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Reviewed: 10/20/01 | Updated: 10/20/01

One of the best

What can i say? this game is a show!!! It's my first RPG also... This could be some influence...but NO! This game may be old, but it's wonderful, better than most of playstation games that are out there. I can say if it was not by Ys, I wouldn't be a RPG fan today. I have spent hours of my life just walking and killing monsters, but when I could understand it, I discovered how nice this game is. Thanks Falcon for doing this great game. Ys is about a man named Adol who is always fighting devils in order to get the books of Ys, that contain the history of an old and magical kingdom, which It's said to be destroyed now, but...Now let's give some numbers( I will make a short comparison between the nes and master system versions, as I have played the two ) :

Graphics - 9/10
They are better on the master system, but nes are okay, too. Put in mind this game is very old and you will see that It's graphics are amazing. Good colors, monsters are ok, you can see Adol equiping his sword, shield and armor, it's really cool. I think Ys for master system was released after the nes version, so the graphics were even better.You can see the water moving, all of townfolks ( they are in a really great number) well-made , and... well, this little things made the graphics very good at that time.

Moving/Attacking/Gameplay - 8/10
Ok, Adol may be a little slow, but for me ,it didn't matter.
the master system version is a little faster than the nes version.You don't need to press any button to attack, what makes the game unique and fantastic, not to mention fast, too, and you make a lot of experience, advancing levels very fast!!! The characters are not too big, nor too small, the screen gets big and you have a lot of space to walk,which is very good.

Sound - 10/10
What can I say? The music is fantastic!!! Wonderful!!! You feel like you really are Adol, when getting into a maze totally alone and in the dark ( The mine )going against lots of powerful demons! I am old now, and i still cannot forget the music when you get something from someone or from a chest, it's really beautiful.Not to tell that every new place you go the music is different.

History - 9/10
It makes you play hours and hours just to know what will happen next.The books of Ys are very well written and it makes you wonder what the next book will tell you.Very good.

Challenge - 8/10
If you managed to go to the tower, you know what i am talking about...

Overall - 9/10
It's among the best RPGs. It's not the best, though, but very very good and challenging. Prepare to spend many hours of your life, playing simply one of the best, ever.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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