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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ddp6678

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    Copyright 1990, 1992, HAL Laboratory Inc.
    Copyright 1989, Columbia Pictures.
    For use on the Nintendo Entertainment System(European/PAL version)
    OK, here's the history.  Activistion created the original GHOSTBUSTERS game, 
    based on the first movie.  This was released in every Nintendo market in the 
    world.  In 1990, shortly after the movie GHOSTBUSTERS 2 was released, Activision 
    made a side-scrolling adaptation of the pic and released it here in the US.  
    What many people didn't know was that the Europeans got their own game.  Created 
    by HAL Laboratory,(makers of Adventures of Lolo and Kirby)
    New Ghostbusters II is a totally different game for the NES.  Strangely enough,  
    the game engine is actually based on Activision's Game Boy release of 
    GHOSTBUSTERS 2.  Confused?  Thought you'd be......
    You play the game by picking 2 of out 5 Ghostbusters.(Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, 
    and Louis)  The first character controls the beams of the Proton Pack which 
    traps/stuns the ghosts by pressing the A button while the second character uses 
    a trap which rids the room of that particular demon, done by pressing B.  You 
    die when you are hit.  After you use all your lives, you get 3 chances to 
    continue.  Screw up enough and waste them all, it's the end...
    Before you start the game, you should know this secret.  At the title screen, 
    hold A+B and press Start to access a Option Mode which allows you to change the 
    configurations, the difficulty level(easy, normal, hard, and pro) as well as a 
    Sound and Music Test.  Press Start to exit.   
    Monster List:
    Slimer and Debris-throwing Slimer:  the trademark ghost of the series.
    Running Ghost:  Runs like hell.
    Invisible Chainsaw Ghost: Disappears, reappears, and hits you with a 
    chainsaw(well, duh!).
    Bathtub/Wall Slime: Jumps out at you. 
    Chairs:  Can't be killed
    Blobs: wobbles and goes as slow as possible
    Samurai Ghosts:  2 types; ones with stars and ones with swords.
    Ogres:  Attack you with iron maces.
    Imps:  Charges at you or stabs from behind a wall.
    Pumpkin Heads: Spins and floats towards you.
    Jackhammer workers:  Attacks with a Jackhammer.
    Mine Car workers:  Runs you over at 100 mph.
    Hammer workers:  Slams you with a Sledgehammer.
    Ghost Heads:  bobble towards you with projectiles.
    Purple River Creatures: shoots blue objects at you.
    Bats:  Slows down and quickens at random.
    Pink Demons: always attacks females; when 1 is killed, the other splits into 4 
    small demons.
    Pick workers:  attacks with a pick axe.
    Level 1- The Courtroom.
    This is what happened(if you didn't see the movie).    An demon-like god is 
    trying to take over the body of an infant named Oscar, who's mom, Dana,  is 
    Peter's girlfriend.  The Ghostbusters try to find the source of the haunting, in 
    which underground, they find a river of purple slime.  In the meanwhile, they 
    also cause a blackout thought New York City.  They are arrested and forced to 
    appear in court when ghosts(from the sample of slime) attack....
    Get the 3 Slimers and 1 Running Ghost.  Enter the door on the right.  2 Pink 
    Demons will attack the female lawyer.  Capture one and the other splits into 4 
    smaller ones.  After that, make a left.  Kill the Chainsaw ghost, the running 
    ghost, and 2 Slimers, then continue to the left.  Beware the bathtub slime and 
    go back to the right.  Get rid of the single Slimer and use the South door.  
    Kill the runner and the Slimer, then go left.  Dodge the Slimer that throws 
    tables at you.  If you're hit, you will die.  Capture the other 7 as well.  Take 
    the East door.  Destroy the Invisible Chainsaws demons and head up.  Rid the 
    game of the last Slimer and Running Ghost and head North through 2 more doors.  
    Avoid the moving chairs and head towards the bench.
    BOSS:  Ghost Bros.
    To kill this duo, hold down your beam until it turns pink, then trap it.  Repeat 
    with the other.
    Level 2- Abanonded Subway
    On this stage, the Ghostbusters search underground New York to relocate the 
    River of Slime and come across of a haunted subway as well as a Phantom Train.
    Catch the pick worker and go up.  Kill 5 more and continue north.  Fight the 2 
    jackhammer ghosts, the 1 pick worker, and the Cart worker.(remember, even if you 
    capture the ghost, the empty cart can kill you)  Go up again.  Destroy the 5 
    Jackhammer ghosts, the 1 pick ghost, and the 1 cart ghost.  Then, take the 
    upper-right path.  Catch the 2 Jackhammer ghosts, 3 pick ghosts, and 3 carts 
    ghosts and then go east.  Capture the 3 Hammer ghosts and the 3 Cart ghosts and 
    continue going east.  Fight the 1 Hammer ghost,  2 Pick ghosts, and one Cart 
    ghosts and go up.  Get rid of the 3 pick ghosts, the 2 jackhammer ghosts,  the 
    one hammer ghost, and 1 cart ghost.  Head on east.  You'll see the Phantom 
    Train.  Destroy the 4 Ghost heads and go into the south door.  There, capture 7 
    more heads and continue downward.  
    BOSS:  Slimer
    When you go to zap him, Slimer will block the attacks, so you need to fire, then 
    immediately trap him.  If done right, the train will disappear.  
    Level 3- Peter's Apartment
    The boys come back to Peter's Apartment, where Oscar and Dana are hiding out, to 
    find that Ghosts are invading....
    Kill 2 blobs and go up.  Catch 6 more blobs and continue north.  Destroy 2 blobs 
    and 3 imps and yet, go up again.  Capture 5 more blobs and continue upward.  
    Fight the Ogre and enter the north door.  Kill 2 Samurai Ghosts and 2 blobs and 
    go south.  Fight 2 more Samurai Ghosts, 4 Imps and 1 blob.  Go up.  Fight the 2 
    ogres and comtinue up.  
    Destroy 2 Ninjas and 1 blob and go down.  Fight 1 more Ninja, 6 Blobs and 
    continue up.  Capture the 3 Ogres and 2 Pumpkin Heads and go north.  Kill the 3 
    Imps and go south.  Catch 6 more Imps, 2 Blobs and go up.  Get rid of the 2 
    Ogres and single Pumpkin head and go up.  Destroy 7 more imps and 2 blobs and go 
    south.  Yet more imps.  Kill all 7 and go north.  Catch the 4 ogres and 3 
    Pumpkin Heads.  Careful in this room because it is a tight space.  Go up.  
    Destroy 5 Pumpkin Heads and head south.  Finally,  find and catch all 7 Pumpkin 
    Heads and go north for the next 2 doors.  You'll be on the roof and see Oscar be 
    taken by a ghost.  That's the nice surprise;  THERE'S NO BOSS!!!
    Level 4-  The River of Slime.
    The Ghostbusters figured out that the ghosts are coming from the River of Slime, 
    which is built on the hatred in the city of New York.  Since the Museum's 
    entrance is sealed, they go in from the River of Slime.  
    Kill the River Slime and go north.  Then, go east.  Avoid the junk the 3 Slimers 
    throw and catch them and go left.  Destroy 4 River Slimes and go up.  Catch 3 
    more and go through the south door.  Capture the 2 River Slimes and 4 Slimers 
    and go back up.  Fight the 6 River Slimes and go north.  Get rid of the 12 River 
    Slimes and go east.  Fight the 4 Slimers and 3 Bats and go south.  Kill 4 River 
    Slimes and 4 Bats and take the north door.  Finally, catch the 3 River Slimes, 3 
    Bats, and 2 Slimers and go through the upper-left door.
    BOSS:  Slime Monsters.
    These things appear and disappear at random and when you are near, they will 
    breathe fire on you.  To beat them, hold down your beam until that creature 
    dies.  Repeat this 9 times.  On the last one, after a while, it will turn a 
    different color then catch it.
    Level 5-  The Museum
    The Ghostbusters are looking for the captive Dana and baby Oscar as well as 
    being on the lookout for Vigo and the ghosts.
    Go north.  Kill the 6 Imps and take the east door.  Save the girl from the 2 
    Pink Demons, then go up.  Catch all 11 Imps and go west.  Capture all 3 Slimers 
    and go down.  Kill the 6 Bats and head to the left door.  Inside, you'll fight 
    the Ghost Bros. from Level 1.  Use the same pattern and continue north.  Get rid 
    of the 5 Pumpkin Heads and go right.  Fight 2 more Pumpkin Heads and continue 
    through the east door.  Get the 4 Wall Slimes along with 3 Invisible Chainsaw 
    guys and go left.  Trap the 2 Slimers, 2 Running Ghosts and 4 Wall Slimes.  Then 
    go up.  Fight the 2 Ogres and go right to find 4 blobs.  Catch them and go east.  
    Capture the 10 Slimers and continue on through the east door.  Seek out the 11 
    blobs and go up.  Fight all 6 Heads and go north.  Finally, go left until you 
    see the boss.
    BOSS:  Curator
    Yeah, I know.  You have to fight the dork from Ally McBeal.  Yet, this is the 
    hardest boss in the game.  He will become three ghosts that will circle the 
    room.  Pick one and hold your beam on it.  The other two will throw 4-6 
    fireballs at you to get you off.  Avoid them while still hanging on with your 
    beam.  After that, the ghost will change colors.  At this point, trap it.  
    Another ghost will appear in his place.  Repeat this 8 more times.  Then, only 2 
    will remain.  Trap either of the two and beam the last one.  Instead of changing 
    colors, he will shrink back to normal.  At this time, quickly trap him to obtain 
    his ghost.
    Final Level-   Vigo's Altar
    Simply go north towards the altar.
    FINAL BOSS:  Vigo
    He will jump out of the picture.  The important thing is to try to keep your 
    beam on him as long as possible.  Vigo will create a circle of fireballs.  Do 
    not bump into them.  After a few seconds, he will shoot them off into 2 three 
    way spread shots.  Then he will repeat this.  As long as you avoid his shots and 
    that you keep your beam on him, after a few minutes, you'll beat him and you'll 
    win the game!!
    Enjoy the Ending
    Written by Marty Keating 
    If reproduction or use is wanted, please ask me first at mjk729@yahoo.com

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