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"A fun but hard game"

Ice Climber is a game about two guys that had their veggies stolen and they want it back. A giant bird had stolen them and the guys has to go and climb a mountain while dodging baby birds seals, and other obstacles. This game was made for Japanese only but since they incorporated only English it wasn't much of a problem. It wouldn't been a problem even if it only had Japanese since there's no dialogue or anything. I had gotten this game before I was even born. The people in my family already had it. It wasn't long before I started playing at 3 years old. I had just recently picked it up and started playing again.

Gameplay:(8/10)The game is easy once you get the hang of it. But if you are just new to it be ready for a vast amounts deaths. The game is very fun for 2 players as you try to help each other get up the mountain, but it will be harder as well. If a person were to jump too high up the mountain, the other player would die. Playing as a single player is much easier but it might become boring fast if you're good at it. The guys in this game can jump really high but not much left or right. The controls are mainly, the directional keys makes you move left and right. The up and down buttons have no use. You press B to hit something with your pickaxe and A to jump. It's hard to get the hang of jumping far left and far right but easy afterwards.

Story:(5/10)This is where the game stinks, but most NES games are like this way. As I had said, two guys are trying to take back the veggies that a giant bird had stolen.

Graphics/Sound:(7/10)The sounds are quite good. There is also music for this game. However, it's the same thing for every stage so it might get tiring but it's unlikely. The Graphics are decent. They are smooth and not rough.

Play Time/Replayability:(10/10)This is where this excels at. This is mainly a replaying game. You should be expected to play this game over and over. You won't get tire of it unless you somehow play it for a couple of days straight.

You should rent it, try it out. You'll most likely not be able to find one to rent anymore. If you somehow do and like it, then buy it. It won't cost much as this is a very old game now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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