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"Grap your whip and some popcorn, cause its showtime!"

Castlevania sparks the flame that ignites the platform genre along with one of the most popular Dracula slaying games on the market. Castlevania is one of my favorite video game franchises and has many predecessors to follow. Castlevania was one of the most popular games for the NES and helped give Nintendo a lot of stability in the gaming market.

Story [ 0 - 2 ]
You play as Simon Belmont, a ruthless whip yielding demon slayer. Your family is protecting the rest of eternity from the cruelest of them all... Dracula. You live in Transylvania and your people have been living in peace and harmony for the past 100 years. Sadly Dracula reeks havoc every 100 years and its time to step to the plate. Dracula doesn't come alone, he brings with him a strong cast of villains and bosses that will try their hardest to keep you away from killing him. It's now time for you, Simon Belmont to enter Castlevania and put this Demon and his army to rest.... for now.

Gameplay [ 0 - 3 ]
In Castlevania you will meet an array of enemies as you travel from level to level. There are six levels in all that grow increasingly harder as you move towards the final stage, and the Prince of Darkness himself. You always have a whip, which can destroy any enemy you cross, but some will take more slashes than others. You can upgrade your whip along with the ability to hold one item. This item usually has a specific ability that will help you though the game. Each level comprises of 3 stages, you can revert to the beginning of each stage when you die, but be careful once all you lives are gone its time to go back to the beginning of that level. The game is a platform game and you really don't have to come over that many obstacles as you move through. Jumping is the only ability you have so there aren't that many physical puzzles for you to overcome. On the other-hand there are plenty of enemies in your way that require a lot of focus and memorization to defeat. Once you learn how to beat each enemy its just a matter of being able to move through, observe the screen and being able to take out each enemy or avoid them as you approach the end of the level. When you do reach the end of a level, its time to face a boss. The bosses can be very hard for beginners but all have loopholes that make them excessively easy. Once you overcome all 18 stages and 5 bosses you reach the end... it's now time to fight Count Dracula. He requires a lot of discipline and hand-eye coordination to kill but isn't the toughest boss in the game (but he has no cheap way of killing).

Graphics [ 0 - 1 ]
The graphics in this game are 8-bit. The blocks, windows, enemies, items, bosses, and etc are all easy to make out and you really never ask yourself "what is that?". The game uses a very limited amount of colors but none of which are intoxicating like some games of this era. All the weapons look very clean and move through the air with ease, along with enemies who can move swiftly through the screen and still look good. Simon looks great and you can make out all his features. Compared to current graphics you can't really compare anything but when compared to its generation this game shows a lot of hard work in its visuals.

Sound [ 0 - 1 ]
The sound in this game is your basic 8-bit music. It was brilliantly composed and sounds like orchestra music coming from your television. To me this is the best part of the game, you get new tunes for each level all of which are pleasant to ear and get stuck in your head. The music helps you flow through the game and helps you get a rhythm.

Replay Value [ 0 - 1 ]
On your first walkthrough you will be restarting and continuing a lot. Some of the levels and bosses are merely impossible without knowing proper technique. Once you have beaten the game it doesn't offer you too much more except something fun to do in your free time. The game is quite addictive and mastering it can be done quite easily, but never does the game get old.

Tilt [ -2 - 2 ]
This is by far one of the most favored games for the NES. It offers one of the freshest stories around and is a must have game for the NES. I love this game to death along with the rest of its series. The game can be picked up by anyone and played with enjoyment. It's one of the few games that gives you a sense of satisfaction as you slowly make it through each level. And when you do eventually beat the game, it brings a lot of joy, and very little "it's finally over" groans. Killing demons and bosses with a whip has never been so much fun and to conclude, this game which started one of the most popular video game franchises of all time is simply amazing and deserves to be played by all.

Total: [8.3] [8/10]

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/02/07

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