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"I don't VANT this game!!"


Yeppers, I really hate to say it but it's true. The great, famous Castlevania series started off with a DUD. People who like the newer games will probably hate this one. It's very rough and ugly and although it might have seemed great a hundred years ago it really shows its suckiness now. Not that it wasn't kind of good in some parts but the games that came after like SIMONS QUEST really blew it away completely!

Story - 6

In Castlevania you play as the mighty famous superhero man SIMON BELMONT and you have to kick butt on none other than the big big vamp himself DRACULA!! O.K. it's very simple and not much thought in it, but come on. At least it wasn't save the princess and back then it was really cool to have someone like DRAC in a game, no more dumb mushroom men. So you go to this castle named CASTLEVANIA and walk in. Now find DRAC and kill him! KILL him GOOD, DAMN IT!!

Game Play - 4

YUCK!! For such a mighty superhero man Simon Belmont does NOT have the MAD SKILLZ. He walks and jumps real slowly like there's gum on his foot. Most games that side scroll like this make you use a sword or gun or something but in this you use a WHIP which is really slow and not fun to use. It's especially bad when things are shooting FIREBALLS at you and you try to hit them with your whip but it's TOO damn SLOW. At least there are other weapons to use like axe and dagger but you need to get HEARTS to use them and when you run out you're DEAD.

The game is very very hard which is also annoying and makes it not as fun. After stage 4 it takes like 4 hits to kill you the whole game and sometimes there are way too many enemies on the screen. AXE man will throw stuff at you and MEDUSA flies around and hits you and skeletons bug you and COME BACK TO LIFE it's all too much for stupid simon. The bosses are cool though FRANK and DRAC kick ass!!

Sound - 5

A lot of people like this stuff but it sounds pretty junky to me. Not very scary and the sound is what you'd expect in a 8 bit game. The boss music gets fast sometimes but everything else is boring, even when it tries to go faster it isn't scary. It should be SCARY konami like in SIMONS QUEST!! Now that was scary good stuff.

Graphics - 3

O.K. this is really bad. Almost all of the enemies in the game are ONE COLOR. It's a real ugly color like purplish reddish and it makes the whole game look real ugly. Even the bosses are ALL this color! Mario Luigi 1 had more colors and that was the first game!! Some of the monsters are kind of big though but the other Castlevania games have much bigger characters.

Conclusion - 5

Ewwww don't get it. It's a DUD. Get SIMONS QUEST if you really want a nintendo Castlevania. It's much a lot better and has stuff to do besides whip and get killed. This is too hard and ugly, I wouldn't want it oh yeah and have it. DOH!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/11/01, Updated 04/11/01

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