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"Certainly a very good start for the CastleVania series....."

CastleVania is a very unique game, well atleast for its time. I doubt that anyone would have thought that the series would become one of the best series ever made (that is until they decided to change the CastleVania series to 3d). Keep in mind this game was 1987, so it certainly doesnt live up to todays standards, graphically anyway.

Graphics - 6
It probably wouldnt impress anyone, now that is. The backgrounds are very bland, and most of the enemies one have 1 frame in it. Some of the bosses can be quite bland, for instance the first level boss is just a really big bat. But ofcourse they could do alot worse....

Sound - 10
Erie Music. Very Erie. Most of the sound effects are just like a still sound, but they dont get repitive. Neither does the music. If theres nothing that annoyings me and tempts me to turn the volume down, then its perfect.

Gameplay - 9
Almost perfect. At first you get a srawny little whip. But you can upgrade it as you hit candles. When you hit candles you can get either upgrades for your whip, hearts, food, or a special weapon. When you use a special weapon it uses up a special amount of hearts, so thats the purpose of collecting them. The food ofcourse gives you some of your life back. The thing I dont really like is how they handled the stair system. Instead of just walking left or right automatically walking up the stairs, you have to press up or down to walk to stairs. I have died so many times forgetting that. But you'll get used to it eventually. Its also the same with CastleVania 2 and 3, so if you have those this will be nothing for you.

Replayability - 8
If you grow fond of this game, theres no telling how many times you'll be playing this game. There is no multiplayer option in this game, but I dont think any CastleVania game does. Im sure many people have beat this game over 10 times, and im one of them ^_^.

Overall - 8
This game is certianly one heck of a good start for the outstanding and critically acclaimed CastleVania series. Everyone should take the time to play this extraordinary game. Good job, Konami.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/20/01, Updated 04/20/01

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