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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by ninjasan8

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 11/16/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Artelius (NES) FAQ/Walkthrough
    Copyright 2006 Mitch Frizzell
    Feburary 22, 2006
    Version 0.8
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. The Basics
    3. Enemies
    4. Quickie Walkthrough
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
    6. Authors' Notes
    1. Introduction
    Artelius is the (or at least one of the) original 'mecha' games ever created.
    Although this game boasts more of an arcade style, play¯until¯you¯die kinda
    gameplay, it's still a fun play for those interested in NES games. Although
    there is a translation patch for the game released by MCT, a knowledge of the
    Japanese language will help immensly if you wish to get the full experience
    out of this game.
    Because of the amount of time that was put into this guide, please don't rip me
    off and use this without my permission. If you want to use this guide on your
    site, please e¯mail me and I'll think about it. As of now this guide is to be
    seen only at these sites:
    For any questions, doubts, flames, and/or anything else please e¯mail me at
    m.ninja.s@gmail.com or drop me line at my wesite:
    http://www.mitchfrizzell.com (go to the contact me page)
    2. The Basics
    Here is a little info on gameplay, and some basic tips to help you get through
    the game.
    2.1. Controls
    Field Controls
    D-pad: Move your character around
    A: Advance conversation
    B: N/A
    Start: Open menu
    Select: N/A
    Menu Controls
    D-pad: Exit Menu
    A: Exit Menu
    B: Exit Menu
    Start: Toggle Menu view
    Select: Exit Menu
    Battle Controls
    D-pad: Move crosshair
    A: Fire weapons
    B: Use Item
    Start: Open Menu
    Select: N/A
    2.2. The Battle Engine
    When your're walking around, you'll see some blinking lights; those are
    actually enemies. When you run into one of them, you'll enter the battle
    screen. You'll see the following:
                        |  4  o                   |
                        |    _|_                  |
                        |   /___\                 |
                        |            3            |
                        |           (+)           |
                        |                         |
                        |                         |
                        | 1            2          |
                        | HP ||| |||   WP ||| ||| |
    Here's what it all means and does:
    1: HP equals your current 'health points'. just like in any other RPG, if your
       HP reaches 0, you'll go to the game over screen, losing all unsaved data.
    2: WP equals your current 'weapon points'. Unlike HP, you won't lose if your WP
       gets to 0; instead, you won't be able to use any special weapons you have
    3: Your crosshair. You move this to aim your guns; put this on top of the enemy
       and press A to shoot.
    4: The enemy. This is the enemy, shoot him and kill him to end the battle.
    When you defeat the enemy, you'll get to a screen that tells you how much EXP
    and money you get, and if you level up, it tells you how much your stats
    increase by.
    2.3. Start Menu and Stats
    Start Menu
    Hit start once to access the save menu, and press it again to access the item
    menu. To save, pick yes, and the game will save (saving costs 10c, so be
    careful). To equip items, hit start twice, select the item you want and hit A.
    A little circle will appear next to the item to let you know it's equipped.
    Note: In battle, use the same method to use battle items.
    On the Main Menu and the Item Equip menu, you can see your stats; they are
    comprised of the following:
    CLASS: Your current experience level. Up to a max of ()
    MAX HP: Your HP if your life force, if it gets to 0, you lose.
    MAX WE: Weapon energy. If it gets to 0, then you lose the ability to use
            bought weapons.
    STR: Your strength determines the power of your weapons, a max of 255.
    AGI: Your speed. Governs how fast you can move your crosshair, and your
         probability of a sucessful escape.
    SHIELD: Basically, your shield is your defense, the higher, the less damage you
            recieve in battle. A max of 255.
    EXP: You get experience from defeating enemies; when you get a certain amount
         of EXP, you'll level up, increasing all your stats. Max of 65535.
    c: Money, Zeni, Rupies, Gold, coins, whateven you want to call it, c is used
       to buy new items.
    2.4. The Terrain
    While you fly around in space, you will run into a lot of different objects.
    Asteroids: basically, the asteroids are walls. You can't get through them, but
               neither can enemies.
    Rover's: Rover sets up shop in a little blue building. You can buy items from
             him, get your HP replenished, and your WP restored.
    Butch's: Butch sets up shop in a black tower. Butch will sell you weapons.
    Seth's: Seth sells WP and HP restorative items.
    Warp Gates: Warp gates look like giant diamonds (the shape, not the stone),
                and transport you to the next area.
    Casino: Casinos look like a little hat and are normally found inside colonies.
    Colonies: Colonies are Artelius' towns. Inside there normally is a Rover's a
              Butch's, and a casino. Not to mention a boatload of people to talk
    While on the earth you'll find the following:
    Mountains: These are the Earth's walls.
    Forests: Same as normal ground, except for the fact that you can't see enemies,
             so be careful when walking around here.
    Castles: Basically, Earth's colonies.
    3. Enemies
    3.1. General Enemy Strategies
    I have compiled a list of enemy strategies:
    * Hit start to see your enemy's stats. Hit start again to equip items/weapons.
    * Sometimes you need to shoot "ahead" of the enemy to effectively hit him.
    * Learn enemy strategies, so you know how to quickly dispatch enemies.
    * Save your most powerful weapons and items for hard battles.
    * Hit A to shoot and B to use an item.
    E-mail me if you have any more strategies.
    3.2. Specific Enemy Strategies
    Here is a list of all of the enemies I have encountered before. Note: There are
    multiple 'versions' of each enemy type, normally distinguished by different
    colors. Note 2: All enemy names are my creation, as I don't speak Japanese.
    Most enemies look like the names I have given them. Note 3: This list is in no
    particular order.
    Speed: Fast
    Pattern: Wasps don't really have patterns, they just fly around randomly and
             shoot every once in a while.
    Speed: Slow
    Pattern: Snakes move along the bottom of the screen, never up and down. Due
             to his slow speed, the Snake is easy to kill.
    Speed: Fast
    Pattern: Moves fast in any direction, stops, shoots, and continues. Speeders
             tend to stop a lot, so hit them hard when they do.
    Capitol Ship
    Speed: Slow
    Pattern: Capitol Ships stop a lot, and shoot a lot too. Be wary of these guys,
             they hit hard.
    Speed: Varies
    Patter: When the Mecha has his arms parallel to each other (| |) he moves
            slowly, but when he separates them (/ \) he moves fast. Hit him when he
            is mobing slowly.
    Speed: Fast
    Pattern: Jellies don't really have a set pattern, but they tend to hit hard, and
             have a lot of HP.
    Speed: Slow
    Pattern: Moves around very slowly, but randomly speeds up, and flies in a
             circle. Be careful with this guy, he can easily avoid your shots.
    Speed: Medium
    Pattern: Pods tumble along the floor, shoot and jump in the opposite direction
             before starting all over. These guys are very predictable, so they
             shouldn't be very hard to kill.
    Namekian House
    Speed: Fast
    Pattern: Similar to the Pod, the House is fast, but doesn't jump or tumble.
    Speed: Varies
    Pattern: Skulls go up and down slowly, then right or left really fast, shoot and
             then repeat. Hit them hard when they are going up/down, and retreat
             when they're going left/right.
    Speed: Medium
    Pattern: Robits walk along the floor, jump straight up and shoot once. They
             repeat this cycle.
    Speed: Fast
    Pattern: Rats tumble along the floor, shoot and jump in the opposite direction
             before starting all over. These guys are very predictable, so they
             shouldn't be very hard to kill.
    Speed: Fast
    Pattern: Wolves run left/right before jumping high and coming straight down.
             Hit him hard when he's coming down t kill him easily.
    Niem Numb
    Speed: Medium
    Pattern: Similar to the Pod, Niem is fast, but doesn't tumble.
    Speed: Slow
    Pattern: Turtles walk left and right while shooting a lot. While slow, these
             guys tend to be pretty powerful.
    Boba Fett
    Speed: Medium
    Pattern: Boba walks left and right, dodges in the opposite direction, and lays
             down to shoot you. Although he has two different attacks, they do the
             same damage.
    4. Quickie Walkthrough
    This section is intended to help you when you're stuck, not to be a step by
    step walkthrough. Note: Area names are based on what the warp calls them. Note
    2: Directions are all based on the starting location unless otherwise noted.
    Area 2
    Rover's: South
    Warp Gate: North West
    Butch's: Further North West
    Area 4
    Colony: North
    Warp Gate: West
    Area 17 (land)
    Castle: Far South East
    Boss: South of Castle
    Area 50 (inside colony)
    Warp GateSouth
    Dungeon: South West
    Castle: South¯South east
    Area 60 (rain forest)
    Boss: East
    Castle: South
    Boss South¯South East
    Dungeon: West
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Your guide is incomplete and it sucks.
    A: I know (that it's incomplete), but I got to a point in the game that
       required you to have multiple access codes. I didn't know those codes, nor
       could I figure out the codes, seeing as I don't speak Japanese.
    Q: Oh. Well, it still sucks.
    A: No, you suck.
    6. Author's Notes
    6.1. HELP!
    Since I couldn't continue in the game, I couldn't finish the guide. If you have
    any info to help with the finishing of this guide, please e¯mail me, I would be
    glad to include your info. Also, if you want to finish the guide, feel free to
    do so, we can co-author it.
    6.2. Version History
    Version 0.0: Wrote the skeleton FAQ. (Feb. 22, 2006)
    Version 0.5: Wrote down all the info for the guide. (Apr. 07)
    Version 0.8: Wrote the guide, and submitted it to GF. (Apr. 09)
    Version 0.8: Updated the guide with my new look. (Nov. 11)
    6.3. In he Next Update
    Unless I can finish the game, I'll probably never finish the guide.
    6.4. Thanks
    * God, for my salvation, my life, and the sweet peace that only He can give me.
    * My friends over at RPGClassics for inspiring me to write guides fore older
    * The NES completion project for everything it does for gamers.
    * digimonking for the new look's inspiration.
    6.5. Dedication
    This guide is dedicated to every last member at RPGClassics. You guys hit the
    nail on the head when you began doing shrines, and although I'm not very fast,
    nor very good at making shrines, you guys were behind me all the time. Awesome
    site, keep on doing what you do. Big kudos to Cless Alvein, Cidolfas, and
    This guide, in its entirety, is copyright 2006 Mitch Frizzell.

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