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"I love this game!"

To say that my brother and I have different taste in video games would be saying that Mae Young is aging. That is, it would be a HUGE understatement. My brother hates RPGs, and is into the racing games. On the other hand, my favorite genre is the role playing game genre, and i do not really like the racing game genre too much. So, what is the point of all this? Well, it is to demonstrate that when my brother and I like the same game, then it must be a really good game. And yes, my brother and I both love this game, Dig Dug 2. I remember when I bought this game back in the great FuncoLand splurge of 1998. My brother and I would play this game for hours on end trying to beat it. We never did, but we had a fun time playing the darn game nevertheless. Anyways, on with my review.

Graphics (8.1/10)
Dig Dug 2 actually has pretty good graphics, considering this is basically nothing more than a Nintendo Entertainment System remix of an old arcade game. First, the backgrounds are very well designed. They each have their own unique look to them. I especially enjoy the tropical look that some of the backgrounds convey. The enemy and character designs are also very well done. The game has great enemy designs, mainly because each of the enemies have different looks to them. They are also unlike anything ever seen in a video game before, trust me ^_^. Overall, Dig Dug 2 for Nintendo Entertainment System has perfectly acceptable graphics, and unique enemy designs.

Music/Sound (9.2/10)
The music and sound effects in Dig Dug 2 are also top notch. First off, the music. It is very well done, to say the least. I love how they orchestrated the music in the game, because the music sounds great. I especially enjoy the tropical tunes in some of the stages in the game, but each stage has its oqn unique music to it. Sound effect wise, Dig Dug 2 is also very well done, especially the sounds that are made when you zap an enemy. Overall, Dig Dug 2 for Nintendo Entertainment System has great music, and above average sound effects that really fit in well with the overall tropical feeling that the game is trying to convey.

Gameplay/Control (9.7/10)
Dig Dug 2 may well go down as being one of the most unique games ever made. The game really has a different kind of gameplay to it than your average Nintendo Entertainment system video game. The main object of the game is too kill all the enemies on your screen. You can do this one of two ways. First, you can use your drill to drill off part of the land, then you can send that part of the land (with enemies on it) to sea. Secondly, you can use your laser zappy thingie to kill your enemies. Overall, the gameplay in Dig Dug 2 for Nintendo Entertainment System is very well done and very unique.

Replay Value


Overall (9.7/10)
One of my favorite games ever, the game is a blast to play and very unique. Well worth a purchase!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/22/00, Updated 07/16/01

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