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    Super Dyna'mix Badminton
    NES 1988
    Version: 1.0
    Note: This guide uses Shift-JIS to display Japanese characters, switch to this
          encoding to read them properly.
    The first screen has four options, but they only change the scenery you play
    in. The game obviously meant to say "Court".
    Coat 1: In-door Tournament Red
    Coat 2: In-door Tournament Blue
    Coat 3: Outdoors Blue Sky
    Coat 4: Putdoors Sunset
    They do not affect anything on the actual gameplay.
    Next up is Selections. Use the START button to confirm each choice. There are
    three modes:
    - 1P Singles Game for playing against the CPU
    - 2P Singles Game for playing against a human opponent
    - 2P Doules Game for playing a Doubles match with a human player against the
    Then you can pick if you want to play as Boy or Girl. Funny enough, they will
    still look like the same exact character on the court and both act and play the
    same as well. The difference is that the Girl match is 11 points per game and
    the Boys match 21.
    When you START a new game, you will begin the first match. If you CONTINUE from
    a previously played game you can input a password.
    The final option is picking the country you represent. There are six countries
    to pick from:
    - Japan
    - Canada
    - USA
    - UK
    - S. Korea
    - USSR (Soviet Union)
    Again, they do not alter your player's skills in any way. Each one is the same
    and will play the same with every single match, game and serve.
    The D-Pad moves your player around. This is of course important for positioning
    your player for a return.
    Press A to (attempt to) hit the shuttlecock. If it is lined up correctly you
    will hit it, if not then just air. Depending on your timing the return will be
    good or bad, and you can also adjust it by adding the D-Pad directions. The
    style of play will automatically determined for you, such as lift or drive,
    depending on the height of the shuttlecock and your timing.
    Press B to jump. This is more or less useless by itself because blocking the
    shuttle rarely bumps it over the net, but used for smashing it is a must.
    To smash, you can either press B to jump, then let go and very quickly follow
    it up with A. If you miss the timing it will look stupid, and it's not very
    easy to grasp straight away. Often you will think you have done it correctly
    yet it didn't result in a smash. Don't fret, it will come to you in time. As a
    secondary approach you can simply press B first and your opponent will most
    likely do an air hit, or a lift, but then follow it up by adding the B button.
    By keeping both pressed it makes it easier to perform the smash, you will see
    for yourself. This way is not only easier, but you can also keep A pressed for
    a few moments.
    *Note that the real badminton rules are different, and often change over the
    years. These rules apply for this game only.
    The court is rectangular and divided into halves by a net. Courts are almost
    always marked for both singles and doubles play. The doubles court is wider
    than the singles court, but the doubles service court is shorter than the
    singles service court.
    Each game is played up to 15 points for Boys and 11 points for Girls. A player
    wins a point when they serve, and win the right to serve if they were
    receiving. A match is the best of three games.
    The server stands in his right service court when his score is even, and in his
    left service court when his score is odd.
    If the score reaches 15-all for Boys or 10-all for Girls, then the game
    continues until one side gains a two point lead (such as 17-15 or 12-10).
    Players win a rally by striking the shuttlecock onto the floor within the
    boundaries of their opponents' court. Players also win a rally if their
    opponents commit a fault by smashing into the net, out of the boundaries or on
    their own side. During the serve the shuttle can only be played into the
    square diagonally across.
    So at first you probably get beaten 15-0 15-0 and feel this game is impossible,
    yet these tips may help improve you chances a bit. Of course, the more you play
    the better you should be getting as well.
    - Smash, smash, smash, that is the easiest way to get points. The opponent
      hardly ever get those returned so they are as "bad" as you. Learning the
      smash will give you a good chance to win early on. Of course, smashing from
      too far back won't exactly help winning a point, but I've found it to be a 
      better return than a normal one that is easily returned by the opponent.
    - Positioning is very important. Watch the shadow of the shuttlecock as it
      approaches and quickly run there. I know this is horrible at first but you
      may get the hang of this sooner than you think. If you don't know how to
      position your player then you are most likely still going to lose 11-0 in a
      short time.
    - Give the shuttle some direction because else you will give the opponent an
      easy task to win the point. Cross to another side of the court instead, and
      s/he will have to do some walking.
    - During serve, stay near the net, you will see pros doing that to for the same
      reason. The serve is often weak and having to run forward takes too long.
    - Serve short for a generally weak return by the CPU.
    - Because the game is not very user-friendly you also want to keep the points
      short. In other words, take risks rather than long back-and-forth that will
      are much easier to handle by the CPU.
    - Finally, if you are playing 2P then coordinate like in real-life and do not
      dash for each shuttle blindly.
    - Ok if all else fails, we can win the old fashion by way by cheating:
      Place the right player (your opponent) outside of the area.
      Set address 002E at value 20 to do so.
      Only switch this on while you are getting ready to serve, win the point,
      then switch it off so the opponent can run back to their position. Repeat
      this process until you are the winner pretty soon. Once you switch sides, set
      address 002C at value 20.
      [Thanks to AdamL for these]
    If you still can't win, don't be too upset. This is probably one of the hardest
    games the NES ever produced.
    Good luck!
    This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
    their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
    you want to copy and credit anything.

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