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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rorshacma

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/09/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wai Wai World FAQ & Walkthrough
    By Rorshacma
    Version 2.0
    Table of Contents
    I.    FAQ History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Game play Basics
    IV.   Characters
    V.    Walkthrough
          A. Castlevania
          B. Japan
          C. Pirate Ship
          D. City
          E. Hell
          F. Interlude I
          G. Easter Island Temple
          H. Interlude II
          I. Shooter Stage
          J. Final Stage
    VI.   Mini game guide
    VII.  Glitches/Errors
    VIII. Legal Garbage
    IX.   Acknowledgements
    X.    Contact Info
    I. FAQ History
    Version 2.0 - Made some corrections, and added in some new tips
    Version 1.0 - First edition of FAQ
    II. Introduction
    Imagine if you would, if a large and famous video game company decided to do 
    something utterly unique.  They would take characters from a variety of their 
    different series, and put them all together in one massive game.  Level 
    designs, enemies, and even music from all of the represented games would be 
    merged into one giant amalgam.  Sound familiar?  No, I'm not talking about 
    Super Smash Brothers, but a much older, much more obscure game known as 
    Konami Wai Wai World.  A Japan only release for the Famicom, Wai Wai World 
    was Konami's version of the very type of game I'm talking about.  Elements 
    from over six Konami games were taken and put into this rather strange 
    cartridge.  The game was never released in America, probably due to the fact 
    that several of the games represented were never released in the US, but 
    thanks to the marvel of modern technology this game is readily available to 
    be played by all.
    And what is the story behind this strange game?  It seems that Konami World 
    has fallen into grave danger.  A mysterious alien being has infiltrated 
    Konami World, and allied itself with the evil forces that already existed 
    there.  As a result, six of Konami's heroes have been defeated and imprisoned 
    by their foes.  Konami World's only remaining hope lies with its resident 
    super hero: Konami Man!  Aided by his lovely sidekick Konami Girl, Konami Man 
    must travel to various areas of Konami World and rescue the imprisoned 
    heroes.  Then, once all of the heroes are reunited, the alien force must be 
    III. Game play Basics
    To start off, I suppose I should tell you the basics.  When you start the 
    game, you will be in the lab of Dr. Cinnamon.  There will be three doors.  
    The first is where Dr. Cinnamon and his brother, Spice, work.  Cinnamon will 
    give you info on the other characters in the game, as well as heal your 
    wounds.  Spice will resurrect a slain companion if you pay him.
    The second door is where you need to go to actually get into the main action 
    of the game.  Here is where you will be given the choice of six levels to 
    enter.  While you are given access to all of them at the beginning, some need 
    to be completed before others can be played through.  In each of the levels, 
    it is your job to find a key, and then find, and free, one of the captured 
    heroes.  While you only start off with Konami Man and Konami Girl, rescued 
    heroes will join your party.  You can switch characters at any time by 
    pressing Up and A at the same time.  In addition to finding the heroes, you 
    can also find each character a special weapon.  Once found, the weapon can be 
    toggled off and on by pressing Down and A.  These weapons are powered by 
    Bullets, which are dropped by enemies.  Enemies can also drop Hearts, which 
    will refill the life meter of the character that grabs it.
    The final door in the lab does not open until you have completed the six 
    stages behind door number 2.  This door leads to the final two stages in the 
    Well, that's about all the basics you need to know to get started playing.  
    Now, its time to go into more depth!
    IV. Characters
    Playable Characters
    There are eight playable characters in this game.  Two of which you initially 
    start with, the rest need to be rescued.  Each of these characters have their 
    own abilities, which will be discussed in detail here.
    Hero #1: Konami Man
    Location Found: You have him from the start
    Special Attack: Laser Gun (takes one bullet)
    History: Konami Man- the protector of all that is Konami!   Or something like 
    that.  Not much detail is known about the mysterious Konami Man aside from 
    the fact that he is a super hero of some sorts, dressed in a red cape, winged 
    helmet, and a blue shirt emblazoned with a K.  When the heroes of Konami 
    World were captured, it was he who Dr. Cinnamon called for as the world's 
    last hope.  While this is Konami Man's only starring role that I know of, he 
    has made cameos in numerous other Konami games, such as Goonies 2, Legend of 
    the Mystical Ninja, and even Castlevania: SOTN.  His most recent duty has 
    been hosting the Konami Krazy Racing tournament.  Will this brave soul ever 
    get another starring role in a game?  Let's all hope so!
    Abilities:  Konami Man is one of the two starting characters in the game, so 
    you will have to use him quite a bit to complete the first few levels.  He 
    has average abilities, but will soon become overshadowed by the more powerful 
    members of the team.  His normal attack is punching.  This is a fairly quick 
    attack, but has very little range or strength.  His special attack, the Laser 
    Gun, can be found in the Pirate Ship.  This allows him to fire an energy 
    bolt.  This is also a fairly weak attack, but has great range, and only costs 
    one bullet per use.  He does have one other special ability that sets him 
    apart from all the other characters, save Konami Girl.  After finding the 
    Cape, Konami Man can take to the air and fly, allowing him to avoid enemies 
    and reach items that would be otherwise impossible to get.  He can still fire 
    his gun while flying, which does give him some versatility later in the game.
    Pros: +Quick normal attack
          +Secondary Weapon has excellent range and low cost
          +Can fly with the cape (Jump straight up and hold down the button)
    Cons: -Normal Attack is very weak, and has short range
    Hero(ine) #2: Konami Girl
    Location found: You have her from the start
    Special Attack: Heat Gun (takes one bullet)
    History:  Although she may look human (or elfin, as the case may be), Konami 
    Girl is actually a powerful android created by Dr. Cinnamon.  Designed to be 
    a partner for Konami Man, KG joins him at the beginning of the adventure.  
    The reason why Cinnamon designed a killer robot to look like a cute teenaged 
    girl wearing scanty clothing is beyond me, but I sure ain't complaining!  
    Heheh!  Anyways, Konami girl made a brief appearance in the sequel to this 
    game, and an even smaller appearance in the first Parodius game.  Joseph D 
    Collins has reminded me that Konami Girl also makes an appearance in the SNES 
    game: Legend of the Mystical Ninja.  She appears in any of the game parlors 
    throughout the game.  He also pointed out to me that Konami Girl bears a 
    striking resemblance to one of the forms taken of Carmilla, a boss in 
    DraculaX, the Rondo of Blood.
    Abilities: Konami Girl is essentially just the female counterpart to KM.  
    Because of this, they have basically identical abilities.  She kicks instead 
    of punches, but her attacks still share the lack of range and weakness that 
    Konami Man has.  Her special attack is also nearly identical to Konami Man's, 
    although her gun fires slightly different looking bolts of energy.  She can 
    also use the cape in order to fly, just like her partner.
    Pros: +Quick normal attack
          +Secondary Weapon has excellent range and low cost
          +Can fly with the cape (Jump straight up and hold down the button)
          +Has cool death animation.  (At least my friend thinks so)
          +Kind of attractive for an 8-bit-killer-robot-elf-chick ;)
    Cons: -Normal Attack is very weak, and has short range
          -Identical to Konami Man in almost every way but looks
    Hero #3: Goemon
    Location Found: Japan
    Special Attack: Ryo Toss (takes one bullet)
    History: Goemon started out as a Robin Hood like thief, stealing from the 
    rich of Japan, and giving to the poor peasants.  He has given up his thieving 
    ways in more recent times, but that doesn't mean that his adventures have 
    ended.  Whenever his home of Edo is threatened, Goemon often responds to 
    heroism's call.  Although his early games had him fighting alone, his friends 
    Ebisumaru, Sasuke, Yae, and the giant robot Impact now often help Goemon.  
    Goemon's first appearance was in the old, obscure, and rather crappy arcade 
    game called "Mr. Goemon".  He later appeared in several Famicom Games, and 
    then moved onto the SNES.  His games now appear on a variety of different 
    consoles.  At the time Wai Wai World was made, however, Goemon was unknown in 
    the US.  His first appearance here was in the SNES game "Legend of the 
    Mystical Ninja".
    Abilities: Goemon's basic form of attack is striking his foes with a pipe.  
    While it has an even shorter range than Konami Man's punches, it is VERY 
    fast, allowing Goemon to freeze enemies in place by bashing them quickly and 
    repeatedly.  Because of this, he is idle for getting through areas where 
    quick moving enemies rush at you (and there are a LOT of areas like this!).  
    His special attack is the Ryo Toss, where he hurls gold coins at his foes.  
    This has a long range, but is slower than Konami Man and Girl's blaster 
    shots, so it is not as useful.  Goemon is the only one that is capable of 
    opening the "?" boxes that you will find scattered throughout the game.  Just 
    have him touch one, and a large Heart will come out to refill your life.  His 
    theme song in this game can be heard in several of the "Gambare Goemon!" 
    Pros: +Quickest weapon in the game
          +Is great at hitting fast moving foes
          +Can open the "?" boxes
    Cons: -Very short range
          -Secondary weapon is pretty much useless when compared to others
          -Has trouble hitting short enemies
    Hero #4: Simon Belmont
    Location Found: Castlevania
    Special Attack: Cross Boomerang (uses 5 bullets)
    History:  Perhaps the most famous of the heroes in this game, Simon is a 
    member of the famous Belmont clan.  Possessing some sort of special powers 
    that allow them to fight the forces of darkness, his family has been charged 
    with defeating Count Dracula, whenever he returns, for generations.  Simon 
    has been the star of many Castlevania games, including the original 
    Castlevania, Simon's Quest, Castlevania IV, and Castlevania Chronicles among 
    others.  While there is some disagreement on whether his various games are 
    just different versions of the same quest, or if he actually fought Drac 
    several times, it is certain that he fought the Count at least twice.
    Abilities: Simon's main form of attack is using his Vampire Killer whip.  
    While very slow, the whip has incredible range and power.  The great length 
    of the whip allows him to strike enemies from a distance, before they get a 
    chance to fight back.  He also possesses the best (and most costly) secondary 
    weapon, the cross.  When thrown, the cross will travel forward to the end of 
    the screen, and then reverse course and fly back towards Simon.  This means 
    each cross will strike most enemies at least twice.  Up to three crosses can 
    be thrown at one time, allowing massive damage to be inflicted on enemies.  
    While a bit expensive, using five bullets a throw, the cross makes most boss 
    fights a breeze.  His theme song in this game is the ever-popular "Vampire 
    Pros: +Weapon has the best range in the game
          +Can use the most powerful and useful special weapon
          +His theme song rocks
          +Has the most amusing animation when being teleported
    Cons: -His whip is very slow
          -Cross uses the most bullets
    Hero #5: Fuuma
    Location Found: Hell
    Special Attack: Shurikens (uses three bullets)
    History:  Fuuma was the youngest of three warrior brothers.  When the evil 
    King Dragon began to resurrect itself in Hell, the two elder brothers 
    journeyed to the underworld to stop it, but were slain and had their wave 
    swords, or Hadokens, stolen.  Fuuma himself then traveled to Hell in order to 
    recover the swords and avenge his family.  He succeeded in doing just that, 
    banishing the King Dragon from the world once more.  Fuuma's first, and as 
    far as I know only, appearance was in the NES Action/Adventure game Getsufuu 
    Maden.  It was a very fun game that never made its way to the US.  While 
    Fuuma made appearances in both of the Wai Wai World games, I have not seen 
    him in anything since.
    Abilities:  Fuuma attacks with his sword, which is fairly quick, but has a 
    rather short range.  However, his sword has one special property that makes 
    it very useful.  It can be used to break certain blocks in the Easter Island 
    stage, allowing you to proceed into the dungeon.  His secondary attack is 
    tossing a cluster of three shurikens that travel in a straight line in front 
    of him.  These can also be used to break blocks, which is useful if you want 
    to break several blocks quickly.  The shurikens have great range, and are 
    pretty fast, making them one of the more useful special attacks.  According 
    to Cinnamon, Fuuma also has the ability to make enemies drop items more 
    frequently, but I personally could never tell a difference.  His theme song 
    in this game was the over world theme in Getsufuu Maden.
    Pros: +His Sword and Shurikens can break certain blocks
          +His shurikens have great range and attack power
          +He supposedly has the ability to make enemies drop items more 
    Cons: -It is often difficult to strike enemies with his sword
    Hero #6: Mikey
    Location Found: Pirate Ship
    Special Attack: Slingshot (uses one bullet)
    History:  Mikey is technically not a Konami-made character.  Instead, he was 
    the main character of the movie "The Goonies".  He and his friends attempted 
    to search out the ship and treasure of the infamous pirate, One-Eyed Willie.  
    I personally hate that movie, but my friend seems to think it's the greatest 
    thing since sliced bread.  Oh well, to each his own.  Konami made two games 
    based on the movie, Goonies and Goonies 2, which is why and how he is in this 
    Abilities: Mikey is essentially a useless character in this game.  His 
    attack, a short kick, is very weak and has the worst range in the game.  His 
    secondary weapon is a slingshot.  While still pathetically weak, the 
    slingshot's pellets DO come out incredibly fast, which means it can be useful 
    once in a while to strike far away enemies.  Really though, the only time you 
    will probably every use him is to fit through the small passages that only he 
    can get through.  Since you can't risk having him die in stages with these 
    passages (since you will then be stuck), you will never want to use him for 
    any battles.  Although I only played Goonies 2 for a short time, I did here 
    his theme song in this game used there.
    Pros: +Can fit through small passages
          +Is a quick shot with the slingshot
    Cons: -Has the worst range and power in the game
    Hero #7: Moai Head
    Location Found: Easter Island Temple
    Special Attack: Rings (uses one bullet)
    History: I'm not one hundred percent positive, but I think the Moai Head is 
    supposed to be from the Gradius series.  The reason I say this is because 
    that series is the only Konami games I know of to feature various Moai Heads, 
    and his special Ring attack is identical to how the Gradius Moais attack.  
    However, his theme song and level design is definitely not from any Gradius 
    game I've played!  If he IS a Gradius Moai, I don't really know why he can be 
    considered a Konami Hero, since he's an enemy in every game!
    Abilities: The Moai Head is basically the worst character in the game.  His 
    main attack is a head butt.  It is incredibly slow, and has HORRIBLE range.  
    It's almost impossible to hit anything with it!  In addition to these faults, 
    he has terrible jumping ability, and his odd shape makes it impossible to fit 
    through many passages.  His special Ring attack is also too slow to be of any 
    real use.  He does have the ability to remove breakable blocks with his head, 
    but the much more useful Fuuma is more than capable of accomplishing that on 
    his own.  I honestly doubt you will use him for anything other than to soak 
    up blows meant for your more useful characters.
    Pros: +Can destroy breakable blocks
          +Is great at soaking up damage for your other characters
    Cons: -Has horrible attacking abilities
          -Secondary weapon useless
          -Too large to fit through many areas
    Hero #8: King Kong
    Location Found: City
    Special Attack: Bananas (uses one bullet)
    History:  Like Mikey, King Kong is not an original Konami creation.  A very 
    famous ape, Kong has been featured in many different movies through out the 
    last century.  The Kong in this game is taken from Konami's game "King Kong 
    2", but other than the title, I know nothing about that game.
    Abilities: Kong is one of the best characters in the game.  He has incredible 
    power, destroying enemies that would take his companions several hits to 
    defeat in one blow.  You would expect such a powerhouse to be slow, but this 
    is not the case.  He has about the same speed as Konami Man.  His slightly 
    above average speed combined with his gargantuan strength makes him an 
    unstoppable force in many sections of the game.  His secondary attack is 
    tossing a bunch of bananas in a downward arc.  While this may seem useless at 
    first, it actually has a very important purpose.  Kong can use it to defeat 
    enemies on platforms beneath him.  His bananas can also be used to break the 
    blocks in Easter Island, but Fuuma's sword is much better for this task.  
    Surprisingly, Kong has the best jumping ability in the game.  Some jumps that 
    may seem impossible can only be made using this big ape.
    Pros: +The strongest character in the game
          +Slightly above average speed
          +Best jumping ability
          +Can use bananas to hit enemies beneath him
          +Can break blocks with his Bananas
    Cons: -Short range of attack
          -Cannot fit through a few passages due to his size
    Supporting Characters
    Aside from the heroes, there are several characters that offer support in the 
    lab.  They offer several different and useful services.
    Helper #1: Dr. Cinnamon
    A scientific genius, Dr. Cinnamon is the creator of both Twin Bee and Konami 
    Girl.  While his duties are usually limited to offering support to the Bees 
    during their missions, he is ready to aid any Konami character when he is 
    needed.  It was he that put the call out to alert Konami Man of the current 
    crisis.  Dr. Cinnamon has appeared in most of the Twin Bee games, as well as 
    games such as this and Konami Krazy Racers.
    In this game, Cinnamon's duties are threefold.  First, he can refill the life 
    meters of all of your heroes when you go to see him.  Second, he can give you 
    the profiles of each of the main characters.  Finally, he provides you with 
    the passwords needed to continue your game.
    Helper #2: Dr. Spice
    Cinnamon's evil twin brother, Spice uses his demented skills to resurrect any 
    slain ally.  In order to see him, you must tell Cinnamon you want to see a 
    character profile, and then select "Spice".  If any of your heroes die, Spice 
    will bring them back from Hades for the low, low price of 100 bullets!
    Helper #3: Pentaro the Penguin
    While the penguin's name is not actually said in the game, I've always 
    assumed it was Pentaro, the star of several old NES game who went on to 
    greater fame for his role in the Parodius series.  Pentaro's job in this game 
    is to run the teleporter that allows you to go to the various stages of 
    Konami World.
    The Space Ships
    Towards the end of the game, you are required to fly through a shooter level.  
    You are given the choice of piloting two different ships, each with their own 
    Ship #1: Vic Viper
    A powerful jet, Vic Viper has been the planet Gradius' only hope on many 
    occasions.  A slower but more powerful fighter than Twin Bee, Vic Viper can 
    use several different abilities if you can pick up the right power up.  Vic 
    Viper can use heat seeking missiles and a powerful laser.
    Ship #2: Twin Bee
    A ship designed by Dr. Cinnamon, Twin Bee is certainly unique looking.  Even 
    though it's a ship, it has hands and feet!  Although a young man named Light 
    sometimes pilots Twin Bee, it possesses its own AI and is capable of fighting 
    on its own.  He and his companions, Win Bee and Gwin Bee, are often called 
    upon to save the world, galaxy, universe, etc.  Twin Bee's special abilities 
    in this game include his punch glove and the Ripple Laser.
    Hoo boy, that was a lot of characters to go through!  But now on to the main 
    attraction, the Walkthrough!
    V. The Walkthrough
    You start the game in Cinnamon's lab.  Talk to the doctor if you wish, and 
    then go through door number 2.  You have six different levels to go through.  
    While you have the option of entering any level you wish, the order I have is 
    the recommended one.  Just some general tips before we start.  First, there 
    is a very easy way to refill you life bar.  Just about every level has a 
    section that has very easy enemies.  Just walk back and forth killing them 
    until they drop enough hearts or bullets to satisfy your need.  Second, it is 
    important that you find every character's secondary weapon.  In general, each 
    character's weapon will be found in the same level that they are in.  The 
    exceptions to this are Konami Man and Konami Girl, who don't have levels of 
    their own.  Only the character that can use the weapon can pick it up, so you 
    can not retrieve a weapon before you rescue its wielder.  Finally, make sure 
    you remember to switch characters often.  Some areas are a lot easier when 
    using certain characters, so don't get stuck using one or two favorites.  Try 
    them all out!
    A. Castlevania
    The first stage you should go to is Dracula's demon castle.  It's the level 
    on the bottom left of the stage select screen.  After being zapped to the 
    location by Pentaro, you will find yourself in a clearing outside the castle.  
    Start off by walking right.  Ignore the bats, as they will probably not 
    bother you.  Walk slowly, as quick moving zombies will begin to rush at you 
    from the right.  The slimes near the end of this area are hard to defeat with 
    Konami Man and Girl, so you'd be better off simply jumping over them.  
    Continue to go right, being careful around the red Hanging Men, who will drop 
    down to attack if you pass underneath them.  Ignore any of the glowing "?" 
    boxes, since you cannot open them yet.  When you reach the dead end, go down 
    the stairs.  At this point, the castle is pretty much linear.  Just keep 
    going forward.  Be wary of the bats that hang around the stairways, as they 
    are often hard to hit.  Eventually, the path will split; you will be given 
    the option of going upstairs or downstairs.  Go down first.  This next area 
    is rather annoying.  There are two levels full of Spear Men and Floating 
    Skulls.  The Spear Men are quick and will sometimes dash towards you with 
    their spears out.  The Floating Skull will sometimes fire energy bolts at 
    you, which can also be a nuisance. Go to the far right of the upper level to 
    pick up 100 bullets, then go back left and down, trying your best to avoid 
    the Spear Men.  Take the stairway leading down at the right end of this area.  
    When you get to the bottom of the stairway, you will see Konami Girl's gun 
    beneath you.  Don't bother trying to get it now, though, as you need the 
    Flying Cape first.  So, just ignore it and go right.  Fishmen and Fish will 
    begin leaping out of the water to attack you as you go in that direction.  
    You can smack any of them that get in your way, but don't try to fight them 
    all off.  They will just swarm you.  Instead, just keep moving right, taking 
    all the blows they throw at you.  The hearts conveniently placed along the 
    way will keep your life up.  When you reach the end of this area, go up the 
    stairs to face the first boss in the game.
    Boss: Giant Eyeball
    This boss looks like nothing more than a giant eyeball with legs and a mouth.  
    It hops about and tries to hit you with its tongue, but it is easily 
    defeated.  Just stand next to it and start hitting it as much as you can.  As 
    soon as it gets ready to jump, back away a few steps and let it jump over 
    your head.  When it lands, it will attack in the opposite direction of where 
    you are standing.  Just start attacking it again while it does that.  Just 
    repeat this pattern until it dies. 
    After defeating it, you will receive a key.  Backtrack to the fork.  If you 
    are low on life, you may want to spend some time killing skeletons here to 
    gain hearts.   Once you are done, go up.  You must got through an area with 
    more Zombies and Hanging Men before you can reach the stairway at the end.  
    Take it, and you will be in a hallway with Dracula, the Prince of Darkness 
    himself!  However, he is not a boss, just a very annoying enemy.  He will 
    teleport about the screen shooting fireballs at you.  He takes many hits to 
    destroy, and will return as soon as you leave the screen!  So, just ignore 
    him if you wish.  You will probably notice a glowing suit of armor at the top 
    of this area, but just ignore it.  You won't be able to reach it without the 
    Cape.  Go left from Dracula and up the stairs to free Simon.  (Just press 
    down in front of the coffin).  Now, go back to Dracula's hall.  (BTW, Simon 
    can destroy Drac with one blow.  Wish he had that ability in the normal 
    Castlevania games!).  Go to the far right end of the hall, where there 
    appears to be a dead end, with several floating platforms nearby.  Jump up to 
    the top platform and press up.  You will climb an invisible set of stairs and 
    reach a secret area with Simon's powerful Cross.  Now that you have 
    everything that you can get in this level, back track to the teleporter at 
    the beginning, and return to Cinnamon's lab.
    B. Japan
    The second level you should go through is the Japan stage (the upper middle 
    level).  While you can do this level first, if you wish, I found it's easier 
    to do Castlevania first and rescue Simon.  When the level begins, start 
    walking to the right.  Some people will try to attack you, but they die in 
    one hit, and should be no problem.  (Incidentally, this is a great way to 
    pick up bullets if you need some.  The people that wander around here are 
    easy, regenerate quickly, and often drop items).  Eventually, you will begin 
    to get attacked by Flames and Tengu (long nosed hoping demons).  The flames 
    are easily avoided, but the Tengu are annoying and hard to outrun.  Kill them 
    quickly.  Walk up the stairs at the end of the area, and you will find 
    yourself at a fork in the road.  It does not matter which path you take, as 
    they will both eventually end up in the same area.  Going left will have you 
    fighting some Spearmen, Oni, and Kappa before you reach the upper areas of 
    the stage.  Going right will result in a shorter trip.  In either case, you 
    will eventually find yourself in a town-like area.  The Tengu are back, as 
    well as the easy people from the beginning of the stage.  You can go into the 
    open doors to play several mini games (more on those further down).  Keep 
    going left, and then up the stairs.  Start walking right in the next area, 
    constantly attacking (KM or KG work best for this).  You should avoid all of 
    the ghosts floating around this way.  Near the end of this area, you will 
    notice a glowing item that looks like the Power Ups from Gradius underneath 
    the platform you are standing on.  You won't be able to get under there until 
    you have the cape, however, so just keep going and go upstairs.  Now you are 
    inside a building full of ninjas.  The ninjas are quick, but there is a way 
    to defeat them easily.  Using Simon, just whip them once as they come at you, 
    let them flip over your, then whip them again as they land.  Go to the left 
    and then up.  Goemon's special attack can be found here by flying over the 
    barrier on the right, but since you can't fly yet, just keep going.  
    Eventually, you will reach an areas next to a "?" box where the path splits.  
    Go left and down first.  A dragon guards the next key here.  You can try to 
    kill it if you wish, but you will probably take more damage than if you just 
    run, grab the key, then run back up the stairs.  However, if you have plenty 
    of bullets, Simon's cross can defeat it quite easily.  Pick up the key and go 
    back to the fork near the "?".  Now go right and up to get to the roof.  
    Here, I really recommend just running from the dragons.  If you kill one, 
    another one will appear later, so you will probably take less damage by just 
    running.  Go down the stairs at the end of the roof and free Goemon from 
    jail.  Now, begin to backtrack to the teleporter.  This should be easier, 
    since Goemon can kill the Dragons and Ninjas quite easily.  If you are 
    running low on life from the dragons, just kill the ninjas until you get 
    enough hearts.  Get back to the teleporter and return to the lab.
    C. Pirate Ship
    Now its time to rescue that punk kid Mikey.  Select the Pirate Ship stage 
    (the upper left level), and let's go.  Start off by going right, fighting off 
    rats and crabs.  The doors that you see on the ship lead to some mini games 
    that you can play if you wish.  Go past these doors once you're done with 
    them and go down the stairs.  In this next room, switch to Simon.  He's the 
    best one to fight off the pink tentacle creatures that fill this level.  His 
    long whip allows him to strike them without getting to close.  The pink 
    platform in this section can be raised or lowered by pressing Up or Down.  
    Use it to reach the heart if you need it.  Go right, jumping from platform to 
    platform.  Use Simon to kill the pink things before making each jump.  At the 
    end, go down the stairs.  You'll reach a multi-platform area filled with 
    white squids.  Go all the way right on the top platform in order to find 
    Konami Man's gun.  Now go down the stairs at the bottom left of the room.  
    This area is full of Walruses and Polar Bears.  The walruses dash around 
    quickly, so it's best to use Goemon to kill them.  After a short way going 
    left, the path will split, one way continuing left, the other heading down 
    stairs.  Take the stairs.  As soon as you reach the bottom, you'll notice the 
    level's key sitting there.  Go ahead and take it.  There are some very 
    annoying fire-breathing dinosaurs here.  If you get too close you'll get 
    toasted, so hit them with a ranged weapon.  You will probably notice Mikey's 
    Slingshot sitting in this area as well, but only Mikey can pick it up, so 
    just ignore it for now.  After getting the key, go right.  Going left will 
    only take you back to the section with the walruses again.  Going right will 
    take you to a section with more annoying dinos, and moving platforms.  
    Continue to the far right of this area and take the stairs up.  You will soon 
    reach another fork, this one splits left, towards more of those pink tentacle 
    monsters, and up, which will take you back to the earlier section with the 
    squids (where Konami Man's gun was).  Go left (using Simon to kill the 
    tentacle things) and you will eventually find Mikey.  Rescue him, and head 
    back to the fork.  Go up to the squid area and then back down to where you 
    found the key.  With Mikey in your party, you can now pick up the Slingshot.  
    Now that you have everything in this stage, head back to the teleporter and 
    D. The City
    Now that you have Mikey in your party, you can get through the City level to 
    rescue Kong.  This level is filled with small passages that only the little 
    kid can get through, so above all else, keep Mikey alive.  Once the stage 
    starts, start going right.  Fast moving space ships will start to fly about 
    trying to ram you.  Goemon is pretty good and killing them, so switch to him.  
    Eventually, you will get to a wall with a small opening at the bottom.  
    Switch to Mikey, and you can fit through to reach the rest of the level.  
    Now, go upstairs.  You will be in an area with some small hopping robots and 
    some giant floating ships that fire lightning.  The lightning ships will take 
    many hits to kill, but since they can only attack below them, they should not 
    be a problem once you get up next to them.  Go up the stairs that are in the 
    right area of the section.  You will be in a new section with some walkers.  
    They fire hard to dodge projectiles, so take them out quickly.  There are 
    stairs in the lower right area of this room.  Take them down.  There are some 
    dangerous enemies on the stairs, including some very annoying Kong Robots.  
    They can hit for a lot of damage, so it is probably best to attack them from 
    afar.  Continue going down until you reach the end of the stairs.  Now go 
    left, doing your best to avoid the bombs being dropped.  There are more Kong 
    Bots here as well.  At the end of this area, take the stairs down to reach 
    the boss area.
    Boss: Giant Kong Robot
    Your first task in the boss room is to actually reach the boss.  You'll have 
    to jump over several pits while avoiding the missiles being shot at you.  
    Take your time, and attack any missile that comes near you to destroy them.  
    Once you reach the robot, it will begin to float around, shooting more 
    missiles at you.  Ranged attacks work best here.  If you switch to Simon, his 
    Cross will make short work of this boss.  
    Grab the key that the boss drops and head back to the area with the 
    Lightning-shooting ships.  Go up the stairs in the upper left section of that 
    room to find and free Kong.  Now, go back up the stairs in the upper right 
    section of the lightning shooter's room (where you first encountered the 
    walker enemies) and take the stairs up to find Kong's Bananas.  Now, go back 
    to the beginning of the level and teleport back to the lab.
    D. Hell
    Well, if you've managed to come this far, then go to Hell!  Literally, the 
    next stage occurs in the underworld!  (It's the top right stage) You need 
    Kong in order to complete this stage, so let's go there now.  This stage is 
    unique for several reasons.  One is the fact that this level is completely 
    linear.  The path never splits at all.  Second, it's the only level where you 
    do not need to search for anything.  Fuuma and his Shurikens will be found 
    automatically after you beat the boss.
    Like every other stage, you start this one off by heading right.  The 
    skeletal-dog monsters move VERY fast, and are difficult for even Goemon to 
    hit.  Be wary!  Soon, you'll reach a platform that seems too high to reach.  
    This is where Kong comes in.  His superb jumping abilities will allow you to 
    leap up there with ease.  After this jump, keep going right, and then down.  
    Keep going right (using Goemon to kill the flying heads) and then go down to 
    reach a hallway full of Snake Women.  Kong can kill these creatures in one 
    blow, so it's best to switch to him.  After this hallway, you will be in an 
    outside area full of whip-wielding skeletons.  Since they have a very long 
    range, use a ranged weapon to fight them.  Make sure you pick up the cape 
    that is sitting in this area.  This item allows Konami Man and Konami Girl to 
    fly.  At the end of this area, go down stairs through an area with two 
    annoying flame demons.  These flames are very difficult to hit, so just go 
    down the next set of stairs quickly to avoid them.  You will be in an area 
    with three mini versions of the bosses from Getsufuu Maden.  If you haven't 
    played that game, these enemies are a skeleton surrounded by swords, a giant 
    flying head, and a weird looking thing that I really don't know how to 
    describe.  The easiest way to get through here is to switch to Konami Man, 
    activate his gun, and then fly through it.  (Flying is accomplished by 
    pressing and holding the jump button for a few seconds.)  If you stick near 
    the top of the screen, you will be able to completely avoid the ground-based 
    enemy.  The two flying monsters can be taken out with Konami Man's gun.  Fly 
    to the far right of this area, land, and then walk up the stairs to fight the 
    Boss: King Dragon
    The final boss from Getsufuu Maden is here to stop you.  It attacks by waving 
    its claws around, and making smaller versions of itself leap out at you.  The 
    only place you can strike it is in the red mass near its neck and chest.  The 
    best character for the fight in Kong.  Activate his bananas, stand back a few 
    steps from the beast, and then keep jumping and throwing bananas at its weak 
    point.  As soon as you see one of the smaller dragons jumping out, 
    immediately stop attacking the main dragon and start throwing bananas at the 
    smaller one.  You will be able to kill the mini dragons before they reach you 
    if you're fast enough.  Keep repeating this pattern until the giant beast 
    After the dragon is killed, Fuuma will automatically be rescued and join you.  
    Before exiting the level, however, make sure you go to the far right of the 
    boss room to find Fuuma's Shurikens.  Now backtrack to the lab.
    E. Interlude
    Now that you have the Cape, it's a wise choice to go back to the levels you 
    beat and retrieve the items you could not reach before.  The next level is a 
    killer, so you will need all the help you can get!  First, return to 
    Castlevania.  Go to the area with the fishmen (right before the boss room) 
    and use the Flying ability at the left end of the room to get Konami Girl's 
    Heat Gun.  Then, go up to the Hallway with Dracula.  Fly to grab the glowing 
    armor, which will double the defense for all the characters.  This is VERY 
    important!  Now, leave the castle, and take the teleporter to Japan.  Get to 
    the section with the ghosts and ninjas (right after the town area) and fly 
    underneath the wooden platform to reach a glowing Gradius power up.  This 
    will double all of the character's attack power.  Now, go upstairs to reach 
    the area indoors where all the ninjas were.  One of the walls here can be 
    flown over.  On the other side you will find a Moneki Neko "Fortune Cat", 
    which will allow Goemon to perform his Ryo Toss.  Head back to the beginning 
    of the stage near the teleporter, but don't exit yet.  You will need at least 
    several hundred bullets to get through the next level, so run back and forth 
    killing the weak people that wander about here.  It shouldn't take too long 
    for them to drop several hundred bullets.  Now head back to the lab and get 
    ready to go through the most annoying and difficult level in the game.
    F. Easter Island Temple
    This stage is the one in the Bottom Right.  You will start this stage outside 
    with several giant Moai Heads in the background.  Go right, using Goemon to 
    quickly kill the scorpions before they can begin to shoot you.  Head to the 
    far right of this area, and then down into the temple.  The Horse-like 
    monsters that inhabit this section are annoying, since they can fire out heat 
    seeking shots.  You will reach a wall made up of gray bricks that blocks your 
    path.  You can get rid of the wall in several ways.  Kong's Bananas can 
    destroy them, as can Fuuma's normal and special attacks.  In order to 
    conserve your bullets, its best to use Fuuma and his sword to destroy them.  
    Go right after you get past the wall, being careful to avoid the falling 
    rocks, and then go down.  The giant brown Dinosaur Beast here is VERY 
    annoying.  It quickly moves about the screen, surrounding itself with fire 
    and making rocks fall from the ceiling.  If you want to kill it, its best to 
    use a ranged weapon like the Cross.  It takes many hits to kill, and if you 
    do manage to defeat it, another will come to take its place.  Either kill 
    them all or try to run quickly left into the next room.  This area has flying 
    ghosts that start shooting bullets when they get hit.  To prevent them from 
    doing this, just hit them twice quickly.  There are more falling rocks, a 
    rather difficult jump (use Kong to make it), and then some moving platforms 
    with fire shooting up between them.  Watch the fire carefully, and time your 
    jumps to coincide with the fires' low ebbs.  Go down the stairs to reach the 
    most annoying section in the entire game.  You will be in a long hallway with 
    TONS of bricks that need to be broken to proceed.  Unfortunately, you will be 
    attacked by a very strong Green Dragon the entire time.  If you kill it, 
    several more will take its place.  However, if you try to run from it, you 
    probably won't be able to get through the hallway without taking massive 
    damage.  Your best bet is to try and kill all of the dragons that attack you.  
    I found that the best way to do this is to try and run past them.  While they 
    start to turn to face you, switch to a Special Weapon (Mikey's works 
    especially well for this because of its speed) and start pelting them as fast 
    as you can.  With any luck, you'll be able to keep them frozen in their 
    turning position until they die.  Since there are three dragons in the 
    hallway altogether, it will probably take some time to get through.  There 
    are a couple items hidden in the breakable bricks here, two of which are 
    especially important.  One is the Rice Ball.  This item will automatically 
    refill one of your characters' life bars.  It will activate when one of their 
    bars hits zero.  The second item is the Moai Head's special attack, the 
    Rings.  However, you can not pick it up yet, so just take note of where it is 
    hidden for later.  After this hallway, you will be in a room with a bunch of 
    bugs.  They move very quickly, and you will most likely end up taking some 
    damage no matter what.  Go down the stairs in the bug room, and you will be 
    in a room with one Red Dragon.  It is exactly the same as the Green Dragons, 
    so use the same strategy to beat it.  Now go downstairs into a hall with more 
    of the Horse Monsters from the beginning and more falling rocks.  You will 
    probably be damaged from all of the dragons by this point, so you can refill 
    your life by killing the Horse Monsters over and over.  They are pretty easy 
    to kill, and drop hearts pretty frequently.  After getting all the hearts and 
    bullets you want from the Horse Monsters, go left into a section with large 
    Mechanical Moai Heads that shoot rings at you.  Go down the stairs near the 
    first of these Heads and fight the boss.
    Boss: Giant Moai Head
    The Giant Moai Head attacks by jumping around and shooting rings at you.  It 
    is assisted by several smaller Moai Heads which attack in the same manner.  
    It is best to try and kill the smaller ones first to get them out of your 
    way.  The best way to fight the Giant Head is to use a powerful Special 
    Attack like the Bananas or Cross.  If you have enough Bullets, the boss will 
    go down fairly quickly.
    Once you pick up the key the boss drops, head back up to the room with the 
    mechanical Moais and head left and up to save the good Moai Head, who is 
    imprisoned in rock.  Now that you have all of the heroes, its time to get 
    back to the lab to prepare for the final battle.  On your way out, make sure 
    to pick up Moai's Rings, which are hidden in one of the breakable walls in 
    the Green Dragon hall.
    G. Interlude II
    Well, we're reaching the end of the game, so its time to make sure that you 
    are completely prepared for the final stages.  Check to make sure that you 
    have every character's special weapons, and that you found all four of the 
    special items (The Cape, the Armor, the Gradius Power Up, and the Rice Ball).  
    If you are missing anything, refer back up above to find out where you can 
    find them.  Also, make sure that you have at least 200 bullets.  Now, head to 
    Door 3 in the lab.  Now that all eight heroes have been assembled, it will 
    open, giving you access to the Hanger, and final two stages!
    H. Shooter Stage
    Once you reach the Hanger, you will be able to pick which of the two ships 
    you want to take.  Vic Viper in on the bottom and Twin Bee is on the top.  
    Take either one you like, as both are powerful.  Once you climb into the 
    cockpit, the shooter stage begins.  If you have ever played a shoot 'em up 
    before, you should be pretty familiar with how this level plays.  Basically, 
    you just move around avoiding enemies and shots, and blast everything else 
    that moves.  Button B is used to shoot, and Button A is used to fire either 
    the missiles or punch glove (once you get the appropriate power up).  Power 
    ups will appear either by shooting odd colored enemies, or repeatedly 
    shooting the bells that are hidden in clouds.  The different power ups are as 
    S Icon = Speed Up
    Missile Icon = Heat Seeking Missiles (For Vic Viper only)
    Glove Icon = Punch Glove (For Twin Bee Only)
    Glowing Ball = Option (another smaller ship that assists you)
    Ship Icon = Lasers (For Vic Viper only)
    Mini Bee = Ripple Laser (For Twin Bee only)
    B Icon = Shields
    Make sure you don't overdose on Speed-Ups, since the faster you go, the 
    harder it is to control your ship.  You get killed whenever an enemy hits you 
    or you hit an obstacle, but I never figured out what dying in this level 
    does, except make you lose the power ups you collected for your ship.  You 
    seem to have unlimited lives, and dying repeatedly does not seem to have a 
    negative effect on the rest of the game.  Still, you will probably want to 
    avoid dying, just as a matter of principle!
    The first part of the shooter stage will be based off of the Twin Bee games.  
    You will fly over colorful grasslands while being attacked by flying fruits 
    and other strange enemies.  The small clouds that sometimes float by contain 
    Bells, which will become Power Ups if you shoot them enough times.  After a 
    while, you will fly into space.  Now, Gradius enemies will attack you.  In 
    addition to normal enemies, you will also have to avoid running into 
    asteroids.  Red asteroids will only move in one direction, but green ones 
    will bounce around on the screen for a while.  Eventually, a large alien 
    creature will fly past, and you will begin traveling down the length of its 
    body.  As you go down the body, you will be attacked by a couple of short, 
    and very easy, mid bosses.  Just blast them and keep going.  You will soon 
    get to a place with spikes that move back and forth.  Obviously, you have to 
    avoid these.  Once you get to the head of the giant creature, the boss fight 
    Boss: Head
    At first, the creature will have a female head, but after a couple seconds, 
    it will change into a one eyed skull.  In this form, it will shoot bullets 
    out of its mouth, but these are easily avoided.  To defeat the creature, just 
    shoot it in the head.  It goes down without much of a fight.
    After blowing off the head, you will fly into the body to reach the final 
    J. The Final Stage
    The final area is completely linear, so don't worry about getting lost.  Once 
    your ship lands, go down the stairs into the first room of the level.  This 
    room contains two flying aliens and a few jumping monsters.  Kill them 
    (ranged weapons work well) and go down into the next room.  Here you will be 
    attack by strange pole-like creatures that spring up from the ground to block 
    your path.  Simon has the easiest time defeating them, so switch to him for 
    this area.  Also, floating cell-like creatures will attack you.  Make sure 
    you kill them as soon as they approach you.  If they ever manage to hit you, 
    they just stay on top of you, constantly damaging you, and are almost 
    impossible to shake off.  Since a new one will appear as soon as you kill one 
    of these creatures, this room will take a long time to get through.  When you 
    get to the area with a bunch of the Pole Creatures in a row, its best to use 
    the Cross to defeat them all at once.  The room after this is pretty short.  
    Just avoid the fireballs and X monsters as best you can.  It is very 
    difficult to avoid them all, though, so expect to take some damage here.  The 
    next room is highly frustrating.  There will be more of the Pole Monsters 
    from before, but now two floating cell things will attack you at once.  The 
    room after this contains a large alien creature.  Don't even bother fighting 
    it, just run past it towards the right.  You will take less damage running 
    then you would fighting the beast.  Run up the stairs at the end of this area 
    to reach the final boss.
    Final Boss: Giant Alien
    The final battle music is from the last level of Contra, but is this creature 
    really the sinister Red Falcon?  Who knows?!  All that's important is that 
    he's big, ugly, and trying to kill you.  It attacks by spitting out fireballs 
    and summoning a bunch of those annoying Cell Creatures from before.  
    Actually, after the difficulty in the rest of the game, this boss is very 
    easy.  Just take all of the hits he throws at you and keep striking it in its 
    middle head (the only head that you can reach!).  As soon as one of your 
    characters' life meter gets too low, just switch to another one and continue 
    attacking.  Since this is the final battle, don't worry about conserving your 
    life energy.  Soon enough, it will explode.
    Once the alien is dead, you will have 50 seconds to run back through the 
    level to your ship.  There are no more enemies in the stage, so you will not 
    have to worry about them.  Fifty seconds is more than enough time, so don't 
    rush.  If you don't take your time, you are bound to miss a jump and die.  
    Once you reach the surface, jump into the cockpit of your ship and take off.  
    The ending will now be shown.  Congratulations!  Konami World has been saved!
    VI. Mini Game Guide
    There are several mini games in Wai Wai World, found in the Japan and Pirate 
    Ship stages.  Here's the rundown on each of them.
    Game #1: Dice Game
    This game, run by a strange looking guy, is pretty simple.  He'll roll two 
    dice, and it's your job to guess whether the sum will be odd or even.  Win 
    and you will get some bullets.  The higher the sum of the dice, the more you 
    will win.
    Game #2: Slot Machine
    A Bunny Girl runs this game.  I'm pretty sure you've seen slot machines 
    before, and this one plays the same as any other.  Try to line up three of 
    the same icons to win.  Press A to stop the spinning.
    Game #3: Card Game
    Run by a sinister looking skeleton, this game can be hazardous to your 
    health!  If you lose, you will lose life!  Your job is to pick any two cards, 
    and hope they match.  If you happen to draw the "Bad Card", you will 
    automatically lose, and if you draw the Ace of Spades, you will automatically 
    win.  I only won once out of all the times I tried it, and my only reward was 
    my life bar being refilled.  Since the only reason why my life bar wasn't 
    already full was because of this game, it was a pretty big waste of time.  
    I'd avoid this game if I were you.
    Mini Game Hints:
    Here is a special tip that was sent into me by K3nn involving the mini games:
    "Here's a trick i do to get all my friends alive again without old man 
    Spice's help.
     First you should have to die first! Then select continue when asked by dr. 
    cinnamon. Of course now you don't have your friends, but go to China (or 
    Japan? Japan is more likely coz the villagers wear a Japan-only type of 
    wooden shoes). at the site where you can play the slot machine, (go into it 
    and play!) press "pause" (that's the start button) be sure to look into the 
    first window of the slot machine (you should not look at the "start" button 
    while you press it). You will notice that before it switches the screen to 
    the stats, the window will show which item is on the slot machine window #1. 
    (Believe me just repeat pressing start and you will notice it!). There are 
    only three items there arranged like thus:
    The window will rotate downwards so that after the apple the next to come is 
    the crown (make sure to note that!).
     The trick is to press start repeatedly and see if the crown is coming up 
    (the hint is the apple), so make sure when you press "start" you take a good 
    look at the slot window. When it is the crown that's coming up, (you're in 
    the stats window now) press BOTH "start" and "A". NES will then unpause the 
    game then immediately stop the slot window #1. At this point (after about a 
    microsecond of switching the stats window and the slot machine) it will stop 
    at "voila!", the CROWN. The thing is to make SURE the apple is HALF PAST the 
    middle where you can see the lower half of the crown. That's because when you 
    stop at this point the game will actually stop at the next item (the crown of 
     you repeat this until you perfect it (it's simple really!) or you get 3 
    crowns (whichever comes first). I did this back in '88 with a real famicom 
    and it works even in the emulators. 
    With a little extrapolation, you can get the other random? Games for free 
    with this trick. Though I haven't done this yet. They're posibbly randomized 
    (the cards and the dice). 
     The slot machine game is located in the middle door of a row of houses on 
    the 4th level screen."
    VII. Bugs and Glitches
    I've found a couple of bugs in this game.  It is probably a good idea for you 
    to know what they are, so here we go.
    Glitch #1: The weapon glitch
    If you attack and your weapon goes through more than one enemy, only one of 
    them will take damage.  The other one will be completely unaffected.  This 
    can be very annoying and dangerous in areas where several enemies swarm you 
    at once.  Although this happens with all of the characters, it becomes most 
    apparent when using Simon's whip.  Incidentally, this only occurs with the 
    primary weapons.  All of the special weapons work fine.
    Glitch #2: The Brick Glitch
    In the Easter Island stage, there are many blocks that you need to break in 
    order to proceed.  However, if you break them, and then pause your game, all 
    of the blocks that you have broken will magically return once you unpause.  
    Be careful, as this can lead to you trapping yourself.
    VIII. Legal Garbage
    Wai Wai World and all other games and characters mentioned in this guide are 
    trademarks of Konami.  No copyright infringement was intended. 
    This FAQ Copyright 2002 Trevor Powell 
    Please do not post this FAQ anywhere else without emailing me for permission. 
    IX. Acknowledgements
    This FAQ was written by me, Rorshacma (AKA Trevor Powell)
    I'd like to thank several people now.
    First, I'd like to thank Konami for making this, and many other, fantastic 
    Second, I'd like to thank CJayC for creating and running such a fantastic 
    gaming site.
    I'd like to thank Demi of Neo Demiforce, who translated this game, allowing 
    people all over to enjoy this rare title.
    A thank you goes out to Kitsune Sniper, who gave me the info on the 
    Another thanks is for Joseph D Collins, who gave me additional information on 
    Konami Girl.
    Finally, I would like to thank K3nn, for his Mini-game trick.
    X. Contact Information
    Love this guide?  Hate this guide?  See any mistakes?  Have anything to add?  
    If any of these are true, feel free to email me!  My address is:
    Contact me if you have anything to say about the guide, or even if you just 
    want to chat!
    Well, I hope you found this guide informative and useful.  That's it for now!  
    Until next time....

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