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    Section Z FAQ ver 1.0
    by Mr Nutz (pcoyne@ucla.edu | mrnutz@aol.com)
    Section Z, released by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987,
    is one of the most original and difficult shooters for the system.  An arcade
    version came out earlier, but is substantially different from the NES one,
    consisting of continuous shooting action starting at Section A through to
    Section Z, similar to Moon Patrol.  In the NES version, you are Captain
    Commando, who must defeat L-Brain holed up in Fortress Balangool.  Many
    elements in this title are reminiscent of the Mega Man Series, Bionic
    Commando, and other Capcom games.
    D-Button: 8 way movement, flying and walking
    B-Button: Shoot Left
    A-Button: Shoot Right
    A+B: Calls a Special Transmission Shell (STS, see below)
    Select button: Use Powerup
    Start button: Pause
    Captain Commando starts with 20 energy units.  Twenty is his maximum at the
    beginning of the game.  To refill lost units, one can: A)pick up energy
    capsules left by fallen enemies or B)find warps with Energizers inside(see
    below).  Each Boss-type enemy defeated will leave an energy upgrade behind
    which will increase the maximum by 8 units.  Obviously, getting hit by enemy
    fire will sap your energy, but surprisingly a collision with an enemy will
    result in instantaneous death, as will getting caught behind a wall (since
    levels scroll automatically).  After instantaneous death, you will be revived
    in that section minus 5 units.  Continuing will also revive you in the same
    section minus 5 units, so it is a useless edtion as far as I can tell.  Once
    you go to 0 or less enegy units you will be warped back to a checkpoint,
    either section 0, 20, or 40.  In all cases, however killed Boss characters
    are still dead.  Also, using a STS uses up 5 energy units, usually not a
    worthwhile trade.
    Captain Commando normally moves slowly, but this is remedied by speed ups
    picked up from destroyed enemies.  You can speed up about 5 or 6 times, but
    at higher speeds he becomes almost uncontrollable.
    By destroying the Metal Eaters and also by shooting in certain areas, weapon
    power ups can be obtained.  A letter for the power up will appear in the top
    right corner of the screen.  A marker can be cycled through the various
    letters by pressing right on the D-button and pressing Select will use one.
    Upon death the current weapon will be lost (except for Laser).  However, all
    unused items in inventory will be retained.
    -(L)ASER: Standard Issue weapon.  Weak, but fast.
    -(M)EGASMASHER: Fast and deadly.  The most powerful beam.
    -(F)LASH BUSTER: Three way cannon.  Slow, but good range.
    -(B)ARRIER SHIELD: A shield that protects Captain Commando from 32 shots, but
                    only from his front.
    - MEGA BUSTER: While the Megasmasher and Flash Buster cannot be used at the
                 same time, if you are currently using the Megasmasher, and
                 happen to have another Megasmasher and a Flash Buster in your
                 inventory, you will get the Mega Buster.  This is essentialy
                 a three way Megasmasher.
    The STS is an extra weapon that is powerful, but uses up energy units.  By
    pressing A and B at the same time, one will appear in the center of the
    screen where it can be picked up and used by shooting normally.  Press A and
    B together repeatedly to cycle through all STSs in posession.
    - MEGAMISSLE: A powerful slow missle.  You start with this.
    - FLASH BOMB: Exploads damaging everything on screen.  It is in a warp in
                  section 8.
    - CRUSH BALL: Spins around the Captain like a shield for 6 seconds.  It is in
                  a warp in section 21.
    I have found STSs to be slightly effective, but not worth the precious energy
    they take away.
    Portals uncovered by shooting in certain areas that take you to areas in
    section 0, they contain one of the following:
    - STS
    - Energizer: two beams one of which reenergizes a little energy, one which
                 reenergizes a lot.
    - Transporter: two beams that send you to different sections, usually far
                   from the section you entered from.
    - Power Rooms: full of Metal Eaters that may give useful power ups.
    Balangool is devied into 3 main areas, all of which are very large.  This
    section is organized as follows:
    Section Number: upper destination/lower destination Section Notes
    where upper and lower destinations are where each section's upper and lower
    transporters take you, respectively.  A blank in one of these spaces
    means I don't know where it leads.  If there is a single tunnle instead
    of a transporter, just one number is given.  In the case of transporter
    warps, the first number corrosponds to the left beam, the second to the
    right.  When mentioning warps, Hi-warp means it is located at the top
    of the screen, Low-warp the opposit.  Some sections have 2 warps.If "Blocked"
    appears, it means the transporter beam is a deadly force field until its
    respective gererator is destroyed.
    AREA 1
    0:1     1:2/3   2:4/    3:6/4   4:6/1   5:7/8   6:5/12[Blocked]
    7: / Hi-Warp[Transporter:5/12]  8: /11 Low-Warp[Flash Bomb]     9: /6
    10:8/   11:9/10 Generator       12:13/14 Hi-Warp[Power Room]    13:16/
    14:16/18 Hi-Warp[Energizer]     15: /18 16:15/18 Generator
    17:19 Low-Warp[Transporter:14/] 18:16/17[Blocked]       19:20 Zamuza(Boss)
    AREA 2
    20:22/21        21:24/30[Blocked] Low-Warp[Crash Ball]  22:21/35[Blocked]
    23:25/20        24:23/25        25: /26
    26:27/21 Hi-Warp 1[Power Room] Low-Warp 2[Transporter:22/20]    27:28/
    28:29/  Hi-Warp[Energize]       29: /20 Generator       30: /31 31:32
    32:33 Zamuza    33:34/  34:23/ Generator
    35: /37 Hi-Warp 1[Energizer] Low-Warp 2[Transporter: / ]
    36:38/ Hi-Warp[Energizer]       37:36/  38:39   39:40 Balaba(Boss)
    AREA 3
    40:42/41        41:44/43 Low-Warp[Energizer]    42:41/57
    43:42/51[Blocked]       44:45   45:46 Galga(Boss)       46:50/
    47: / Hi-Warp[Transporter 49/ ] 48: /   49: / Generator 50: /47 51:52
    52:53 Balaba    53:54/  54: / Hi-Warp[Transporter: /56] 55: /
    56:42/ Generator        57: /58[Blocked]        58:59   59:L-Brain(Last Boss)
    In the future, I may include a section on Bosses and how to defeat them, but
    on the whole they are pretty simple, except L-Brain, which can prove to be
    trying.  Any corrections or comments are welcome [people pointing out that
    its lame to do a faq for a 9 year old game meed not write in :)]

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