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    Soccer League
    Winner's Cup
    NES 1988
    Version: 1.0
    You pick from one out of eight teams to compete for the Unmi cup, the World Cup
    so to speak. After your team selection you play through to the final, beating
    other teams along the way.
    After selecting your country the game asks for your 'Pass Ward' which is meant
    to say your 'Password'. After beating teams you get one of these and you can
    use it to skip ahead where you left off and beat more teams to win that
    precious Unmi cup.
    D-Pad     Direction
    A         Shoot
    B+A       Sliding Tackle
    START     Pause
    Yes that is it. It's pretty basic.
    To fight for the ball you need to more or less run into the opponent and hope
    you come out with the ball. Instead you could try a sliding tackle that may
    also miss by a mile though. To slide, press B and then A with the direction. It
    doesn't always wor with these shoddy controls.
    Switching players will happen automatically as the ball gets near them and you
    can only influence it by running towards or away from the ball with your
    current player.
    Keep in mind that you also control the goalkeeper, so if you run around too
    much you may have moved him out of position for the opponent's to make an easy
    When you have the ball in control, there is a small circle surrounding you.
    This will turn as you move with the d-pad and earlier than the player. In other
    words, if you go straight from left to right and press down, the small circle
    will first move into the bottom right corner in which you are aiming. If you do
    not shoot then soon the player will start moving in that direction instead.
    Shooting and Passing is made almost the same. There is no direct pass to
    another player as you might be used to in almost all modern soccer simulations.
    Instead, you aim for the field your teammate is waiting and shoot into that
    area, like a pass then. If you plan this right it will land where he is and the
    pass is complete. In front of goal you more or less do the same just that the
    teammate has been replaced with the goalmouth. Aim and shoot with the same
    This is the only thing you are able to select apart of your team country. Pick
    one of these and it will stick throughout the current game. Since you have no
    way of knowing which players are good in any way, it isn't that much about
    positioning but rather the way you like the player's to be laid out so you can
    pass around on the field.
    Play with two strikers, keep a solid yet wide midfield and a good defensive
    Three strikers up front but not much of a midfield to back it up with. This is
    pretty defensive, with five in the back.
    Gung-ho would be more like it, four guys in attack if you need the extra power.
    The midfield and defense therefore lack something.
    The X for defense is a good backing of the attacking formation you have up
    Wide midfield this might say, pretty average 3-2-5 formation that will suit a
    lot of players.
    Play with a sweeper in the back, this will of course require good skill with
    individual players to take out any attacks and allow the rest to wait for the
    ball up front.
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    their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
    you want to copy and credit anything.

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