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                   ___          \                 .            _                  
                 .'   `.   ___  |   ,   ___       /   / `   ___/   ____           
                 |     | .'   ` |  /   /   `      |_-'  |  /   |  (               
                 |     | |----' |-<   |    |      |  \  | ,'   |  `--.            
                  `.__.' `.___, /  \_ `.__/|      /   \ / `___,' \___.'           
                             Anpanman to Oekaki Shiyou!!
    NES 1990
    Version:        1.0
    Anpanman is one of the most popular anime cartoon series in Japan since 1968.
    This is one of two Anpanman games in the Oeka Kids series released on the NES.
    The game uses a peripheral, a tablet that works similar to a PC mousepad that
    you move around and control the screen actions. The tablet comes with the
    game, and you cannot play without it. There is emulation available to help
    anyone without the hardware to play this, although due to emulation's grey-area
    I will not discuss it in more detail.
    If you switch on the game without the tablet in the Expansion Port, you will
    only get a title screen. After you plug in the tablet it will automatically go
    to the game, although it is usually recommended by the game companies that you
    switch off the console first, plug in the device, then switch the NES back on.
    During the game there are several tasks to do. Each game, however, has a menu
    at the top to alter it, and the door icon is for exiting back to the main
    The tablet technology is a little old, so do not hammer it with commands. If
    you think the command isn't getting through then simply wait a second and try
    The main menu has four choices to pick from.
    Top Left:
    This is more or less a paint program. Chose between different tools and colors
    to draw whatever you like. here is also a music player you can switch on and
    off, with two tunes available. There are 2 pages available to draw.
    Top Right:
    The point of this program is just fly around and touch Baikinman for 10 points
    each. You can either fly around on the map you drew on the other game or 
    pick one of the pre-set backgrounds.
    Bottom Left:
    The purpose of this game is to guide the character to the exit flag. If you
    ever filled in one of these on a fast food restaurant tray you know what to
    do. Use the tablet to move the cursor. The character will follow if the cursor
    is close enough. He leaves a line that he walked to see how you moved before.
    If you make the line too thick you cannot cross it anymore. This may block the
    path to continue on the map.
    After finishing one map the game will continue to the next, but you may also
    pick different characters from the menu at the top to change. Use the '?' icon
    to restart a map.
    There is only one way to go on each map. There are five maps in total, and
    only the mountain one is slightly challenging because of the strange angle the
    paths are displayed.
    Houses: Go up to the first turn, continue straight up and then ignore the
    short forks until you reach the home.
    Blocks: Just stay along the red path along the wall. Never turn left and you
    will already be done with this.
    Walls: Go up two blocks, turn left and continue two more. Go north and then
    turn left. Follow the road until you reach the end.
    Mountain: This one looks a little strange but after a closing look it's not so
    bad. Don't take the first turn and go up the hill. Turn left when you can and
    left again straight afterwards. When you reach the top, turn left once more to
    reach the peak.
    Bridges: After the first bridge turn left and right straight away. Continue
    along and do not take the short routes that split off.
    Bottom Right:
    This is a mix between karaoke and a color-in book.
    Pick any of the three pictures and press the PLAY button. The music starts and
    some karaoke lines will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you sing along
    or not is really up to you. What happens is a small green hand will appear on
    the picture and start coloring the lines. Follow it with your icon each time.
    At the end of the song the picture will disappear and your own creation will
    stay on screen for you to awe at - or not.
    This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
    their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
    you want to copy and credit anything.

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