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    FAQ/Move List by DKeith

    Version: 1.01b | Updated: 03/11/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pro Wrestling - NES Version - TM 1986 Nintendo
    FAQ Revision 1.01b [3/11/99]
    Donovan Keith - indigo_twilight_@hotmail.com
    Finally! The long-awaited (OK, so nobody was *really* waiting) FAQ for the
    !first! major console wrestling game (unless of course the Sega Master System
    game of the same name came out first...) Not much to it, I think I've got
    everything except Hayabusa's finisher. (BTW, if anyone's interested, I think
    Hayabusa is based on Japanese legend Antonio Inoki, as the Enzuigiri Kick
    is the move Inoki made famous.) As usual, please e-mail if I've missed
    anything and I'll credit you in the update. (no, really! Look at my other
    FAQs if you don't believe me!)
    Version 1.01b [3/11/99]
    Added info on the Back Brain Kick. Thanx to wasted-days@home.com and
    zforce@execpc.com for info on the Back Brain Kick....
    Game Modes:
    Press Select at the title screen to choose between 1P and 2P mode.
    1P vs. Com: Select your wrestler, who must defeat the other five to become
    the 'VWA' champion, and successfully defend the title 10 times in a row to
    beat the game. A double-count-out (20-count in this game, Japanese rules)
    will result in your wrestler losing the belt, but the rematch will be for
    the title. Of course, it erases your defending streak...The graphics for the
    championship screen are quite cool for 1986.
    1P vs. 2P: This is a two-out-of-three-falls contest. A double count-out will
    result in 1 victory apiece, with the next match as tiebreaker. If the second
    match is also a 2X count-out, the series is a draw.
    Common Moves:
    A - Kick (standing)
        Pin Opponent (opp on mat)
        Flying Splash (from top rope)
        Clothesline (running)
        Flying Splash over the Top Rope (running, opp on floor)
    B - Punch (standing)
        Pick up Opponent into Grapple (opp on mat)
        Double Knee Drop (from top rope)
        Knee Lift (running)
    Run - double-tap L or R
    Irish Whip - L+B/R+B (grapple)
    Body Slam - B/U+B/D+B (grapple)
    Grapple - walk into Opponent
    Unless otherwise indicated below, all wrestlers have the following three
    moves from the grapple position:
    Belly-to-Back Suplex - L+A/R+A
    Vertical Suplex - U+A (looks kinda like a Brainbuster, too...close call)
    Piledriver - D+A
    A) Fighter Haybusa
    Nation: Japan
    Date of Birth: 9/18/1951
    Height: 6'2"  Weight: 230#
    Signature Move:
    *Back Brain Kick - A (while in front of and slightly below the opponent)
    B) StarMan
    Nation: Mexico?
    Date of Birth: ???
    Height: 6'3"  Weight: 220#
    Signature Moves:
    *Somersault Dropkick - D+A (grapple)
    *Flying Cross Chop - A (while running)
    C) Kin Corn Karn
    Nation: Korea
    Date of Birth: 8/4/1942
    Height: 6'1"  Weight: 280#
    Signature Moves:
    *Karate Kick - A (standing)
    *Mongolian Chop - B (standing)
    D) Giant Panther
    Nation: USA
    Date of Birth: 11/5/1952
    Height: 6'6"  Weight: 320#
    Signature Moves:
    *Iron Claw - L+A/R+A (grapple)
    *Headbutt - D+A (grapple)
    E) Amazon
    Nation: ???
    Date of Birth: ???
    Height: 6'1"  Weight: 230#
    Signature Moves: 
    *Piranha Bite - L+A/R+A (grapple)
    *Outlaw Choke - D+A (grapple)
    F) King Slender
    Nation: USA
    Date of Birth: 2/9/1961
    Height: 6'5"  Weight:280#
    Signature Move: 
    Backbreaker - A (grapple)

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