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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mikeyspiky200

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    Castlevania (NES) FAQ/Walkthrough
    By Mikeyspiky200
    Email: Mikeyspiky200@hotmail.com
    This guide is protected by copyright. Unless you have the permission of the
    author (me), none of this walkthrough's content can be published or edited. 
    I would be happy to give you permission, just email and ask me first. If you
    do not have permission, you can use this guide for personal use only. It is 
    illegal to violate these rules, so just ask for permission, ok? Thank you.
    Table of Contents
    1. About the Game.....................[CV01]
    2. Controls...........................[CV02]
    3. Items & Weapons....................[CV03]
    4. Walkthrough........................[CV04]
          Stage 1...............................[CV04A]
          Stage 2...............................[CV04B]
          Stage 3...............................[CV04C]
          Stage 4...............................[CV04D]
          Stage 5...............................[CV04E]
          Stage 6...............................[CV04F]
    5. FAQ................................[CV05]
    6. End of guide, about the author.....[CV06]
    About the Game                                                           [CV01]
    Castlevania is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released way back
    in 1987. It is definetely one of the hardest games of it's time. Your goal is 
    to venture through the 6 deadly levels of Castlevania, killing halloween-
    related monsters on your way. These monsters include Medusa, the Grim Reaper,
    Frankenstein and, the main villain, Count Dracula.
    It starts off fairly easy to give you some practice, then gets harder and
    harder each level. But don't let the difficulty put you off, as this is a real
    classic complete with awesome gameplay and some of the best music composed in
    the NES era. 
    So have fun and with this guide, aim to complete the game!
    Controls                                                                 [CV02]
    The controls in Castlevania are pretty much the same as every other NES
    platformers, so they aren't that difficult to get used to. But, for those of 
    you who don't know, here's how to control your character:
    left / right - go left or right
    up - press beside a staircase to walk up the stairs
    down - duck, press beside a staircase to walk down the stairs
    A - Jump
    B - Use whip
    B + Up - Use subweapon
    start - pause the game
    Items & Weapons                                                          [CV03]
    Items & Weapons can be found all over Castlevania. Simply destroy the candles
    and items pop out, some are better than others. However, don't think that you
    have an unlimited supply of these items - as they cost hearts to use.
    Dagger - doesn't deal a lot of damage, but can be thrown far. Costs 1 heart.
    Axe - A powerful weapon, but is thrown in an obscure position, making it 
    difficult to hit enemies. Costs 1 heart.
    Holy Water - Possibly the best weapon in the game. Is thrown on the ground and
    explodes, crating flames around it. This can sometimes trap a boss - so he
    can't move. Costs 1 heart.
    Boomerang - a very poweful weapon which can be thrown far and will return to
    you, sometimes hitting enemies more than once. Costs 1 heart.
    Watch - An item which is better to not use. All it does is freeze your enemies
    for a few seconds, so you can kill them easier. It may be reasonably helpful, 
    but it costs 5 hearts, which is far too much.
    Small Heart - found in just about every candle in the game. Collect this to 
    increase your hearts by 1. 
    Large Heart - Rarer than small hearts, but better. Collect this to increase 
    your hearts by 5.
    Cross - When collected, all enemies seen on the screen will immediately die.
    Invulnerability Potion - Makes you invincible; no attacks can harm you what so
    ever. However, it only lasts for a short period of time.
    Whip Upgrade - Turns your whip into a chain. Pick up several of these to 
    increase the length of your whip.
    Money Bag - Collect these to increase your score. red bags are worth 100, blue
    bags are worth 400 and white bags are worth 700. If you don't care about your
    score, these items are pointless.
    Double Shot - Allows you to use your subweapon twice at the same time. A rare 
    item, found in candles and hidden in various walls throughout the game.
    Triple Shot - Allows you to use your subweapon three times at once. A rare 
    item, found in candles and hidden in various walls throughout the game.
    Pork Chop - One of the most useful items, but probably the rarest. Restores
    some of your health. Can never be found in candles - always found hidden 
    in various walls throughout the game.
    Magic Crystal - Recieved after defeating a boss. Restores all of your health
    and takes you to the next level.
    Walkthrough                                                              [CV04]
    In this walkthrough, I shall guide you from the start of the game to end of the 
    game, giving you strategies on how to beat enemies and bosses and telling you
    where to find rare items such as the Pork Chops and shot multipliers. If you
    are stuck, then by all means read on!
    Stage 1    [CV04A]
    The game shall begin outside of Castlevania. To start with, head right and 
    destroy the torches on your way. The first few contain hearts and upgrades to
    your whip. The last one has a dagger in it - but we won't be needing the
    dagger. Now enter the castle. 
    As soon as the first room begins, zombies will come and attack you. One hit
    with your whip is enough to kill them. Head right until you reach a set of 
    stairs, then go slightly up them (not all the way) and a panther should jump
    over your head. If you went up too far, the panther will hit you. Anyway, 
    watch the panther run away and continue up the stairs. When you reach the top, 
    quickly kill the next panther and stand at the top of the next set of stairs, 
    the third panther should jump down and run away. Go down the stairs and fall
    off the platform, then continue to the door above the final staircase.
    In the next room, kill the bat and head downstairs. Do you see the brown wall
    that blocks you from going any further? If you whip the bottom of this wall,
    you can find a Pork Chop! Now since we can't go any further, we must head left
    and go down the next staircase.
    Yes, there's water in this room - and Simon can't swim, so don't fall down.
    Before you jump accross the first gap, wait until a fishman jumps out of the 
    water and whip him. Then quickly jump onto the next platform. If you jump too
    early, the fishman will knock you into the water, so you must kill him before
    you jump. Repeat this method for the rest of the platforms in this room, then
    go up the stairs.
    Now we're at the other side of the brown wall we seen earlier. As the room 
    starts, immediately kill the bat which flies at you from the left. Now climb
    up the stairs and continue through the door.
    Head right while killing the zombies and destroy every candle you see until
    you recieve an axe, which is needed for the first boss. Finally, head all 
    the way right and let the boss battle begin!
    This boss is pretty easy. First of all, go into the little shelter under the 
    staircase and hit one of the blocks on the left for a Double Shot. Now start
    constantly throwing axes at the bat when he is not moving. When he swoops you,
    it is quite hard to avoid, but it does little damage and it certainly shouldn't
    kill you. After a few good hits from the axe, the bat will eventually drop down
    dead. If you run out of hearts to use your axes, try and whip him - but this 
    is much harder. In the end, collect the Magic Crystal and prepare yourself for
    stage 2! 
    Stage 2    [CV04B]
    First of all, destroy the first candle you see for a boomerang, which could
    come in handy. Head upstairs and create a hole in the wall at the far right 
    using your whip. Stand in the hole and a crown should appear at the bottom 
    floor - go get it for 2000 points! Now kill the knight (takes 2 hits) and the
    bat and go upstairs to the next room. 
    Now you'll find a knight trapped in a hole. Completely ignore him and jump
    to the other side of the hole - but don't go any further. Instead, face right
    and use your whip on the top-left block of the wall you just jumped from. 
    You'll get a double shot! Continue going left and use the boomerang to kill
    the next knight you see. Then use the moving platform to reach the door leading
    to the next room.
    You will be introduced to one of the most annoying enemies in the game - the 
    Medusa Heads. Basically, they just fly about in more directions than you can
    move, getting in the way of a lot things. Try your best to avoid them 
    (jumping often helps) or whip them if you can. When you reach the platform
    before the knight - stop and wait for about 5 seconds on the brick on the 
    right. A treasure chest will appear behind you, giving you 2000 points. If you
    still have the boomerang, use it to kill the knight. Otherwise, use your whip
    and head on up the stairs.
    Welcome to the most irritating level in the game, for now. What you have to do
    is jump accross the platforms while avoiding the Medusa heads who are trying
    to knock you into a bottomless pit. My strategy for this would be to wait 
    for a Medusa head to come along, then kill it and quickly jump to the next
    platform. This requires good timing. If you miss the Medusa Head, you will 
    most likely die. Repeat this method for the other 2 platforms, and don't
    bother getting the candles because they increase the chances of your death. 
    When you get to the knight, the Medusa heads stop coming. Kill the knight 
    and jump onto the first platform you see above the ground. From here, jump
    up and whip the highest platform for a Pork Chop! Then head left on the upper
    floor. Use the moving platforms to get accross the gaps and watch out for the 
    Medusa Heads again when you've made it to the last platform. Go through the 
    Right at the very start of this room, drop down a block and whip the row of
    blocks where you began to find another pork chop! Keep going left to find 
    some spike crushers! If you get hit by one of these, you instantly die. So to
    get past them, wait until the crusher is at the top then quickly walk under it.
    Keep doing this for the rest of the crushers. Carry on going left and watch
    out for the ghost that sneaks up behind you, then kill the bat. Do you notice
    the 2 blocks at the bottom of the stairs? Well, if you whip the one on the 
    left you can find yourself a double shot! Now head up the stairs and notice
    the Double-Dragon shooting fireballs at you. If you stay on the platform 
    below it, it shouldn't be able to hit you and you can easily whip it to death.
    The next Double-Dragon isn't as simple, but if you have a long enough whip you
    can hide behind the wall, wait until it's finished firing and then jump up and
    get a few good hits out of him. You could also use the boomerang or dagger. If
    you have none of these, do your best to whip him away as fast as you can (note
    that you can destroy the fireballs with your whip). Continue right and go up 
    the stairs.
    Here you will find some more Medusa Heads and some candles. Try to avoid the
    Medusas and keep going left until you reach the boss of stage 2...
    One of the best items to beat this boss is the stop watch. Simply use it to 
    freeze Medusa, then whip her a few times, then use the stop watch again, then
    whip her a few times and so on until she dies. If you do not have the stop 
    watch, then the boss isn't that difficult anyway. Just continuously whip her 
    before she does too much damage to you and you should probably win, but I 
    prefer to use the stop watch. When she dies, get the Magic Crystal and we're
    on to stage 3!
    Stage 3    [CV04C]
    Well that's us half way through the game, believe it or not. Destroy the first
    few candles you see and in one of them is Holy Water. Continue left and kill 
    the Igors as you go along. These guys are hard to dodge, so what I recommend 
    doing is not stopping. Just keep going left, and once the Igor has landed 
    from its jump, turn around, crouch down and whip it. It doesn't really 
    matter if you get hit anyway, as in the left brick of the platform the final 
    Igor was sitting on is a Pork Chop! Keep heading left to find a skeleton. 
    These guys can also be a pain - as they throw bones at you. What I reccomend 
    to do here is stand on the first platform and throw Holy Water at him. When 
    he's dead, go up the steps and through to the next room.
    Climb up the next set of stairs and fall off the platform. Kill the falcon and
    keep a fair distance away from the skeleton. Wait for him to jump to the 
    platform you are on, then, if your whip is long enough, you should be able
    to kill him quite easily. You could also use the Holy Water. Now jump accross
    the gap and climb up the stairs, then kill the next 2 falcons. Jump over
    to the next platform and you should be able to see a skeleton underneath you.
    Use the Holy Water to kill him nice and quickly and proceed down the steps and
    through the door.
    This next room is quite simple, just avoid the Medusa heads and at the end
    kill the skeleton and go up the stairs.
    Next up, watch out for the bat and start heading right. Destroy the candle for
    a stop watch. You will eventually come accross a Double Dragon - and there 
    is nowhere to hide from his fireballs. The best thing to do is wait until he
    is finished firing at you (it can be helpful to whip the fireballs) and then
    use the stopwatch to freeze time. As time is forzen, whip him as many times as
    you can and he should die. Now jump accross the gap and kill the two falcons 
    ahead. Jump accross the next gap to find yet another Double Dragon. Use the 
    same method as before to defeat him. Proceed through the door.
    Continue going right and kill the falcons on your way, another Double Dragon
    is waiting for you, but you know what to do. If you don't have enough hearts
    to use the stop watch, wait until he is finished firing at you, then just
    go up and whip him six times, you are likely to get hit this way, but 
    there's nothing else you can do. Keep going right to find the ANOTHER double 
    dragon... once you've killed him keep going and kill the skeletons at the 
    gaps. Jump accross and avoid the Medusa Heads, eventually you will come to the
    final Double Dragon, at last! Defeat him to get to the boss. Now before you 
    start this battle, whip the block beside the mummy on the left to get a 
    Pork Chop! Then let the battle begin.
    Don't be intimmidated because there are two Mummies, this really is a simple
    fight. You can even do it with your whip alone. Ok, to start with, head over
    to the mummy at the right and start whipping his brains out. When he begins
    to move, head over to the left of the room and whip the other mummy a few 
    times. This should be the battle halfway done already. The rest of the battle
    is just a matter of constantly whipping the first mummy you see - the dagger
    recieved in the 1st candle of this room may also help you. So just keep
    whipping and you will most likely win. Get the Magic Crystal and go on to stage
    Stage 4    [CV04D]
    A difficult stage. If this is your first attempt at it - I can assure you that
    you will get a game over at least once, probably more. Luckily, I have got 
    some great techniques to get through this level in one piece, though it may
    require a bit of practice. 
    To start with, wait for the bat to come along and kill it. Then immediately
    head onto the moving platform. If done fast enough, you should be able to 
    avoid the Fishman. Let the platform take you to the other side and kill the 
    ambush of fishmen that will attack you. They won't stop coming, so 
    eventually you will have to move on. Jump up the few platforms and destroy
    the candle at the right hand side of the highest platform to get some Holy
    Water! Now this may sound impossible, but if you can, you should try and do 
    the level without dying - so you can keep the holy water for the boss. That's
    if you can, you don't have to, but it's a lot easier with the holy water. 
    Anyway, fall down to the bottom floor and wait for the moving platform to 
    come along. Once on it, immediately hold down on the D-pad, so you can duck 
    under the wall. Afterwards, jump to the next bit of land and then onto the
    next moving platform. Like before, immediately hold down. When the moving
    platform stops, jump to the next moving platform. Don't worry about the
    fishmen, they have about a 5% chance of hitting you. Finally, jump to the bit
    of land, accross the gap, kill the bat and then head upstairs. Hopefully you
    didn't find that too difficult, because it's just going to get harder.
    The next room requires a lot of concentration. Head right and some Eagles
    will come along carrying Igors. The best thing to do here is to ignore the
    eagles and as soon as the Igors land, whip them. Timing is the key to success.
    Also, don't bother going left because then the Eagles start coming up from
    behind you. When the Eagles disappear, this is your que to keep moving right. 
    You will come accross a Snake Skeleton, but don't be scared, just keep moving
    right and, if done correctly, you should pass right under it without getting
    harmed. Head through the door.
    If you still have the Holy Water at this point, DO NOT get the candles. Who
    knows what unnecessary weapons will pop out... You will actually have to fight
    the next skeleton snake, by whipping it's head six times. You can also whip
    the fireballs it fires at you to destroy them. Holy Water really helps you 
    out on these snakes, but if you lost your Holy Water you can try the dagger
    found in the second candle of this room. Once you have killed the snake, whip
    one of the blocks it came out of for a pork chop! Head on over to the next
    snake and kill him too, with either the holy water, whip or dagger. Then, 
    in the final room of this level, you will find one annoying boss.
    Now you'll find out why I wanted you to have the Holy Water so much. All you 
    have to do is stand on the platform beside Frankenstein and constantly throw
    Holy Water at him - and he'll die! Yep, it's that easy. But if you lost your 
    Holy Water, it's a pretty tough battle. It's not so much Frankenstein that's
    the problem, it's his little friend Igor who I hate so much. He flies about
    in directions which you can't even go shooting fireballs at you... So what
    you must do is hit Igor to freeze him for several seconds and then try and 
    whip Frankenstein a few times. This is difficult. A better, but more cheap
    method, would be to use the axe if you managed to find one. Stand to the left
    of the platform beside Frankenstein and constantly throw axes at him. This
    will have the same effect as the Holy Water, although when you use the axe,
    Igor has a better chance of escaping. So the #1 item for this battle is the 
    Holy Water. You might want to actually kill yourself, restart the level, get
    the Holy Water, do the level without dying then easily beat the boss. I wish
    you the best of luck. If you manage to beat him, get the Magic Crystal and
    get cracking with the next level!
    Stage 5    [CV04E]
    Would you believe me if I told you that this was harder than the last level? 
    Or even harder than the final level? Yeah, you probably would. 
    First, attempt to kill the Igors without getting hit...We need a lot of health
    for later. If you still have the Holy Water from the last level, use it. Now 
    continue towards the skeleton, duck incase he throws a bone at your face, then
    whip him dead. In the candle before the first set of stairs, there is a very
    important item that I like to call the Holy Water. Yes, you'll have to 
    try and do this level without dying as well - as you REALLY need the Holy
    Water for the upcoming boss. Underneath the staircase, you will find another
    Igor, kill it. Then walk up the stairs and try and kill the skeleton without
    taking too much damage...One or two hits is ok, as we can get a pork chop 
    later. Keep going until you get to the next room.
    Now you will find two more skeletons, the holy water might come in handy here, 
    so I advise that you use it wisely and well. Kill them both then go right. 
    Head downstairs and notice the wall at the top of the screen. If you jump up
    and whip the bottom-right block of this wall, you can find yourself a Double
    Shot! Carry on with the level and you will come accross a red skeleton.
    These enemies don't bother me too much, they don't fire anything at you and
    just walk about - the only problem is that they're invincible! So just hit
    them once and they will fall apart for a while, but will come back later.
    Keep moving on and kill the rest of the Igors and red skeletons. After the
    final Igor, you will notice that the ground level has risen. Where it rises,
    use your whip on the top-left block to get yourself a pork chop (which I
    find to be an essential item to complete the level). Now go through the door
    and into the next room.
    This will be your first encounter with the Axe Knights! Now I have figured out
    a very cheap, but effective, way of killing them. For the first one, simply
    keep moving towards him while using your whip (if he throws an axe at you, 
    your whip should destroy it). The knight should move backwards, and eventually
    will end up outside the room. When he is outside the room, he disappears and
    never comes back! The igor might get in your way of doing this, so you can
    also Holy Water the knight if you want. Use the "chase the knight outside the
    room" method again with the next knight, although it can be a bit of a struggle
    to get up the stairs without being hit by an axe, so I suggest using the Holy
    Water first, then chasing him away. This time, once he is out the room, he 
    won't disappear, but he'll be trapped, so just keep whipping him and he'll
    soon die. Proceed upstairs and into the next room.
    Go up the stairs again and knock down the red skeleton. Head left and knock 
    down the other red skeleton, and head down the next set of stairs. This bit
    can be tough, so be careful. Go left and an Axe Knight should come along.
    The trick here is to use Holy Water on him as soon as you can, so he is 
    trapped in the flames. While he is trapped, whip him several times and he 
    should die. Watch out for the Red Skeletons while you do this. Head up 
    the next staircase and kill the final Axe Knight, using the Holy Water
    technique. Go downstairs, knock down the red skeleton and proceed to the next
    You will immedietely be attacked by a Double Dragon. To beat him without 
    losing any health, let him fire at you and whip the 2 fireballs to destroy
    them. Then head towards him and use Holy Water. While he is on fire, whip him
    and he should die in about 2-3 hits. Continue with the level, knock down the
    red skeleton at the bottom of the staircase and then climb up it - but not 
    fully! Climb up so your head is level with the Double Dragon's neck - this way,
    neither the Double Dragon nor the red skeleton will be able to hit you, but
    you'll be able to whip them dead. Climb up to the top of the stairs and 
    start heading right. Knock down the red skeleton that you'll find at the bottom
    of the next staircase and head towards the wall. Whip the bottom left brick
    to get a pork chop - which I bet you were needing! Now head up the stairs to 
    the final room in this stage.
    Oh...This room is tricky. Try your very best to avoid all the Medusa heads and
    concentrate on the two Axe Knights. If you have lost your holy water at this
    point, by all means commit suicide and restart the level! So, assuming that
    you still have the holy water, use it on the axe knights along with your whip
    to kill them quite quickly. When you reach the end, prepare to face what would
    be the most difficult boss in the game, if we didn't have the holy water :)
    Right, I sincerely hope you have Holy Water with you. The Grim Reaper should 
    appear on the platform at the right hand side of the screen. As he is 
    appearing, you must jump up and throw some Holy Water at him, then jump up
    straight after, throw some Holy Water at him,then jump up again and so on. 
    Eventually, he will die. However, if you were too late in throwing Holy Water
    or if you didn't even have the Holy Water, the Grim Reaper will start moving
    and that's when you beg for mercy. I guess, if you ended up in that scenario, 
    all you could do is be completely reckless, don't worry about getting hit and
    just whip the living daylights out of him. But that is ten times harder than
    it sounds, so, in conclusion, complete the level without dying so you can Holy
    Water him. End of. 
    Right then, if you are still reading this I guess you beat the Grim Reaper,
    so congratulations - get the Magic Crystal and get ready for the final, but
    not the hardest, level in the game. 
    Stage 6    [CV04F]
    The first thing to do is head up the stairs. The vampire bats coming up
    can be a pain, so read my strategy carefully. For the first bat, jump up and 
    whip him ONCE, then jump over the gap. For some reason he won't bother hurting
    you. Jump over the next few gaps until you reach the next vampire bat. Try
    and quickly jump to the last brick of the platform you are on, then really
    quickly jump onto the next platform. If done correctly, you should avoid yet
    another deadly bat attack. Jump accross the next gap for another bat. This 
    one is a chancer. And by that I mean he sometimes attacks you and he sometimes
    doesn't. So jump up and hit him once, continue with the level and if he attacks
    you then unlucky! Keep going until you reach the next bat, and like before,
    jump to the last brick then onto the next platform. Follow the path to the 
    last bat - and jump up, hit him once then proceed to the next room. 
    There's a really simple way of beating the skeleton in this room. Stand
    at the right edge of the platform you begin on, wait for the skeleton to jump
    up to you and then ever so quickly turn around and WHAM. Yeah, kill him. If 
    you have Holy Water, you could also use that. But there's a big chance that
    you don't. So go upstairs to see what lies ahead.
    You'll find two more skeletons in this room. I have no fancy techniques for 
    these two, so just go up, try and avoid their bones and whip them. When
    you reach the top of the stairs, head left and eagles will start flying at you,
    carrying Igors. Do your best to ignore them (you save health by not attacking
    them, sometimes...) and if you need some health, you can find a pork chop in
    the bottom-right brick of this room. So avoid everything you see and head 
    Now I remember dying a lot in this room on my first playthrough of the game. 
    This is because I tried to do it too quickly. First, WAIT until the first 
    two Eagles have flown by and dropped off the Igors, then drop off the platform
    and climb up the 2 staircases. Don't kill the Igors, they'll knock into a 
    bottomless pit and send you back a few rooms.
    Finally, climb up the next two staircases and destroy the candles for some
    hearts. Now prepare yourself for the final boss, yep, Count Dracula.
    BUT BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE FIGHT, get the candles for a boomerang and some 
    hearts. Do not enter the battle zone quite yet, head back downstairs, then 
    back up again and all the candles will return - so you can get more hearts. 
    Keep doing this until you have as many hearts as you want (I recommend having
    about 50). So, now, it's time for the last battle. For real this time. And the
    best thing is, when you get a game over and continue again, you start from
    the room before the battle with Dracula, so you don't have to do the whole 
    level again!
    Right. This battle is divided into two parts - the second is harder than 
    the first. The easiest way to do the first part of the battle is to stand about
    3 bricks away from Dracula, wait until he uses his fireball attack on you 
    (which is the only one he has) and then, with good timing, you should be able
    to jump over the fireballs. Whilst in mid-air, use your whip on his head to
    inflict one bar of damage. It isn't a hard battle when you get the hang of it,
    the only problems I can see you facing are when Dracula teleports on top of
    you and automatically inflicts some damage, which is rather cheap. If you keep
    moving while he's teleporting, you stand a better chance of not losing any 
    health. When you've finished his first form off, his head will fall of and he
    will transform into a big, scary monster. Make sure you have the Holy Water
    from the candle at the far left of the room before you go onto part 2.
    This boss is without a doubt the hardest boss in the game. Some would argue
    that the Grim Reaper is the hardest, but, in my opinion, this guy is. Ok, so
    as soon as you see Dracula in his monster form, immediately use the Holy Water
    on him to trap him for a few seconds. While he is trapped, jump up and use
    your whip on his face, which is the only part of his body that will take any
    damage. Afterwards, try your hardest to get another Holy Water on him and 
    repeat the method. When he jumps up into the air, try to walk underneath him
    before he lands and traps you in a corner. And when he shoots fireballs at
    you, use some Holy Water to destroy them - this sometimes also traps 
    Dracula in the flames. So, trap Dracula in the flames of the Holy Water
    throughout the battle - and remember, attack his FACE. When he's dead, go
    get the final Magic Crystal and...
    Congratulations! You beat Castlevania! Now watch the ending sequence as a 
    reward. This is one of the hardest games I know, so you're a pretty darn 
    good gamer if you completed it. :)
    FAQ                                                                      [CV05]
    Q. Can I contribute to the walkthrough?
    A. Sorry, but no. I find the strategies that I use are very effective and, 
    well, the walkthrough's pretty much complete anyway. So no. 
    Q. I have a question about the game - can you help me?
    A. Yes, I'll do my best to answer any questions, just email me at 
    Q. Why is Simon Belmont referred to as "Simon Belmondo" in the credits?
    A. I don't know. This could have been a typo, or maybe they changed his
    last name at the last minute and didn't bother changing it in the game.
    Q. Is this game too hard for a novice gamer?
    A. Most definetely yes. You'll need to get some gaming skill before you 
    can tackle this game! 
    End of guide, about the author                                           [CV06]
    I was born in the 90s, and so I missed the NES era completely. Having grown
    up with an N64 and a PS1, I actually missed every 2D game there is. Now I 
    didn't care too much until I played on the NES at my friend's house. The games
    were so cool! Now it's 2007, 22 years after the NES was released. We can now
    purchase NES games via the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console - which is exactly
    what I done with Castlevania. I see that I've missed out on a lot of 
    awesome games, so I've ended up buying just about every NES game there is on
    the virtual console. The Wii sure is a great machine...
    Well, this was like my first walkthrough ever. I hope you liked it. I want
    to write more walkthroughs for NES games in the future, and also some
    N64, Gamecube and Wii games. We'll just have to wait and see. I can't write
    any more Castlevania walkthroughs as this is the only one I own... But if
    more come out on the virtual console I'll definetely be buying them and 
    puting a guide up :) Well look out for my other guides! see you later!

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