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"Feeling nostalgic all of a sudden"

Galaga used to be my favorite game ever as a kid. I remember myself playing it at our used to be local arcade store and I used to shell out a lot of quarters during my first few times, back in the day when it was still only available in the arcades. I got better eventually but hey, this game is something that I just can't help myself but play it over and over again. But then, thanks to NES, I don't have to carry any quarters at all just to play this game.

Anyway, back to the review.


The games graphics are fine, nothing special into it but it's pretty presentable and doesn't clutter the whole screen with a humongous amount of fireballs and lasers and exploding ships that are so exaggerated.

The adage ''simplicity is beauty'' is the perfect way to explain this game's graphics.


The sound effects of the game are not spectacular either, nor are they annoying. It's just plain ol' zapping, pings and beeps and exploding(not ear shattering of course).

I won't say that it's a bad thing, but considering the year it was made, it is quite understandable why the makers of this game can only come up with so much.


Are you kidding? This game has tons of re playability and I mean tons. With a bunch of stages you will definitely be playing this game for hours. I know it is just some simple game and all, but once you start playing something with in you would seem to take over and command you to play more.

The good thing about this NES version is that it's a perfect, well almost perfect transition from the arcades which makes it really enjoyable and gives that ''classic'' feeling. The feeling of getting that high score is, for the most time, is a more than enough consolation to your aching fingers and red eyes.


In my honest opinion, this is definitely a worthwhile buy if ever you can still find the game and you own a NES. But if you don't have the system, well it's the perfect time to get one ha ha ha.

With all due seriousness, give this game a shot(literally and figuratively) because it's really worth it. But, unless you hate old-school shoot 'em up games, or you just plain hate old games, then this is not the game for you or maybe it's the one who can make you change your mind.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/19/03

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