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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/27/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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        r8MW02r     Xa8MMM         MMMZaS     Sa8MM@.        MZMX7;      :X2Ma2
       W8Z              XBB2     W0B      BZ.      B0W     rB0S .         .  Z0W
     00Z. i     ;@.0M2    BaM   MZS   WB  S0a SWX   rZM.  M20  WWB@MWBB@@W0B0  8aM
     MM  MMB00W0a8W Z8@    M2M MrS   X@B  ;27:X.MMM  ;aM 28M   .Bai::ar ,iX8W,  M0
    0M.   rZZ, 2Z8  Za:     MM ZM  ;M@; B08SXa@;  .   WZ MM          ZZi         MB
    rM      W2;Z   .ZZ;     0 @;2         iXS2        :aM @          aSi         Mi
    :M      ;XXi:2 ,ZZ;      WMM        28aXX  S       MM:7     MMMMB2X0MMMi     W;
    :M  Z ;Z8SX8   ,ZZ;      WMM    iaM0S,rXirr0Z      MM:X      2Z ,aS7 XBr     W;
    ;M  MWBB8i2ZX  :Zai   W a Mra2MMMaaSSSSSS2SaB     .ZM W          Z2i         M,
    @M  ,B;   aaX  :Z2:  ZX MM SM     72  rX...aX     B2 MM          aS;         MM
     MM   .i.,aZS  iBSZ228.8SM Mri    a27,rXX:,,;    ,aM Z8M MWBBBB0ZSXa8BWBWW  MZ
     @ZW.  SM8ZM    ZW0Za2aiM   M22   88a8000BWBB8X ;ZM,  M;ZiS28BWWWWWWWWW8aZ28XM
       MaM   ;7         X.MX     MZM   ;7        .8aZM     r8Xa              0XM
        ;MMWW       .2@M0M         MM@Wi       :0SMM.        BaMW8.       @BM0X
           ;rM2MMMM0MZi,             ii00WMMMMZW;r              i2MZMMMM2M7;
                                    Kujaku Ou II
                                  (Peacock King II)
    NES 1990
    Version:        1.01    released on the 6th of January 2009
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    | 04.) Items                                                     |   G0400   |
    | 05.) Prayers                                                   |   G0500   |
    | 06.) Secrets                                                   |   G0600   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Kujaku Ou II' for the NES, released by Pony Canyon in 1990.
    This game was only released in Japan but has an unofficial translation. If you
    are looking to play this game I suggest you also apply the translation to make
    it easier, else you will have to go through a lot of Japanese text.
    This sequel to the aptly named 'Kojaku Ou' released in 1988 follows the story
    of Peacock King returning to Mt Koya temple with Asura, his rival Jukindo
    master Onimaru, and introduces Zen master Kou Kaifou. A kidnapping at an
    archaeological site and an unearthing of a strange folding screen unleash the
    6th Deva King Dairokuten, embodied by the reincarnation of Japanese Civil War
    general Oda Nobunaga and the return of eight saints. Phoenix, an elusive rogue
    monk has threatened to destroy the entire Mt Koya sanctuary with an army of the
    Most of this guide was written by snark (http://www.boojumsnark.com/). She
    translated the game and knows more about it than me, besides I loathe these
    dungeon crawlers and was hoping for more adventure parts. Once I reached the
    first dungeon I did not touch the game in over a year and ended up just using
    her guide (with permission) with some editing changes. All credit goes to her.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    Start a new game if you are new to the game, else input a password you can get
    by praying during the game. Keep the password on a piece of paper to continue
    later. The game also has a choice between Slow and Fast text speed.
     ______| |____________________________
    |          .............              |
    |          .............   Nintendo   |
    |    _     .............              |
    |  _| |_   SELECT..START              |
    | |_ O _|  ..__.....__..    _    _    |
    |   |_|     (__)   (__)    (_)  (_)   |
    |          .............     B    A   |
    D-Pad    Select menu item
    A Button Confirm action
    B Button Revert in menu
    START    Starts the game
    SELECT   Your stats
    | ......................... ......... |
    | .                       . .       . |
    | .                       . .       . |
    | .                       . .       . |
    | .                       . .       . |
    | .           A           . .   B   . |
    | .                       . .       . |
    | .                       . .       . |
    | .                       . .       . |
    | .                       . .       . |
    | ......................... ......... |
    |                                     |
    | ................................... |
    | .                                 . |
    | .                C                . |
    | ................................... |
    The display is split into three parts. Section A has the current location
    and/or person you are in contact with. Part B is the action menu which will
    changes as you select some. Finally, the lower part (C) is for messages from
    the game, people talking to you or simply other information. The stats are
    also displayed at this spot.
    Walk:  Move around
    See:   Look around, investigate things
    Use:   Use an item or interact with something
    Spell: Use magic
    Say:   Talk to somebody
    Get:   Pick up an object
    Pal:   Use a friend's help in a situation, talk to him/her, get advice
    Fight: Battle an enemy
    Peacock King / Akira - Shingon Buddhist monk
    Asura - a girl/spirit that is handy with fire, was rescued in the first game. 
    Kou Kaifou - Soto Zen Master of meditational Zen Buddhism.
    Onimaru - Jukindo master (a Japanese black/magic martial art.) 
    When you encounter an enemy you have each character for attacking or guarding.
    The magic power is shared by the team. Each attack can use a full-circle magic
    round or just use nothing at all (set with the Left and Right directions). The
    latter is prone to miss the enemy. You can set the same for defending to suffer
    less damage. Upping these circles is costly and you do not get back as much
    magic power as you spend doing max power attacks.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    Part 1:                                                              G0310
    Peacock returns from his last adventure with Asura in tow on the Ropeway air
    tram, to the top of Mt Koya.
    Tsukuyomi (means moon) and Nikko (sun) greets you with bad news at the gate.
    Dairokuten, the Deva King of the 6th sky - hell realm is reincarnating the Civil
    war general Nobunaga Oda from the grave. This deity is also known for spreading
    religious confusion. The knights of Mt Koya are defeated and Nobunaga attacks!
    Pal -> Asura
    Spell -> Fudo
    Nobunaga taunts you and utters the mysterious word Honnoji while riding away.
    Your goal of the first part is is to find Nobunaga and defeat him.
    Tsukuyomi can give you more hints and save your game. She mentions that the
    temple grounds of Mt Koya are filled with the graves of civil war generals, and
    that Kannon is the link to the underworld.
    Walk -> Azuchi
    See -> Around
    See -> Around
    Say -> Man
    Pal -> Asura
    Say -> Kou
    Walk -> Biwako
    Pal -> Kou
    Pal -> Asura
    Walk -> K.Dai
    Pal -> Kou
    Pal -> Asura
    Use -> Rosary
    Pal -> Kou
    Walk -> Honnoji
    Walk -> K.Dai
    Walk -> Mt Koya
    Mt Koya:
    Walk -> Enter
    Walk north and all the way east to enter the grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Use -> Rosemary
    Say -> 8Saints
    Walk left a few steps and turn south to another grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Say -> 8Saints
    Move north and enter another grave (Nobunaga's).
    Spell -> Kannon
    Finally, move southwest to the grave near the entrance to the mountain.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Use -> Rosary
    Move to K.Dai via the entrance.
    Move -> Hatsukos
    Pal -> Kou
    Pal -> Kou
    Say -> Screen
    Say -> 8Saints
    Move -> Enter (nobody home)
    Use -> Watch
    Walk -> Mt Koya
    Mt Koya:
    Move -> Enter
    Go to the western grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Use -> Rosary
    Spell -> Mayu
    Say -> Screen
    Say -> Azuchi
    Go to the southern grave
    Spell -> Kannon
    Use -> Rosary
    Say -> Azuchi
    Walk to K.Dai via the entrance.
    Walk -> Mt Koya
    Mt Koya:
    Walk -> Enter
    Go to the western grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Use -> Rosary
    Say -> Nobunkao
    Say -> Nobutaka
    Say -> Sanposhi
    Pal -> Onimura
    Walk to Hatsukos via the entrance.
    Walk -> Enter
    See -> It
    Pal -> Onimura
    Walk -> Exit
    Walk -> Honnoji
    Pal -> Onimura
    Walk -> Hatsukos
    Walk -> Enter
    See -> Room
    See -> Slides
    Walk -> Mt Koya
    Mt Koya:
    Walk -> Enter
    Go to the easter grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Go to the western grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Say -> Screen
    Say -> Portal
    Walk -> Enter
    See -> Room
    See -> Slides
    Pal -> Kou
    *Note: If you do not get Kou talking about the slides at this point then you
     have to keep looking at the slides, using "Say" perhaps and then asking your
     pal Kou again. Keep trying, this is kind of annoying to trigger. If all else
     fails then re-visit the graves and talk to the spirits, fly over the mount
     again if necessary and come back to check the slides. This took me a long time
     to figure out...
    Walk -> Mt Koya
    Mt Koya:
    Walk -> Enter
    Go to the south grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Say -> Mandala
    Return to the entrance.
    Walk -> Azuchi
    See -> Steps
    Get -> Tablet
    Walk -> Mt Koya
    Mt Koya:
    Walk -> Enter
    Go to the south grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Pal -> Onimaru
    Go to the west grave.
    Spell -> Kannon
    Say -> Orb
    Say -> Ranmaru
    Walk to Nobunaga's grave.
    Pal -> Asura
    See -> Ranmaru
    Use -> Rosary
    Spell -> Kannon
    Return to the entrance.
    Walk -> K.Dai
    Walk -> Biwako
    Spell -> Mayu
    Azuchi Castle:
    The controls here are different. You press the D-Pad to move around. You also
    use spells a lot:
    Peacock -
     9 cuts: The nine cuts mudra. Chants this to defeat evil or banish bad energy.
     Fan: A handy astral monk's fan of light.
     Dharani: Heals life power.
    Onimaru -
     Rod: (winged rod a sort of demon familiar spirit)
     Raiden: Lightning attack of the lightning god. 
     Kou: -
     Beam: A beam of mind rays.
     Torpedo: A concentrated projectile of light energy.
     Fire: Normal Fire Attacks
     Fireball: Heavier Fire Attack
    Dungeon I: Azuchi Castle  
    Battle Tips: 
    Offense Circle hit button to increase magic allotment then --> cursor or hit
    button to skip to  the next circle.
    Defense Circle hit button to increase magic allotment --> or skip. 
    B button goes back one. 
    A goes ahead one option. 
    9 cuts: The nine cuts mudra also known as the "Hayakuji". Chants this to defeat
    evil or banish bad energy.
    Fan: A handy astral monk's fan of light. 
    Dharani: Heals life power. 
    Rod: winged rod a "shiki" demon familiar spirit.
    Raiden: Lightning attack of the lightning god.  
    Beam A beam of mind rays. 
    Torpedo A concentrated projectile of light energy. 
    Fire: Gives enemies a burn.
    Fireball: Heavier 
    Group Combo Attacks:
    Full strength offense:
    *** Dharma Sutra Peacock+Kou+Asura heals life to everyone in the group. 
    *** Crimson Torpedo Peacock + Kou + Onimaru + Asura = (600+ damage on some boss
    Group Strategies
    Taichi P offense +O offense hit the enemy with warm light. 
    sunray* P + O  offense hit enemy with bursts of light. /K A diff group 
    talons  P +K group  defense talons of light / O +A group 
    blaze * P +K offense hot the enemy with light. 
    Fire P +A Defense 
    flames P +A offense
    torpedo (group all defense) P +K+ A+O 
    crimson torpedo* P+K+A+O offense 
    defeat evil  + P +O +K defense 
    lightning* P + O + K all offense
    sunburst POK defense 
    darma sutra* P K +A offense 
    thunderbolt P  +K +A (defense) +200 healing. /POA offense hit with 75 pints.  
    great peacock king ???
    Form circle O +A group / Separate P +K in group  a circle of fire or  O +A +K
    Thundertower O +K offense 58  separate group (P +A in separate offense group
    OAK offense
    Fire wall  O +A defense a wall of fire/ 
    Fire tapir  O + A / P + K not in group 
    Plasma ball  O + K defense a protective ball of plasma. 
    Laser beam O +K offense / with P +A not in separate offense group. 
    Barrier K +A no / group –defense of enemy drops.  
    Battering ram K + A group / P + O group 
    1st floor corridor:
    Go inside a room with  a front facing door. Use the rosary. Pray to Kannon and
    listen to the voice who tells you about the three relics guarded by the 8
    Fight imp, with Onimaru, all others guard. Full circle magic offense. Do this
    until blue bar skill level increases to the Max.
    * 8 St. Gaspare - Fight gives 300 Mp and Kon Relic has about 100 HP
    * St Valignano - Fight gives 300 MP guards the stairs has about 100 HP. He
    chants the magic words "Lashtal Thelema Agape Om" for big damage. Can hit
    twice. You can use the crimson torpedo but it costs MP.
    2nd floor corridor:
    Go inside a room with a front facing visible door. Use the rosary. Pray to
    Kannon and listen to the voice who tells you about the room above which can be
    raised to reach the next floor.
    Defeat Vajrashaman (150 pts) gives 400 mp for key 
    Defeat  Devil (60 pts) gives 400 mp for the orb. 
    Defeat sentry (abut 100 pts) gives 300 pts to reach the orb.  Insert key and
    orb into urn. Use urn. It rotates. Go down the stairs to defeat 8 St Lorenzo
    (500) for Kon relic. Go up stairs, guarding next stair going up. Defeat the
    Shade guarding the stairs. (50 pts) gives 160 mp.
    3rd Floor Corridor: 
    *Defeat 8 St Fransisco (500 mp) uses blaze attack -80 ken relic. Go up defeat
    Minos. Use rosary listen to voice. it says that you must battle 8 St. Organtino
    first and battle to use the relics.
    *8 st. Organtino 300 hp uses firestar attack (gives 500 mp) use group attack
    hang the Kan relic
    *8 St Frois Hang the Kon relic (500 pts) use group attack
    *8 St Teresa Hang the Ken (500 pts) use group attack
    St Ran speaks that the poetal is open. He speaks that he has killed himself
    with the sword. leaves flame sword. (400 mp) Use Sword, which is equipped.
    Asura takes it. Peacock fight Ran at full strength x 13.
    Need 2000 mp and 800 hp for peacock.  St Ran speaks after defeat. He begs you
    to release Nobunaga's evil spirit inside of his heart  A blazing sword is
    dropped, which will dispel Nobunaga's black magic
    Fight Keruvim 1500 hp with Asura at full fight mode x2 Hits gives (400mp)
    General Nobunaga appears. Fight with Asura full fight mode x 5 Peacock throws
    fan when you run out of mp. Asura thrusts the flame sword into Nobunaga, but
    someone else appears to finish the job!
    Part 2:
    Mt. Koya
    Speak to Tsukuyomi about Phoenix's dastardly deeds. Pal Asura. Pal Kou and Pal
    Onimaru. They agree that Phoenix should be taken out. Leave Tsukuyomi's shrine.
    Go to Kofun Mound or any gravesite to be accosted by a monk/soldier. Speak
    about Water and he will tell you to keep Phoenix away from it. Speak about
    He will tell you that Phoenix is in Mt Koya. Speak of the Report. No signs of
    him here according to the soldier.
    Leave to the Grand Gate and speak to Ran about the water and Phoenix. He tells
    you that Phoenix made a pact with the devil. Speak about the report of Phoenix.
    Pal Asura. Pal Onimaru who vows to search Mt Koya for Phoenix Pal Kou. Pal
    Speak to the person about Phoenix that was here once. Speak about Report, a
    crazy quest for a Holy Grail. Kou is interested. Pal him but he is silent. Go
    to the grand gate. Pal Kou as he is anxious to leave.  He states that the Holy
    Grail has the power of light and darkness. He doesn't want it to fall into
    Phoenix's hands. Pal Asura.
    Go To Okunoin in the northwest corner of Mt Koya and check around. Go to
    Mitsuhide Akechi's grave and talk to the Soldier about phoenix and the report.
    He will tell you that he hangs around Okunoin. Go back to Ran and talk to him
    about Phoenix. He tells you that a nearby stream is a serpent willow tree.
    Speak to him again about Phoenix who may be hiding in the tree of evil spirits.
    Go up near Okunoin and take a right on the path. A bridge is there. Go to the
    Serpent Willow.
    Serpent Willow
    Phoenix is there! Look around. Look at Phoenix. Speak to him. He chastises you
    about the sky blue dragon orb. He threatened to send you into tree forever.
    Speak to him. You cant leave. Use spell and the secret Vidra Rajah spell is
    cast. Phoenix spears Peacock to a tree. He takes Asura. Look around look at
    Phoenix. Speak to him. He banished Peacock to outer darkness. Look. He is in
    the willow trapped in Hell.
    Speak. A bell sounds and is getting closer. Look a witch appears. See around.
    See witch. She says peacock is familiar. Speak to her. She speaks of a monk
    named Jikaku, like (Kujyaku which is Peacock)  Say Jikaku. Peacock remembers
    his fathers name, he spoke of his fathers sad fate in Hell, and his hope that
    Peacock would soar out of Hell. Speak about Jikakus vision. A great Peacock
    king to raise an Army at Mt Koya to defeat darkness and liberate lost souls
    from Hell.
    Speak about Jikaku. Peacock says that he is the Peacock King. Fight with her,
    and she sees Peacock as the Peacock King Lord of the Mantras. Speak to the
    Witch. P wants to see his father and find the way out of Hell. Jikaku is ahead
    and only fearless my cross. Speak once more for a laugh. Walk to Hell.
    Two Cerberus stand and guard the gate See around cavern. see Cerberus guarding
    Hell and see ahead to a possible exit. Speak and the dogs growl Try to fight in
    vain Look at the Cerberus again, with kindness. Use the Mayu spell to dispel
    darkness and the passage is near Cerberus. Try to walk by. Look at the two
    Cerberus to hypnotize them.
    They dogs weep and the witch is impressed. Speak the witch who says to go to
    your father.
    Jikaku and his 8 arms are chained to the rock cavern wall. Speak to the witch.
    Look. Peacock recognizes his giant father. See the King, his father who is
    decaying from the loss of his soul. Speak to the witch to find out what
    happened. And why the Cerberus weep.
    The witch says that Jikaku gave birth to a great evil. Speak again to remember
    his birth place. Speak to the witch to gaze into the reflection well. Look
    around and look at the king once more. Speak to her about the well, the place
    of his birth from Hell. Walk to the Well.
    See Peacock. He witnesses the suffering of his father. Speak the witch asks you
    if you remember. You cannot leave. Cast the Mayu (kiri) spell to cast light.
    The witch speaks of the demon daughter of Jikaku and his mother, who are in
    suffering and torment. She urges Peacock to right this wrong. Cast the Spell
    again to leave. Fly up the stone well. Go To Okunoin.
    Look around. The sanctuary is open. Speak to Ran. He tells you to finish
    Phoenix. Asura is inside ans the Louts mandala is being warped by the powers of
    Hell. Nikko's armies are ready to attack. Speak discover phoenix plan. Go to
    Tsukuyomi's shrine ad save game. Speak to her and she will speak about Asura.
    Speak about phoenix plan. She tells you the moon water is in Okunoin sanctuary
    next to the body of master Kukai. Speak about Kukai, who guarded a secret and
    the keys to Hell. She speaks of Pandora's box of evil. Speak to her about
    Pandora. She tells you about Pandora's box. Speak about the plan again. Speak
    to her about it. Go to the Temple Gate. A flying familiar is there. The Shiki
    rod of Onimaru. Get the rod. Unwrap the folded message from the winged rod.
    Phoenix has Satan's power. He joined the 8 sages of the lotus leaf sect.
    Shudders! Go to Tsukuyomi's shrine. Save game and talk to her about Phoenix.
    Speak about plan. Phoenix wants to be embodiment of Satan raising army of
    700,000 demons. Talk to her about Pandora, and the wings of Hope and a grail of
    dark and Light. Go to Okunoin. Speak to Ran. He fears for the armies of
    Nikko's. Go to the Stone well. Enter. Walk to Hell.
    Speak again to the witch. She tells you not to wander, and deep in the caverns
    if Hell is a passage where a secret door will appear. Walk to Hell, where the
    Cerberus await.
    Walk to the Cavern. Look around. There is nothing you can do for the ruined
    body of Peacock King's father. Pal Asura. Her voice whispers for help. Walk and
    you will hear Asura's cries. Now Look Around. Peacock detects where the cries
    are coming from.
    Peacock Kings fathers chest glows. Peacock says that he does not know the way.
    And his father's chests glows softly. Pal Asura. Cast the Mayu Spell. Phoenix
    flies through the passage inside the Okunoin sanctuary.
    Inside Okunoin sanctuary 
    Phoenix is surprised. Pal Asura who is laying at Phoenix's feet. Look around.
    Look at Phoenix. Speak to him. He summons armies of shadows. Speak to him
    again. He summons armies of the dead! Use the Nine cuts. The walls of the
    sanctuary shake. Fight and wave the Vajra rod. Cast Kannon spell to banish his
    armies. Phoenix is angry and beigns to elcirtify. Cast Marishiten spell.
    It helps peacock but does not change. Call Indra to summon lightning, it hits
    phoenix, but Phoenix deflects the spell. Speak to him. He says he will hand of
    the grail to the 8 Sages of the Lotus Leaf sect., Nothing can stop him.  He
    flies away with Asura. Look around. Leave. Ran is aghast at the sacrilege of
    the shrine.
    Speak to Ran. Explosions rock the ground, which is from the well. Speak once
    mpre and he bids you to go. Go to Tsukuyomi. Save. Speak  and she will hear
    about your adventures in Hell. Go to the stone well.
    Stone well
    A pillar of light shines. Look the light reaches the Heavens. Use spell of
    Kannon. Your father will speak to you. Speak and the witch will tell you of
    your destiny. She speaks of peacocks inner darkness and an evil wind.  Speak of
    the wind. Snake King Tomoko is your twin sister. Speak to her of the witch. She
    introduces Jizo Bosatsu his long lost mother. Speak abut J. Bosatsu.  Jizo
    Bosatsu speaks to her son Peacock. Tomoko gains power from the Lotus leaf of 8
    Sages Sect, and her soul is trapped in hell. Speak about the wind.  Snake king
    wants to take the grail. Spear of Longinus stops it. A spear appears. Look
    around. Look at the spear. Take spear. Something stops him. He cannot.. Speak
    and Jizo tells him not to give up hope. Walk and exit. Go to Mt Koya grand
    Grand Gate
    Kou awaits. Speak to him. He tells you there are many false grails. Look
    Speak to Kou. He says the grail is here. Speak to him of snake king. Speak to
    him of te spear. He is puzzled and joins you. Walk to the well.
    Stone well
    Try to take the spear. Pal Kou. Kou says that Tomoko is the Grail's new master. 
    He says if Peacock destroys the Grail peacock will become dark. He warns him
    not to destroy himself. Speak. Look at around. Look at the spear. Peacock
    remembers his name. Akira taken away from Tomoko at birth, light and dark
    departed and no hope.
    Get the spear. Jizo the mother speaks. She tells him to go to Shambala. The 8
    Sages of the Lotus Leaf await there. They rule the dark mandala. Snake King
    warped Shambala. Rescue her with spear ad restore hope. Kou tells Peacock to go
    and runs away. Speak and Jizo tells you to go. Walk to the light and you are
    transported to Shambala.
    Dungeon II hints:
    Marishi - Marishiten Shinto Goddess of war that gives you increased offense. 
    Suijin - Goddess of the Monsoons gives a deluge of water. 
    Kannon - Goddess of the Underworld and compassion. May be use to flee the scene
    of lower enemies?
    Mayu - Winged peacock king deity of Sri Lanka used to fly (or flee from some
    9 cuts - Hayakuji Dispels evil. 
    Fudo - Fire
    Fujin - Wind god
    Mantra (the shyokaijou) calms fear and lowers enemy defenses. 
    Indra - Vedic lightning god 
    Dharani - healing. 
    Dark Mandala World Dungeon II
    See around. See the flying object. Onimaru winged rod awaits with bad news
    about Kou.  Get the Rod. Onimaru's note is inside. He warns you of Kou who has
    fallen into darkness. He tells you to find the octagon and tai chi mirror to
    restore balance and heal Kou's mind. He is deep within the dark mandala.
    Defeat the demon and increase magic and skill level using the 9 cuts. As skill
    level increases less magic offense is needed. the demon (50 hp) gives 100 mp.
    Nagini a Hindi snake deity - use Suijin x 4 (400 pts) gives 400 mp she uses sky
    orb for hits.
    **Ghost houdou does fire attack, reflects fudos fire, use fujin x 2  
    **Ghost amida , lightning attack reflects fire. use fujin x 2 
    Ghoul (90 mp) use 9 cuts gives 150 mp Go up stairs around, then down other
    Get black onyx Buddha from Jizo Bosatsu. The black onyx Buddha controls
    Count stones around the Buddhas neck to increase Dark Power. Go back up the
    Kumala defeat x 7 
    Ghost Kannon use Indra x 2 
    Dark Fugen use indra X 2
    Go up stairs. Go to another set of stairs. Talk to jikaku get white pearl
    beads. The White Pearl beads increase light.
    Saber 200 mp has 200 hp for leveling. 
    Kundalini 500 hp gives 500 mp   
    hits eye chakra can cause hallucinations!
    hits heart chakra can take off 150 hp!
    Ghost buddha - 500 hp gives 400 hp He energizes. Use Indra to defeat him. 
    *Ghost sky drum reflects suijin can invoke thunder.
    use fudo x 2  gives 400 mp 
    *Ghost Lotus King uses suijin, reflects suijin / use fudo x 2 gives 400 mp 
    Defeat phoenix on the stairs blast him with fire or fan x 7. He can call
    kalachkra for 100 hp damage. He gives 600 hp
    Go upstairs.  
    Ghost monju use suijin x 2 meditates for 100 hp damage
    Ghost miroku use suijin x 2 invokes firestorm for 100 hp damage. 
    Boddhisattva 700 hp gives 600 mp has the octagon 
    Inner corridor:
    Ogre use the 9 cuts and he suffers 700 damage and gives 200 mp before the main
    enemies are defeated! Level up to 8000 mp
    In this level are the 8 sages of the Lotus Leaf. 
    1. Amida throws lightning
    use Fujin 600-800 pts gives 700 mp 
    2. Kannon uses the light mantra 150 hp damage. 
    use Indra or Fujin or Suijin x 2 700-800pts Gives you 600 mp
    3. Sky Drum (invokes thunder)
    use fudo 800-900 pts
    gives you 700 mp 
    4. Miroku (invokes firestorm)
    use Suijin x 2700-800 pts gives Tai-chi mirror
    5. houdou says (fire mantra)
    use Fujin x 2 gives 800 pts gives 700 mp  Reflects Fudo
    6. lotus king 800-900 pts  invokes rain, reflects Suijin 
    use Fudo or Fujin x 2 700 mp
    7. Fugen uses wind mantra 800-900 point Use Indra x 2 reflects fire and Fujin
    gives 700 mp 
    Kou is inside one of the rooms after all seven are defeated. 
    Peacock senses something. Speak. A shadow attacks peacock and he loses 10 hp!
    Look. No one is there. Use the octagon to see him. Be at full hp. Use Marishi
    and Mantra. Hit with 2 of everything offensive. Kou can summon a storm - for
    200 pts damage. Kou has 1500 hp. He gives you 0 mp.
    After he is defeated restore your hp to full. 
    Since your light and dark power have changed do to the battles, you may use the
    onyx Buddha to increase light or dark power. For the upcoming battle, it is
    better to use the light beads to increase light. Use the mirror.
    Kou speaks to you of Tomoko, the Holy Grail and Snake King, her alter ego. He
    hints that destroying her may destroy Peacock. Peacock then must travel to the
    Sun Buddha Daininchi Norai's realm to face his sister Tomoko inside the Sun
    Snake Ting Tomoko
    You must have over 8000 mp start at 999 hp
    Cast mantra
    Use the Longinus spear 50 mp per hit. If you have more light, the spear will
    cause you less damage upon return.
    Hit Tomoko with the Spear. then use the Dharani to heal up HP again. Hit again
    with spear. Heal to HP.
    Repeat this cycle 13+ times until the Grail cracks and she no longer has
    control of it. Enjoy the ending.
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     First release, complete (27th of May 2012)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file.
    Pony Canyon for the game.
    snark (http://www.boojumsnark.com/) for the translation and most of the
    walkthrough! I could probably not have completed it without her massive help.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
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