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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Pseudonym

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                   Akumajou Special Boka Dracula-kun FAQ/Walkthrough
                             For the Nintendo Famicom
                               Written by Pseudonym
                                   Version 1.2
                            Email: shdwswrm@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    Revision History
    Game Basics
    Revision History
    April 4th, 2005
    Version 1.2
    Finished the walkthrough more or less. Cleaned up the guide a little.
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    Copyright 2005 Tim Courchene aka Pseudonym. All rights reserved.
    Q1: How much Japanese do you need to know to play this game?
    A1: A fair bit to read the stuff at the end of each level and for some other 
    parts. You really don't need to know much to play through most of the stages. 
    One reviewer of this game called it Castlevania for kids. That's describes it 
    exactly. It's a well made game that went under the radar everywhere except 
    Japan for a long time. This is Kid Dracula more or less, based on the watered 
    down Game Boy version released around the same time I think. Boka Dracula-kun 
    itself is based on Castlevania, or it seems like more of a parody, which should 
    be very noticeable when you see it's cartoon-like renditions of many well known 
    enemies. The music and graphics are also lighter and much less gloomy and dark. 
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, praise or criticism, they 
    should be sent to <shdwswrm@hotmail.com>. If you're looking for specific 
    information let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
    Game Basics
    A Button - Makes your character jump.
    B Button - Shoots a Fireball. Hold down to charge special attack.
    Select Button - Changes your special attack.
    Start Button - Pauses the game.
    Directional Pad - Moves your character around.
    Special Attacks / Abilities
    At the end of each stage, you'll get a special attack which you can use from 
    that point on in the game. 
    Big Fireball - You start the game with this. It does more damage than the small 
    Spread Fireball - You get this on the second stage. It sends out five fireballs 
    in a fan shape that also track enemies. 
    Explosion Fireball - You get this on the third stage. It's like the Big 
    Fireball except that when it hits an enemy it will cause a explosion that 
    others can get caught in.
    Bat Transformation - You get this on the fourth stage. It turns you into a bat 
    for a limited amount of time, allowing you to fly over spikes and high walls.
    Upside down - You get this on the fifth stage. It lets you walk on the ceiling 
    for a limited amount of time, allowing you to reach inaccessible areas.
    Heart - Restores one health.
    Full Heart (flashing) - Restores all health.
    Heart Container (heart w/ a box around it) - Adds one heart to your maximum.
    Mini Games
    At the end of each stage, you get to play several mini games that reward you 
    with lives if you win. There isn't any skill involved, so just pick something 
    and hope for the best.
    Choose the Path - You have to choose which of the four vertical paths the ball 
    ends up at when it reaches the bottom. This one is hard to win since there is 
    so much random chances here. 
    Can-Can Girls - I have no idea what's happening in this game. Choose an option 
    and hope for the best. You have a better chance of winning when you choose one 
    of the lower amounts of lives.
    Lottery - Hold the B button to make the wheel spin and a ball will fall out 
    which determines what you get. You will probably get a few lives here and there 
    and rarely the golden ball which gives you 7 lives.  
    Skeleton in a Barrel - Put the swords in the holes and hope they don't hit the 
    skeleton. If you get them all in without hitting it, you win. If you hit it, 
    you lose. Simple enough.
    Roulette - Use the hand icon to choose the base number of lives that you want. 
    You can press the base number several times to multiple that base number by the 
    number above it and/or press other base numbers to increase your chances of 
    winning. After you've decided, press the button on the far right to start the 
    roulette. If the ball lands on that base number of lives, you win! 
    Zombie - Walks around waiting to be killed. Yeah, they are cannon fodder.
    Bat - Hang from the ceiling and drop down when you walk under them. The other 
    kind will fly at you.
    Spear Knight - Walks around, occasionally throwing spears in whichever 
    direction it's facing.
    Frankenstein - Walks around but starts running at you when you get close to 
    Panda - Jumps around. That's about it.
    Bird - Flies around. Gets in your way. 
    Witch - Flies around. Drops eggs when you walk under one.
    Turtle - Flies around. Gets in your way when you're on the rollercoaster.
    Thunder Guy - Circles around the rollercoaster. Throws thunder at you.
    Wind Guy - Same as above, except that it will blow wind at you.
    Mine - Floats around slowly rotating. When you hit one, it's spikes will fly 
    either vertically or diagonally, depending on the direction they were facing.
    Spark - Moves around platforms. You can't kill them.
    Submarine - Not the sandwich. An annoying enemy that drops bombs on you when 
    you walk under them.
    Electric Eel - Swims around and makes this weird noise when they touch walls.
    Ice Guy - Stands around and tosses popsicles at you when you get close.
    Seal - Balances a bomb on it's nose, which it tosses at you when you get close.
    That's a nice trick.
    Snowman - Stands around and jumps toward you when you get close. 
    Frozen Duck - Runs at you and slides.
    UFO - Flies around and drops Martians if you don't kill them quickly.
    Martian - Walks around, usually following you. They can jump but not over 
    Gorilla - Stands around and shakes the building and occasionally tossing stuff 
    at you.
    Spiderman - Yeah, really. Climbs up buildings and starts jumping around if you 
    don't kill them quickly. Maybe they mistake your for that vampire guy from the 
    Punk - Walks around on the subway cars, throwing their hair at you when you get 
    Masked Killer - I suppose this is a take on Jason or someone like that. They 
    pop out of the grey boxes on the subway cars and then run around if you don't 
    kill them quickly.
    Cactus - Pops out of the ground and fires it's needles at you if you take to 
    long to kill it.
    Sand Monster - Sits at the bottom of a pit. That's about it.
    General Tips
    You can fire upwards in this game. Remember that to save yourself some trouble.
    If you're ever in a situation where you're on a platform and it's inevitable 
    that you will get hit, try to stand in the middle so that you won't fall off. 
    It's not like Castlevania where you fly backwards when you get hit but you'll 
    still hop back a little.
    Use your special attacks whenever you can. Not only are they useful for killing 
    enemies but when you hit them with it, they will drop a coin that you can use 
    for the mini games. 
    Stage 1 - Castle
    You'll start the game beside your coffin. Walk to the right and kill any 
    Zombies you encounter until you reach the spike mashers. These aren't the same 
    instant-death ones that you find in Castlevania so you don't have to worry 
    about dying. Pass under the three of them and you'll be in the clear. Continue 
    to the right until you reach the Bats. You can either just walk past them or go 
    forward a little, back up when the Bat drops down, and hit it. Another Zombie 
    will usually show up once you're past the third Bat so take of it before it 
    hits you. Climb the stairs at the end and hit the Spear Knights ahead twice to 
    kill them. You can also hit them from below to make it easier. After the third 
    set of stairs, jump across the gap and grab the Heart Container ahead. 
    A Zombie will appear when you're at the edge of the platform. Kill it and keep 
    going forward, avoiding the Bats above. After awhile, you'll come up to a Panda 
    jumping around with several Bats hanging on the ceiling. Tread carefully past 
    them, while killing the Pandas along the way. You should see another platform 
    ahead but don't jump to it from the front unless you kill the Bats hanging 
    nearby. Be sure to grab the Full Heart on the right under the platform before 
    going up. It will restore all of your health. Now jump to the stairs to the 
    right but don't climb them right away. Wait for the Frankenstein to walk toward 
    you and then pummel him from below. You'll be in the typical clock room now. 
    =). There will be a Spear Knight walking around on the gear. 
    Kill him from below and then jump, jump, jump to the stairs. Kill the second 
    Spear Knight on the gear and continue up the stairs and to the left. At the top 
    of the stairs there will be another Frankenstein. Kill him from a distance and 
    continue to the stairs and then the pendulum to get across to the other side. 
    Keep going until you see the Bat hanging around and the trap door below it. 
    This one is a trick, you can just walk over it and it won't flip over. =). The 
    next one however, you will have to watch out. Get close to the Bat so that it 
    drops down. Now back up and hit it and then jump over the two consecutive trap 
    doors to avoid them. Jump up to the platform leading outside and kill the Bat 
    that will fly at you. It will be above your shots so you have to hit it while 
    it's going low. 
    Jump to the next platform but watch out for this next one. It will slowly fall 
    toward the bottom of the screen but you'll be fine as long as you jump towards 
    the edge of the falling platform. He doesn't get much distance when jumping, 
    you see, so you have to be careful from here on in. There will be another Bat 
    flying towards you once you reach the next platform. Wait for it to fly low and 
    then hit it. After that there will be two more falling platforms. Jump across 
    them and you'll be in the clear for this stage. Grab the Heart at the left edge 
    and continue up. This next part will look familiar for those people who played 
    the original Castlevania. Yup, it's the final path to Dracula himself... but 
    he's not home right now. Walk into his chamber room to meet the boss.
    BOSS: Ghost Child / Parent
    You'll face off against the Ghost Child first. He starts off by slowly jumping 
    to the right. You can pummel him while he's in the air and again when he lands. 
    If you're quick you can defeat him before he makes it all the way to the right. 
    If you didn't, he'll throw two fireballs at you, and then run back to the left 
    to start all over again. Jump over the fireballs and him and then keep hitting 
    him until he starts crying and walks off the screen. Heh. It's not the end of 
    this fight though, because the Ghost Parent will appear right after him. He has 
    exactly the same attack pattern as the Ghost Child, except that you can duck 
    under his fireballs. Pummel him the same way and he'll start crying as well. 
    Stage 2 - Sky
    You start at the edge of a cloud. Run to the left and kill the Bird at the 
    other end. Jump to the next cloud and kill the bird there. Keep going until you 
    see a bunch of smaller clouds. Jump on those clouds and then jump again to kill 
    the Bird flying above you. At the edge of the third one, you'll see a Witch 
    flying toward you. Kill it and then carefully jump to the cloud below. Switch 
    to your Spread Fireballs here so you can hit the Witches more easily. Continue 
    to the right, avoiding the Witches and the eggs that they drop, until you see a 
    huge structure. Keep jumping across the holes here and head up the stairs to 
    the moving platforms. 
    Jump onto the closest one, wait until it reach the left side, and then jump to 
    the next one. Wait for the next one to get to the top and just before it starts 
    moving down again, jump to the one above it. You should easily make it. On this 
    one, wait for it to reach the bottom and then jump to the Heart Container 
    below. If you don't want it, just continue to the right and onto the roller 
    coaster. Yay! It will start off slow but after the drop off it will speed up a 
    lot. Various enemies will fly at you here so be on the lookout and charge up 
    your special attack if you want. Once it levels off again there will be two 
    Turtles in your way, kill them. 
    When it goes up again and back down there will another set of Turtles right at 
    the spot where it goes down. Use your Spread Fireballs to hit them or you can 
    just jump over them and then back onto the rollercoaster if you don't have time 
    to hit them. Soon after that, two enemies will circle around you. The green one 
    will blow wind at you, and the orange one will throw thunder at you. It's not 
    too hard to kill either one but watch yourself here and jump over the wind and 
    the thunder to avoid them. After awhile, they will disappear and then you'll 
    take two loops and be finished with the rollercoaster. On the loops there will 
    be two Birds coming from either direction at the top. Hit the one on the left 
    on both and you'll be okay. 
    If not try to stay on the front part to avoid getting knocked off. At the end 
    of the platform there will be a weird looking cloud below. These are like the 
    platforms in the previous stage, except that they move in various directions. 
    The first one will move to the left so you have to quickly jump to the next 
    one. The remaining clouds will move in this order, left, down, and right. Stay 
    on the last cloud and you'll be taken to a solid cloud. The next two will move 
    down so quickly continue jumping. A Witch will usually appear here, so kill it 
    and head right. There will be more Birds and Witches here but nothing really 
    hard so I'll leave it to you. Just watch out for the Witches on the small 
    clouds ahead. Climb the ladder to find the boss.
    BOSS: Mr. Chicken
    Mr. Chicken has a beef with you... so now it's time to settle it. His attack 
    pattern consists of flying around for a bit, tossing out an egg from directly 
    below and two more to the left and right, and then diving at you. In order to 
    avoid the eggs, either stay a fair distance away or a little to the left/right 
    of him. Avoiding his dive is tougher. The best method is to just stay under him 
    so that when he dives, he'll miss you completely. The other way is to stay as 
    far away from him as possible, duck when he start his dive and he'll hopefully 
    miss you. Hitting him is simple. Just use your Spread Fireballs. They hit 
    multiple times and they will track him if some of them miss the first time. 
    It'll take a couple dozen fireballs to turn Mr. Chicken into KFC.
    Stage 3 - Underwater
    You start above ground but you have no choice but to jump into the hole in 
    front of you. You'll fall onto a platform below when you do. Now fall off the 
    left side and fire at those Mines moving around. They will shoot out spikes 
    when you hit them so either jump or duck under them. At the edge to the right, 
    jump to the platform above but watch out for the Spark moving around it. It's 
    best to just jump extra high so you'll float over it and land on the ground 
    ahead. You can do this for this Spark as well but you'll have to be more 
    careful because of the spikes above. Hit the Mines on the right and then make 
    your way up to be above water again. 
    Head right and get into the Booster ahead to get sent flying. There's a Heart 
    Container on a platform to the left but don't get out right away, wait until 
    just after you see the ceiling. Now jump back into the Booster and go right 
    before a little after that. You don't want to wait too long because there's 
    some inertia when you get out of it. Keep doing this until you reach the last 
    one. Now this time go reasonably high and press right when you fall out. The 
    reason for this is that there's spikes along the floor. Once you're back on the 
    ground, you'll have to drop into the water again =(. Jump over the spikes on 
    the floor and kill any Fish that comes at you. 
    Fall into the hole and head right to avoid the spikes and then down the stairs. 
    There are Electric Eels here. Kill them or avoid them but head down the next 
    set of stairs. Directly to the right of the stairs are three Mines and they are 
    very close to you. Do a short hop and hit the two lower ones if you can while 
    their spikes are diagonal. That should help you avoid getting hit. At the far 
    right there's another Spark moving around a platform. Jump to the platform and 
    again to the next one. Kill ANY of the Subs that come toward you. Trust me on 
    this. They are a pain in the ass. 
    It's a good idea to continually use your Spread Fireballs so you can kill any 
    of them at appear at awkward times. You'll want to do this for sure when you 
    jump to the tiny platform ahead and then to the ground where the stairs are. 
    You don't have to hit the first Mine but you'll have to destroy the second one 
    to reach the stairs. Electric Eels will appear during the next two platforms 
    along with a Mine floating near the stairs. Hit the Electric Eels that get in 
    your way as well as the Mine while it's spikes are diagonal and then climb the 
    stairs. You're in the clear from this point forward so climb the stairs to find 
    the boss.
    BOSS: Bubble Octopus (hey, that could pass for a Mega Man boss. =))
    The boss doesn't have an absolute attack pattern. It will float around in it's 
    bubble, trying to hit you. Switch to your Spread Fireballs use them to get in 
    lots of hits. Standing backwards from the boss while using the Spread Fireballs 
    is a good way to make your shots more accurate. Either that, or fire upwards 
    when it's above you. Avoiding the boss is fairly simple. Just watch where it 
    appears and move out of the way. Avoid jumping if you can and duck when he 
    floats across the screen. When you hit him enough times, he'll float to the 
    center of the screen and he and his bubble will dissolve.
    Stage 4: Arctic
    As it is with snow and ice, you'll slide if you try to stop while you're 
    running. Tap the directional pad in the opposite direction that you're moving 
    to stop the slide. Run to the right and then across the four icebergs. After 
    the fourth one there will be an Ice Guy standing on the far right. Hit him with 
    a fireball to kill him but don't get too close or he will start tossing 
    popsicles at you (yeah, you heard right, popsicles). These next four icebergs 
    are tougher to cross, as they sink and rise out of the water repeatedly. The 
    first two are alright, just jump to them. The third one is tricky since it's 
    out of sync with the first two. You'll have to wait until the second one is 
    nearly underwater and then jump to the third one. 
    The fourth one is simple to get to but keep an eye out for the Ice Guy standing 
    slightly off screen. Hit it when you see it. Keep going and melt the Snowmen 
    that you see waiting ahead. If you get too close, they will jump over you. It's 
    not a problem though. A Heart Container will be waiting for you at the elevated 
    ground ahead and along with another Ice Guy in the dip, followed by a Seal at 
    the top of the hill. Continue to the right and jump into the hole in the 
    ground. In the ice cave below there will be several moving platforms. Fall onto 
    the first moving platform when it gets close, don't jump or you might hit the 
    spikes overhead. Do the same thing when you see the next moving platform, and 
    then jump onto the solid ground at the far end. 
    There will be a Frozen Duck to meet you ahead, followed by another one towards 
    the next set of moving platforms. Hit them while they are still running at you, 
    and jump over them if they go into a slide. When you reach the moving platforms 
    ahead, you should just drop onto one of them, as well as the next one. Jump to 
    grab the Heart lying on the ground and fall onto the next set of moving 
    platforms as usual. When you reach the far right side, wait until the moving 
    platform starts to turn downwards before you jump to the ground ahead. You 
    don't want to die and start over when you've gotten this far do you? =). Fall 
    onto the ice below and switch to your bat transformation special. Charge it up 
    and fly across the spikes. 
    Now do the same thing here but be careful. Fly somewhat above the platform on 
    the left and then fly diagonally into it to transform back. If you don't do 
    this, you might transform back while you're at the edge and then you'll fall 
    into the spikes hanging down. I'm weird and probably paranoid but it happened 
    to me. This next one is tough. You have to keep a steady hand here or you'll 
    fall to your death or run into the spikes that line this next area. Transform 
    and carefully make your way up into the spike area. Fly across it and try to 
    stay in the middle and not too close to the spikes. Once you reach the far end 
    with the wall and the drop down, you can just hit the wall and transform back. 
    You'll end up back on solid ground, or icy ground if you want to call it that.
    Walk to the far right, switch to your Spread Fireballs and hit the Seal there. 
    Do the same thing with each of the Seals ahead but don't get too close or it'll 
    toss that bomb on its nose at you. And let me tell you that it's not a pretty 
    sight being hit with it. At the top use your bat transformation again to get 
    over that wall with the Full Heart on it. You're almost in the clear but 
    there's still a little ways to go yet. You should see a Skater ahead. Kill it 
    just as you see it or it'll jump at you and start skating around. There will be 
    two more of them ahead. Get rid of them and you'll be out on the water. The 
    boss is just ahead.
    BOSS: Mr. Dragon
    This boss is so simple it's almost bordering on pathetic. Almost. It has a few 
    tricks up its sleeve though. It starts off by flying around the screen 
    randomly. Take this time to switch to your Spread Fireballs and start hitting 
    it as much as possible. After awhile it'll start flying lower and lower toward 
    the ice as you hit it until it finally goes right through. This will shatter 
    several blocks and then it will start flying around again. Keep hitting it 
    until it starts moving faster and faster. Pummel it a little more and it will 
    die. Good riddance.
    Stage 5: City (presumably New York)
    You'll start out on top of a brown building. Jump to the next set of buildings 
    and then down to another brown building. Kill any UFOs flying around or they 
    will drop Martians that will pester you. When you reach the brown building 
    ahead, there will be a Heart Container waiting for you. Jump onto the orange 
    building and kill the Spiderman that climbs up. If you don't, it'll jump around 
    and you'll likely get hit. On the next building another Spiderman will come up. 
    Kill it before it becomes a nuisance. Two more will appear right after that. 
    Drop right down beside the first one and plug him. The second one will appear 
    at the far right side of the building. Once they are gone jump to the orange 
    building to meet a Gorilla... on a rooftop, right... 
    It will jump causing the building to shake but it doesn't do anything to you. 
    Just blast it and continue on. There will be another one on the next building. 
    After it's gone, use the bat transformation to get to the orange building but 
    transform back at the edge, and kill the Gorilla waiting there. At the far 
    right side on the grey building there will be a Full Heart waiting for you. 
    Grab it and then fall between the buildings to end up in the subway system. The 
    denizens of this place aren't too happy to see you though. Turn up the volume 
    while you're here, you'll need it. There's a few spots here where the trains 
    horn will sound, signifying that orange overhead is lower than usual. Isn't 
    that courtesy? I didn't know the train operator was so nice.
    When it sounds, stay below the grey box on the train or just duck. Either way 
    is fine. Head to the right and hide when the horn goes off when you're on the 
    second car. It will sound off again when you jump onto the third car. It will 
    go off once again when you get between the two grey boxes on the third car. 
    It's longer than the others but stay here until it passes. The horn sounds 
    again when you get between the third and fourth train car. Stay low and don't 
    jump onto the fourth train car. It's a longer one again but you can easily make 
    it through before you get trapped on the left. After this one passes you'll be 
    in the clear for awhile but now you'll have to deal with those subway denizens 
    I was talking about earlier. 
    The Punks are simple to kill but they come from both directions and they have a 
    distance attack, throwing their hair at you. Heh. Kill them quickly because 
    they get annoying and a little dangerous. Keep going right until you reach the 
    Heart sitting between the two train cars. Soon after you grab it, a Masked 
    Killer will appear on the train car to the left. Kill him or he'll jump out and 
    start harassing you. On the next train car, a second Masked Killer will appear 
    to the right, followed by another one right after that. Kill them both and jump 
    onto the next train car. A forth Masked Killer will appear on the left side of 
    this train car, followed by a fifth on the right side. 
    The next bit of this stage is rather tricky so be careful not to get trapped on 
    the left side by the scrolling screen. If at all possible, try to attack the 
    Masked Killers on the right instead of the left. The Punks and the Masked 
    Killers will also coordinate their attacks. =). Several more Masked Killers 
    will appear followed by Punks, mainly coming for the left. Not long after you 
    take care of those guys, the horn will sounds again. Find a nook and stay there 
    until you pass it. One more Masked Killer will appear and several more Punks 
    before the train finally stops. Climb the ladder to the top and then jump over 
    the wall to meet the boss.
    BOSS: Statue of Liberty Quiz Time!
    You don't really fight the Statue of Liberty. Instead it will quiz you on a 
    variety of topics. You lose one health if you answer a question wrong, and if 
    you lose all of your health or get beat by Mr. Chicken or the Ghost Child 
    you'll get sent back to the beginning of the subway section. It will talk for a 
    bit and then finally get to the questions. When you see a sentence with a 
    question mark at the end that's your cue to get ready. Right after that, it 
    will start listing the three possible answers in point form. When it does, 
    start pressing the B button to ring the buzzer, and then answer the question.
    That's the format of this through the entirety of the quiz. Just like jeopardy.
    Question 1: 2nd answer
    Question 2: 1st answer
    Question 3: 2nd answer
    Question 4: 3rd answer
    Question 5: 2nd answer
    Question 6: 3rd answer
    Question 7: 3rd answer
    Question 8: 3rd answer
    Question 9: 3rd answer
    Question 10: 2nd answer
    Question 11: 3rd answer
    Question 12: 2nd answer
    Question 13: 2nd answer
    Question 14: 1st answer
    You've won once you've correctly answered three questions. It will talk a bit 
    more and then let you go onto the next stage. =)
    Stage 6: Desert
    This stage is fairly simple but there are several spots where you can die very 
    easily. You'll start out beside a Cactus, but you can only see it's top from 
    where you are right now. Walk towards it and hit it with one of your special 
    attacks to kill it quickly. If you take too long to kill it, it will shoot out 
    needles at you. There will be another Cactus on top of the hill ahead. Kill it 
    the same way. After several hills and dips there will be a Sand Monster sitting 
    at the bottom of a dip. Either jump over it or kill it with the Spread 
    Fireballs. Continue walking to the right and you'll find two more Sand Monsters 
    just sitting there, along with two Birds flying above you. 
    The Birds are too high to bother you so you can deal with the Sand Monsters 
    accordingly. Ahead, there will be three slightly rises in the sand. Don't walk 
    on them. Just stand there for a bit and a Sand Snake will come out and start 
    flying around. I don't know how a snake can fly but blast it about a dozen or 
    so times and it will disintegrate. Right after that one, there will be another 
    one. Kill it and grab the Full Heart ahead. A little further you'll find the 
    entrance to a pyramid. Enter it (as if you had a choice) and kill the Skeleton 
    waiting there. It will throw it's head and then run towards you if you take too 
    long to kill it. You'll find another one waiting deeper inside followed by a 
    more ancient spike masher. 
    The only difference is that you shouldn't go under it. You'll find that you can 
    get out without killing yourself. Go over it instead and the next one as well. 
    The third one is going in the opposite direction, so use your bat 
    transformation to fly under it. When you're safely on the other side, transform 
    back and kill the Skeleton on the far right. Change back into a bat and fly 
    under this one too. The last one is going the other way again, so just jump 
    over it as you did with the first two. Further ahead there will be spikes on 
    the ceiling and a very long platform leading to the right. You don't need any 
    special attack here, just run across and kill the Skeleton Head that appears 
    later on. Near the end, you'll see a Heart Container under the platform. 
    Keep walking until you're under it and then let the platform collapse to grab 
    it. Use your bat transformation to get back on track. Grab the Full Heart in 
    the corner if you need it, and then fall into the hole. Kill the Skeleton at 
    the bottom and fall into the next hole and kill the second Skeleton waiting 
    there. As you fall down this hole, stay on the left side, and then run like 
    hell to the far left, where there will be another hole to save you. There will 
    be two Skeletons at the bottom of this hole. Kill them and continue to the 
    left. Just run and don't stop. You won't die. At the end, you'll see a hand and 
    a whole lot of darkness. It will take you to the boss.
    BOSS: Tutankhamen 
    This boss is simple to defeat but you have to watch out for the bubbles it 
    shoots out from time to time. If you get hit by one, you can kiss one of your 
    lives goodbye. Try to destroy the bubbles when they appear and hit Tutankhamen 
    as much as possible. It won't take long if you're using your special attacks. 
    After you've hit it enough times, it will start crying and some solid ground 
    will appear below you. Yay!
    Stage 7: Outer Space
    It may be because I'm writing this at 4AM and I'm tired but this stage is HARD. 
    I probably died on this stage more than any of the others put together. Your 
    own mileage may vary. Anyway. Grab the Heart Container and then jump onto the 
    platform to start this stage off with a blast. Be careful and jump quickly and 
    accurately because if you miss a platform, you're more than likely dead. You 
    should also continually use your Spread Fireballs. You'll see why when you get 
    far enough. So, when the platform starts falling back down, jump to the next 
    series of platforms until you see one that's falling faster than the rest. 
    Jump onto that one and then quickly jump to the next platform on the far right. 
    There will be three more quickly falling platforms, quickly jump onto them 
    until you reach the more stable platforms above. Face left and kill the two 
    Green Robots with your Spread Fireballs. Now jump onto the platforms previously 
    occupied by the Green Robots and continue up until you see three more quickly 
    falling platforms. Jump onto the middle one, wait until you have enough room to 
    jump onto the one on the right, and then jump onto the stable platform above 
    it. From there, jump onto the quickly falling platforms, and then to the stable 
    platform on the left. 
    There will be two more Green Robots walking around on the two platforms above 
    you. Jump and knock the Robots off each of the platforms, and then continue up 
    onto the stable platform on the left. Once you make it, there will be another 
    three quickly falling platforms. Jump onto them and then back to the left, 
    where there's another stable platform. After this, there will be nothing but 
    quickly falling platforms and the occasional rocket that will appear from the 
    bottom of the screen. They appear randomly but if they get in your way, you'll 
    be in big trouble. After climbing for awhile, you'll see a single stable 
    platform above the rest. Jump onto it and you'll be taken to the boss.
    BOSS: ????
    This is the guy you see just before the title screen appears. Switch to your 
    Explosion Fireball and wait for him to stop talking. When he runs towards you, 
    let the fireball go to damage him. He'll continue toward you until he's close 
    and then he'll lift his sword and try to hit you with it. When he does this, 
    wait about a second or so after he lifts the sword, and then jump to avoid it. 
    He'll keep going this until you hit him, so when he backs up and tries to hit 
    you, charge up the Explosion Fireball and hit him when he comes at you again. 
    This will make him jump to the far right, shoot out a stream of fire, and then 
    charge you and try to hit you again. He'll keep repeating this pattern until 
    you hit him enough times, and then he'll turn into a giant coin. Yay!
    Stage 8: Sky (yes, again)
    You'll start on a bunch of clouds moving slowly to the left. Jump from cloud to 
    cloud until you reach the airship. A Cannon will appear and start shooting 
    cannonballs. Kill it and the next one on the lower platform ahead. A Grim 
    Reaper will appear above. Switch to your spread fireballs, jump and hit it. 
    Avoid it's swoop attack and continue hitting it until it dies. Now, kill the 
    Cannon on the ledge ahead and then continue onto the clouds again. You'll come 
    to the another airship soon enough. This time a Cannon will be waiting at the 
    edge. Pummel it from the clouds and then jump onto the airship. There will be a 
    Heart ahead, followed by another Grim Reaper and a Cannon. Kill the Grim Reaper 
    first, grab the Heart, and then take care of the Cannon on the lower platform.
    One final Cannon will be walking around on the higher platform just ahead and 
    then more clouds. Continue cloud jumping until you reach another airship. Jump 
    onto this one and kill the Red Robot running at you, or just jump over it if it 
    gets too close. Following the Robot is a Knight. You can kill it or just jump 
    over it. Further ahead, there will be a hole. Don't jump into this one, jump 
    into the next one to find a Heart Container. Use the Bat Transformation to get 
    out of this hole and into the first one you found. Continue ahead and kill the 
    Blue Robots running around if you can. If you don't a whole bunch more will 
    appear. There will be another hole ahead. Fall into it and then continue 
    killing the Blue Robots to the right until you find the elevator. 
    Use it to take you back on top of the airship. There will be another Red Robot 
    waiting for you right beside the elevator so kill it quickly. Use the Bat 
    Transformation to get onto the wall ahead and then kill the Red Robot running 
    at you, followed by another Knight. Jump into the hole and then DUCK. I'm not 
    kidding. Soon after you do, a huge energy beam will come from the left and 
    obliterate the Blue Robots roaming around. After it disappears, jump out and 
    continue to the left. Jump into the hole at the far left when it's clear and 
    kill the Blue Robot at the bottom. Grab the Heart at the right and fall down 
    again and then continue to the left to find the boss.
    BOSS: Giant Robot
    This boss is simple as long as you have enough health. Use your Upside Down 
    special to stick to the ceiling. Fire at the Robot's head as much as possible 
    and just take the Robot's hits. After while it's arm and then the rest of it's 
    body will explode and disappear. I don't know of any better way to kill it. 
    Stage 9: Base
    Walk to the right to find the first boss of this stage.
    BOSS: Fire Dragon
    The only thing that can damage this boss is your Ice special so switch to it if 
    you haven't already. It doesn't attack though. It randomly appears in a spot, 
    runs towards you, and then jumps into the fire in the background. Wait until it 
    materializes completely, hit it if you're far enough away, jump over it, and 
    then try to hit it again when it's bouncing around the side of the screen. Keep 
    doing this until you kill it. It takes awhile so I hope you're patient.
    Head to the right and you'll come across a tunnel lined with spikes and several 
    Robot Crabs inside. Kill the Robot Crab that you can see, switch to your Upside 
    Down special, and then continue through the tunnel. When you reach the other 
    two Robot Crabs, hit them as fast as possible, and then walk to the right until 
    you reach safety again. By the time you reach the far end, you will be almost 
    be out of time. Further to the right, you'll see many Yellow Robots. You can 
    kill them with one fireball each but they will probably swarm you and possibly 
    causing some damage. 
    Soon after that, the floor will start slowly rising upwards. Walk to the far 
    right, killing any Yellow Robots that appear, and stay there until you clear 
    the spikes. Walk back to the left until you pass the spikes again. By now, you 
    should see the outline of the huge robot in the background through the gaps in 
    the wall. You'll do two more repetitions, first to the right and then back to 
    the left until you reach the head of the robot in the background. Really try to 
    conserve your health up to this point. You'll need it. But about the robot 
    head. Guess which boss you'll be fighting against next...
    BOSS: Robot Head
    The head will disconnect from the robot's body and start flying around. Notice 
    the drill at the bottom of it's head? You need to avoid that. The head will 
    make that harder by occasionally dropping it into the ground to try and hit 
    you. You can tell when it's about to drop because it will stop moving for a few 
    seconds. When it drops, you can damage the head. Keep doing this until it's 
    Continue to the right and you'll meet the final boss.
    BOSS: ???? 
    He'll talk for awhile and then make a dramatic fade in appearance. Heh. He'll 
    then start to fly around and when you walk until him or just wait long enough, 
    he'll shoot a stream of electricity out of each of his hands and occasionally a 
    fireball downward from his mouth. The only way to damage him is to hit him in 
    the mouth with one of your attacks. Stand under him to make him use his 
    electricity attack and then walk along with him and wait for him to open his 
    mouth. When he does, hit him in the mouth. I find that the explosion fireball 
    is best because it allows some leeway and you won't have to stand directly 
    under his mouth to damage him as you would with your other special attacks. 
    Keep doing this over and over again and he'll eventually die. 
    You finished the game! Congrats.
    After you kill him, some text will appear and then it will show you back at the 
    castle sitting on the throne with some of the enemies you encountered through 
    the game. Some more text will appear and then the credits will roll.
    Final Words
    Goodbye and it's been fun writing this thing for you all. Well, not really, but 
    I had to have something nice to say since this guide is almost at the end. Heh. 
    Just kidding. In all actuality, I really enjoyed writing this guide and that's 
    why I wrote so quickly compared to my other guides. Anyway. If you have any 
    questions, comments, suggestions, praise or criticism, they should be sent to 
    <shdwswrm@hotmail.com>. If you're looking for specific information and it isn't 
    in this guide, please tell me about it and I'll fix it. If you're planning on 
    using this guide, I'd appreciate it if you emailed me first. Thanks.
    Konami for creating this diamond in the rough, childish, yet very fun game.
    Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Coke for helping me stay awake while I'm writing.
    DiscoalucardX for his stage 5 quiz. I was too lazy to translate it myself.
    And thank you for reading.
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