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"Smack 'em, whack 'em, I hope you got that mat (...'em)."

Gameplay: 8/10

Awesome stuff...whack whack whack! If you have the plug-in mat then this will be lots of fun, especially for your kids. Unfortunately there are not too many different game modes that could provide variety, and often the mat uses the same layouts over and over again. Then there are only six levels. They might take you some time to beat and Hard mode provides a totally new challenge using the same stages, but it will still bore you after a while.The bonus game that each level provides, for example, is simply the same game until you miss a target. And providing that you make the percentage cut, then you always get to play it. What is the point of a BONUS game if it is so basic to acquire?! So once you finish hard mode, you can basically put the game aside already until you feel that the first whacking was not enough just yet.

And too bad the mat is only used for one game, the NES could have supplied a few more of these basic whack-a-mole games to play around with. Perhaps this did not sell too well, or the peripheral was too expensive to always sell along with the game.

Graphics: 7/10

Pretty good for the time, and basic is all that is needed. The simple colors can be a little dull but those enemies look cute and have some neat animation. One level has changing background lights, that is a very nifty feature. There is even some kind of storyline going on though I cannot tell you much about that. I suppose it does not really matter too much as all you will want to do is whack some more enemies.

Sound: 9/10

Great main theme alone could make me run out and by the soundtrack. No seriously, it is very funky and the stages have great music throughout. The sound effects are all what you expect them too be, smacking and missing clips. For a tiny 8-bit game this is pretty great.

Overall: 8/10

Worth playing. It is not too long but great fun if you have the mat. You could try to out as emulated but it would not be nearly as much fun. I suppose you can always pump some quarters into an arcade version instead, those never die out. Nowadays gamers are used to Dance Dance Revolution mats and even guitars coming along with games, but back in the late 80s this was a really special game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/01/07

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