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"Get Ready For Some Arcade Style Blasting Action!"

Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you about this little game called Galaga! I do hope by now most of you have had the opportunity to play this game at some point. It is such a arcade/NES classic that it deserves at least one play from everyone.

As a gamer who still enjoys any system at any time and doesn't care which game has better graphics, this review is directed toward those who feel that way. If you aren't a retro gamer at all, then I don't know how you ended up here. :)

Anyways Lets get down to it. You are in control of a white spaceship and lets just say some aliens aren't happy you are around in their neighborhood! You must blast foes and dodge enemies and their oncoming fire otherwise you are toast! This is a very fun and addicting game, you won't realize how much time passes by after you've been playing.

GRAPHICS - 10/10

This is one NES game that never disappoints graphically. Visuals are sharp for its time, many different enemies with abilities that vary. Not much really to go on about graphically, except that it looks great.

SOUND - 10/10

As someone who has played this game over and over again, both at home on NES and also still at the arcade, the music is something that you never forget. Now its not the greatest music ever, but it works perfectly in here.

CONTROLS - 10/10

These controls work so well in this game, they respond to your actions as best as I think they ever could. You will see what I mean when you play.

GAMEPLAY - 10/10

C'mon? Blasting aliens and spaceships? How can that not be fun!?

This game never disappoints. Even when you suffer a death after cruising along for so long, you won't be mad. You will just play again and again. You control your ship by moving up/down/left/right/anyway you want! You will face rounds of enemies who will swoop down then take their places at the top of the screen Space Invader Style.

You must blast as many as you can before they head to the top. More waves will come with different types of enemies. Any remaining enemies will begin to start breaking off from the top and start swooping down toward you occasionally firing at you. This progresses more with each level (more challenging enemies/more shots fired at you/enemies will also break off at you when first popping into the screen!) One enemy if left or missed when first flying in, will eventually come down and often try to suck you in with its beam. Either blast it (Takes 2 Shots) or let it suck you in if you have an extra life handy. It will capture your ship and go back to the top. When it starts coming at you again, your captured ship will be attached to the back of it. Carefully shoot the enemy(NOT YOUR SHIP!) and BAM you will be rewarded with your ship back and attached directly to your side allowing you to blast away even more firepower!


This game will always be one you will want to play over and over. Its always one you will come back to. Try beating your highest score over and over. Then challenge some of the arcades high scores! I still find myself playing it in the arcade its that much fun!

OVERALL - 10/10

Overall, this game shouldn't disappoint you. Worth buying if you still have a NES system around, the game shouldn't be expensive to come across. Thanks for checking out my review, it is my 1st one on here. I own many systems and many games for each one so I hope to continue reviewing others from my collection! I started with Galaga because it is a pretty linear game and really is one of the greatest if not THE greatest for its kind.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/27/05

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