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"Simple arcade action at it's finest"

Gameplay 9/10
This game consists of classic and somewhat repetitive arcade action. In it you control a mouse named Mappy who has to run through a multi storied house littered with trampolines and doors in order to retrieve various items such as televisions, paintings, radios, computers and other assorted goods. To make your job harder you are chased by several small cats that increase in speed and numbers as you progress to new levels, and a large cat that is capable of hiding behind the items that you must pick up. You can't kill the cats but you can temporarily stun them by slamming doors in their faces, and in later levels you can drop a bell on them from the top floor while they are jumping on the trampoline. Several levels further there are false platforms in the floor which when stepped on make the cats fall through them. In this game the cats can't get you while you are jumping on the trampoline but you can fall through it and plummet to your death if you keep jumping three times without getting off. They can however get you while you are walking through corridors and later (when you have access to it in later levels) the attic.

Every couple of levels you are rewarded with a bonus level in which you jump from trampoline to trampoline picking up balloons. To make it more challenging there is a very strict time limit and the trampolines can only be jumped on three times, but if you manage to grab all the balloons you get an extra bonus.

Graphics 6/10
This game was originally released in 1984 according to the title screen. I must say that the graphics are decent for a game that old. All the objects and characters are easily recognized for what they are although they could have been a bit more detailed and varied for an NES game. To illustrate my point the objects that you must retrieve stay the same from level to level.

Sound 7/10
There isn't much variety or any for that matter in the music and sound effects in the game, but what is there is good. The music that plays during the levels is somewhat catchy and unobtrusive. The few sound effects that exist are very simple.

Controls 8/10
Like most other things in this game the controls are fairly simple and straightforward. I just don't like having the B button for opening doors and the A button for closing them.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/29/05

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