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Reviewed: 04/10/00 | Updated: 04/10/00

Whipping vampires for fun

Whipping vampires for fun

The original Castlevania on the NES is one of those games that most everyone who owned a NES has played. Along with Super Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, these games were probably the most played of any NES games. It was probably mostly due to the fact that they were the first games out there, but also because they were all good games.

Castlevania is a side scrolling platformer game, in which you star as a vampire hunter named Simon. Unlike in the other side scroller at the time, Mario, in Castlevania Simon is given a variety of weapons with which to deal with this vampire menace. Simon's primary weapon is his trusty whip (what, no wooden stake?), but he can also carry secondary weapons like a dagger or an axe.

The plot of the game is simple enough, beat every monster until you can take down the head vampire, Dracula. Like most NES games, the only place you'll find the story is in the manual, if you just play the game, you will never know what you are doing or why. But who cares? Killing monsters is the only plot that you need to know, so get that whip cracking!

This game is a good one, but not so well done as Zelda, or Metroid or the others. The action is slow paced, almost lethargic, and the bosses don't seem to fit (what does Medusa have to do with vampires?). However, if you're a fan of the later Castlevania games, or side scrollers in general, you might enjoy this game.

Graphics: 5 Nothing great, even for the NES, as the graphics are too muddled to be that interesting.

Sound: 6 Good sound, nothing great

Fun: 6 I never really enjoyed the humble side scroller, unless it had some better twist (like Metroid) or a neat gameplay idea (like Super Mario 2). Plus I'm not really a fan of the Castlevania series.

Overall: 6 This game is a better than average game, but there just isn't enough to this game to rate it higher.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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