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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PublicDomain

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Pinball
    NES 1988
    Version: 1.0
    Press a directional button for the left flipper, A controls the right flipper.
    There is no tilt in the game, as you don't need to use it. If the ball is stuck
    for a specific location for too long it will bounce automatically, and you can
    try to help out with a few flipper movements.
    At the start of the game, you are given nearly complete Mahjong hand. If you
    aren't familiar with what this means, think of it like a Poker hand that needs
    one more drawn card to complete a winning hand. You don't really have to know
    how to play Mahjong to know how to play this game, all you need to know is that
    the tile on the second screen is required to be complete a hand that will win
    the game. The missing tile is won on the pinball table. Before you find the
    tile you have to unlock certain paths and you might also want to try and get a
    high score when playing against human opponents.
    When you have the tile, the score screen appears. There will be multipliers for
    your completed mahjong hand depending how special it is. There is nothing you
    can do about it so just accept your score and move on.
    While you play, a small box shows the player number and how many balls left for
    this player before the round is over. You start out with 2 extra pinballs and
    get more as you score more points. The lower number is the current score.
    If the ball rolls into the drain underneath the bottom area flipper, it will be
    lost. The game ends when all of your balls are lost.
    The top is only accessibly once you opened up the lane in the middle screen.
    Statues: There are six statues, three on each side. Hit one to destroy it for
    	 100 points each. When one side is completely gone, additional stoppers
    	 are installed. Hit the orange button next to the door entrance to
    	 raise the Crush Level by one. Three new statues will appear and you
    	 can restart the process all over with the statues doubling in points.
    	 The door will remain open. Hitting the orange button is an additional
    	 100 points. The Crush Level goes up to x9.
    Ramps: Each top corner has a ramp that is surrounding the statues. This path
           is worth 1,000 points and you can hit it from either side. Hitting this
           from the lower side on both sides will make the door flash and finally
           open when you get both sides in quick succession.
    You start in this area.
    Switches: At the very top of the screen are four switches. Turn them on for
              50 points each and when all four are on you get a 1,000 point bonus.
    Bumpers: Directly below the switches are two 50 point bumpers.
    3-In: Hit the lane on the left for 500 points. At the first entry the light
          will turn yellow, on the second it turns red and on the third turn the
          checkered flag will be removed from the lane just right of it that leads
          to the top part of the pinball table.
    Body Shop: The shop is a one-way alley on the right side. You can only enter it
    	   from the lower end. It yields 500 points each time you add a part
    	   which is displayed in a list on the left side. First visit: Body.
    	   Second visit: Tire. Third Visit: Engine. When you complete the car
    	   you get 2,000 points.
    The ramp on the left is where the ball drops from the special areas such as the
    Brain. If you hit it from below it will only lead to the middle area but you
    also get 500 points.
    There are two 100 point bumpers one at the top of the slot machine that is
    worth 50 points.
    There are three targets on the left side. Hitting one gives you 300 points and
    when all three are lit, additional safety bumpers are installed on the sides.
    The slot machine starts spinning when you hit the SLOT ramp on the right. The
    wheels are stopped with the pink light at the top that has STOP written on the
    GAS GAS GAS     2000 points
    TIRE TIRE TIRE   500 points + additional magic post in the center
    CAR CAR CAR      500 points + Highway ramp activated
    The highway on the left will take you all the way up to the Top. After you have
    activated with the slot machine (it's the hardest to get so you must be quite
    lucky) then the circle will have an arrow on the ramp will have an arrow
    pointing up. Hit the ramp to go flying.
    There are two 100 bumpers on each side. The red balls surrounding them are
    worth 50 point each. When all of these are gone, a blocker is installed at that
    side. Once you hit it, it will disappear and the red dots come back.
    Hit the switch in the center to go to Complete Crush.
    There are two beam buttons and a nearby damage bar. Each time you hit the
    button the bar fills up a one chunk by shooting the robots. The damage is worth
    200 each shot. You cannot shoot in quick successions, so the bumper won't help
    to destroy a robot in no-time. Even when the bar is full you can still hit the
    button for additional points.
    When both bars are full damage, the switch protecting the brain will disappear.
    At that point, aim for the brain. Once you hit it (it's not easy), the required
    Mahjong tile will appear in the center where it is very easy to hit.
    Complete Crush:
    This section plays like the arcade game Arkanoid. You hit the colored blocks
    at the top for 100 points each. When they are all gone, you get 10,000 points
    and your required Mahjong tiles appears. Hit it to complete the round.
    The three knobs on the right can be turned on, and when all are lit you get
    1,000 points.
    The HELP switch at the top right installs additional stoppers on each side.
    The top left switch goes to the UFO area. Because I've only managed to get
    there once and I don't even remember how exactly I hit the ball to get there, I
    will assume it was so lucky that this hardly ever happens. I tried and tried to
    hit this switch again and again but it just wouldn't happen.
    So far nothing is known so far...see the previous area for more info.
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