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Reviewed: 05/22/01 | Updated: 05/20/02

A true classic

Game Play-10/10

Galaga is a lot like Space Invaders, only better. For instance, in Space Invaders you got to hide behind some thing, I Galaga, you cannot. Galaga is faster, funner, and less creepy than Space Invaders. Any color version of Galaga is pretty good. I'd pick Galaga over Space Invaders any day. Galaga is also better than that other game, Galaxian. In Galaga, enemies fly by in rows, then line up on the screen. And once all the enemies line up on the screen, then one by one, they start flying at you. Some of them may also beam your ship, costing you a life. Some of them may also shoot at you. Unless you're really bad at Galaga, you don't really have to worry about your ship being beamed, or whatever it's called.

Sound Effects-8/10

Just your basic old arcade game sound effects. The blasting, dying, shooting, and hitting sounds are in there.


The only music I really heard in Galaga was the opening theme, and it was pretty good. Better than that creepy Space Invaders music, in which the creepy music progressively got faster and faster as the enemies died, which was also the case in Asteroids. But, it suited Asteroids better.


You want a game to be difficult, right. Then play a difficult game. Galaga is pretty difficult at first, then it becomes really easy, like most Namco games.


Unlike Space Invaders, this game is in good color. The enemies are cool-looking too.

Fun Factor-9/10

If you liked Space Invaders, then get Galaga, or one of the Namco Museums that has Galaga on it. This game is surprisingly fun.


Just your basic controls. Up, down, left, right, shoot, pause, select. Those are pretty much all the actions you can do in this game.

Overall-9/10 (Not An Average)

This game is a little overpriced (thirteen bucks on Gamestop) Find this game at the cheapest price you can. Or, get a cheaper version. By the way, Galaga is one of the four games in the upcoming Game Boy Advance version of Namco Museum. In case you're wondering, the other three games are Dig Dug (Sweet), Pole Position (Sweet), and Ms. Pac-Man (Sweet). I'll get that game. So, just get a version of Galaga, or better yet, play the arcade version for twenty five cents.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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