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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by IceQueenZer0

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    ------------------------------------ [ BALTRON ] ------------------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    -------------------------------- [NINTENDO FAMICOM] ---------------------------
    While I am working on Metroid: Other M and Pro Yakyuu? Satsujin Jiken!, I'll
    knock out a few more NES/Famicom games off the Completion Project. I'll try a
    simple one called Baltron which is a space shoot-em-up that shouldn't be hard
    to FAQ.
    Baltron and its characters are trademarks of Toei Animation n' Shouei and all
    copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen 
    Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given permission 
    nor can it be reproduced without proper consent.
    For my other guides: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/74803.html
    Note: This is from the game so don't email about bad grammar and spelling.
    Time is 2999 Space Year. We are living on the planet "Star Lenion" which is
    very similar to the Earth, in the remotest part of the galactic system. The
    Bismark Empire with great power started invade Star Lenion to secure a footing
    to conquer the earth.
    The Bismark Empire is constructing the front base steadly and also assembling
    the destractive super weapon "Baltron" in order to attack the next target "The
    The Earth defence troops must destroy the enemy's base without a moment's delay
    before the Baltron starts to operate. We placed our last hope on the fastest
    starship "Gistorias."
    D-pad: Move in that direction
    A button: Shoot
    B button: (use with Left or Right to switch directions, use with up to Smart
               Bomb, and use with down to warp)
    Start Button: Begin game/Pause
    The screen moves slow or fast depending on where you are on the screen. More
    forward = more speed. Hanging back = slower speed.
    The ship runs on fuel so make each life count. Your ship will explode when the
    fuel is out.
    Use your warps to skip problem areas you think you might face.
    For the first part of the game, you are better off staying low near the ground
    just around the center of the screen. No enemy planes will fire at you in this
    first part so stick to worrying about the enemies on the ground. This strategy
    also helps you from getting hit from behind by the small enemy planes. You will
    then reach a cave. Backtrack if necessary to avoid colliding with the enemy 
    planes. They still won't fire at you until you get out of the cave so all you
    need to concetrate on is shooting the enemies you see in sight and avoiding the
    enemy bubbles from coming from below.
    You have now exited the first cave. now the enemy is out to get you. Once again
    you can stay near the bottom as possible as most of the enemy shots are easier
    to avoid. You may come across a spinning enemy that looks like a Yashichi from
    most Capcom games. Don't even bother shooting it. It will bounce your shot back
    and kill you. Only the green turrets below are the enemies to worry about since
    they fire two shots in succession. When you reach the second cave, steer clear
    of the stalactites while you avoid enemy bullets. Warping is a bad idea early
    on in the second cave as you may accidentally warp into a stalactite. There is
    a koala bear to collect (WTF?). It adds a life I guess. There seems to be two
    unless I was supposed to get it to get out the cave since I missed it the first
    Anyway, you are out of the cave once again so that means get low and avoid the
    enemy bullets and deal with more new enemies. I know this is starting to get 
    monotonous but survival is the strategy here so deal with it. You are in the
    third cave and these guys are getting serious now. Use some fancy maneuvering
    because the cave layout will probably what gets you killed more than the enemy
    planes themselves. The enemies also change their flight patterns so watch out
    for the small planes that angle up and down. You will run into a barrier which
    you must shoot to the top or bottom to disable. It seems like you made it out
    the cave but you are not. It's just a little break. Watch for those sneaky lil
    Back to your get low strategy, in this part you stay away from the green circle
    as they turn into creepy aliens. The next cave is not so bad. Just stay on your
    toes for the ground enemies as usual. The one to worry about the most is the
    one spewing fire.n Use the bombs to get rid of them. The big planes make moving
    a lot harder as they move up and down. you'll come across a small fork. Take
    the high road since it is safer.
    When you are out of this cave, the get low strategy won't help much since a new
    enemy appears and homes in on you. If you can, use a warp to make things easier
    on you. Also, an enemy below fires at your position. However, you can rectify
    that by flying very close to the ground and fire like crazy but not too low. Be
    sure to spring up to enter the next cave. Watch out for ships sneaking in. This
    cave has spikes that will try to block you. There are many forks in this road,
    pick the wrong one and you will crash into the spike. Roads are also tight. My
    only starategy is try to survive because you will probably die in this cave.
    The next sequence is a little tougher but once you get to the cave ou will see
    an enemy that looks like a man running back and forth. There are a couple koala
    bears here to keep you in the game longer. Stay careful of enemies hiding in
    the scaffolding. They beeline it for you. At least this cave was short. Man I
    wish this game would end already.
    The get low strategy works again this time around and for the cave, there is a
    koala you can get for an extra life but its hard to get in time without dying.
    But, the better news is that this is the last cave. You fight a boss here. On
    the way, fly through the middle. It seems like a tight squeeze but you will fly
    through the platform here. At the boss, avoid the shots at all times and shoot
    all the big orbs to kill the boss. You are not allowed to pause the game.
    After this, the game will loop with a harder difficulty and a different color
    scheme background. That's it I'm done.
    God - creator of all
    Capcom - making the game
    GameFAQs - hosting the FAQ
    You for reading.
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    Thank you for reading
    -Ice Queen Zero

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