimous corridor. What now?
    BOSS: Vigo
    It has to end somewhere. The trick here is to shoot him with the beam and keep
    it on him for as long as possible. He conjures fireballs though. When they're
    circling around him, stay as far back as the beam will allow. Then he'll
    'distribute' them once to the left three at a time and to the right three at a
    time. The logical thing to do is keep to the left when the balls go right and
    left when they go right. Repeat this after a few minutes and he'll die. No
    trapping required!
    T H E  E N D
    3rd August 2003
    Any comments, e-mail them to sobek65@hotmail.com

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