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    --------------------------- [ DONKEY KONG JR. FAQ/WALKTHROUGH]-----------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    ------------------------------------ [ E-reader ] -----------------------------
    Donkey Kong Jr. takes place after the events of Donkey Kong. It has been ported
    to multiple systems but some of them have one level completely removed from the
    game for storage purposes. Luckily, the NES version which the e-Reader port of
    this game retained all four levels unlike the previous game before it which cut
    out the pie factory level. The e-Reader is an add-on to the Nintendo Gameboy 
    Advance which allowed the user to scan cards that let you play classic games and
    Donkey Kong Jr. was one of them.
    Donkey Kong Jr. and its characters are trademarks of Nintendo and all of its 
    copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put
    on other sites or posted without given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o
    proper consent. 
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    Start button = start/pause the game
    A button = jumps
    B button = no use
    L and R buttons simultaneously = resets the game
    You are Donkey Kong Jr., the son of the mighty Donkey Kong who has been taken
    into custody by Mario who rescused his girlfriend Pauline from Donkey Kong Sr.
    in the first game.
    As Donkey Kong Jr., your goal is to go through 4 levels of doging obstacles 
    like vine gators, birds, and sparks to rescue your father from the Mario before
    he is shipped off to the Zoo. 
         MEET THE CAST
    Donkey Kong Jr.
    He is the hero of this game. His mission is to rescue his father from the
    clutches of Mario. He may be a baby but he is strong as you'll find out when he
    finally rescue your dad, he can hold him over his head.
    He was the hero of the first game but now he is your number one enemy of the
    game. He has captured your father and is preparing to ship him off to the zoo.
    Donkey Kong
    Your father who you are trying to rescue. duh!
    Vine Gator Red
    They move around the stage and go up and down the vines and switch off to other
    vines if any in the vicinity.
    Vine Gator Blue
    Unlike thier red counterparts, the blue ones will run down a vine and once they
    reach the end of the rope, they disappear into the bottom of the screen
    These appear in the 2nd level and occassionally drop eggs at you. They are not
    much of a threat, just be sure one doesn't collide into you
    Spark sphere
    These appear in the 3rd level, they revolve around one platform at a time. They
    are easy to hop over if they are coming at you.
    Spark Bit
    These appear in the 3rd level, unlike the spheres they can travel with the
    platforms. Watch out for these guys.
    There are fruits throughout the stages that you can grab for bonus points but
    there's an extra bonus involved. As they fall, they will kill any enemy that is
    unfortunate to be hit by the fallen fruit. Now climbing down, or more like
    sliding down, you do so at super speed.
    Aside from the enemies, there are also hazards in the stage you must avoid to
    stay alive. One of the main hazards is falling from too high.
    If you climb up one vine alone, then you'll move up slowly. But if you climb up
    two vines at ones, you go up much faster.
    There are four levels in the game that start one after the other unlike in the
    arcade where you play one level then go on to the final showdown then another
    is available upon replay.
                                   | LEVEL 1 |
    The best way to complete this level is to climb to the top and drop the fruit
    onto the red gator. Go back down a little and move to the next rope past the
    platform and climb all the way down. Jump across the trees below and maneuver
    your way to the top safely.
                                   | LEVEL 2 |
    There is a huge shortcut in this level. If you bounce off the spring just right
    then you'll boost high enough to land on the platform moving above, grab onto
    the retracting grip and hold on until you grab the chain on the very left and
    from there, move through the chains until you reach the top and hop over any
    birds coming at you.
                                   | LEVEL 3 |
    As long as you hop over the sparks that are sphered shaped then you should be
    fine once you reach the top. You have the spark bits to worry about most since
    they can switch platforms on you.
                                   | LEVEL 4 |
    For a final level, this is very easy. All you got to do is push the keys up
    into the locks and avoid the gators going up and down the vines. Success on
    this level will rescue your dear ol' dad and Mario will be kicked to the curb
    which he deserves.
    Nintendo for making this game.
    GameFAQs and other sites for hosting this FAQ.
    You for reading.
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