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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Spark Pristine

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   Adventure Island IV
                              Complete Walkthrough - V 1.0
                           Spark Pristine - Sparkp7@hotmail.com
    1. Contents
    1. Contents
    2. Version History
    3. Introduction
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Thanks and Comrades ^.^
    6. Copyright Information
    2. Version History
    V 1.0 3/08/03 - Initial walkthrough started, giving strategy through the 
    entire game. ^.^;; Good luck! *Bang!*
    V 2.0 ?/??/03 - I'll get to this one day, though all it will include is items
    and things in tabular form and, if anyone wants to give it to me, where to
    find the last half piece of heart.
    3. Introduction
    Howdy! ^.^ Another bounty hunter walkthrough. Gotta love it. ^.^ Well, this
    game is about Master Higgins and his wanting to rescue his friends, the
    dinosaurs, from the big mouth that munches them. ^.^;; Not much of a story, I
    know, but a fun game, nonetheless. Note, this walkthrough will contain
    spoilers all around too.  
    4. Walkthrough
                               Higgins' House and Area 1
    This is where it all begins. The big, evil face composed of three stars
    appears before Higgins and his girlfriend, munching on all of his friends.
    After this little scene, you get control, so wander around a little in this
    area to get used to things.  A is to jump and B throws your initial weapon, an
    endless supply of bones.  Start takes you to the items/weapons screen, Select
    takes you to the map, and the directional buttons move you around (up allowing
    you to go into doorways when in front of them). Now that you're ready, let's
    move on out to the right.  
    First off, jump over the pit and go into the doorway on the other side, an old
    Pterodactyl mumbling about how the good old days were and then he gives you
    and egg which he says you can use as a teleport.  Can't use it yet, so head on
    over and go down the ladder. Big stone to the left, so can't go that way;
    then, we're going right.  Hit the snail with a bone and get the fruit from it,
    just casually heading to the right (It's an easy level to start off with, what
    do you expect? ^.^;;).  Avoid the monkey throwing bananas and hit it with
    bones, collecting any fruit that may pop up above the trees and also
    destroying the crab floating in the air, heading down under the cliff and
    destroying the snail, then falling off.  Fruit helps you gain hearts back.
    Look to the left at the apple and the eight dots. Once all of the dots are
    red, you regain a heart, thus keeping you alive. 
    Another good item is the star, which provides invincibility, but these are
    rare and getting off topic. Down here is a dark cavern. Spooky! Watch out for
    the stupid bat flying around. You have to jump when you throw to hit it. To
    the left beyond the water dripping is an egg with some meat in it, but you
    probably don't need that now. So, jump over the lava pit and up into the hole,
    landing on the ledge with the door. This door leads to one of the many
    minigames of this island. However, you need a hammer for it, so argh to the
    mole. I wouldn't enter it if I were you.  Jump over to the ledge opposite the
    door and climb up the tree, making sure to watch out for the little fly
    coming from the left here.
    To the left is a movable log, some enemies, and some fruit, but all of that
    is unnecessary at the moment.  So, head to the right, killing or avoiding the
    crow, and go into the door, where we have a minigame, whee! A racing one at
    that. If you don't want to play, though I don't see why not, than skip this
    part.  You need to have seven of the eight dots filled and rapidly tap A to
    get to the top before the monkey, so if you don't have that many, then I'd
    recommend getting some. It's easier with seven at least (I've beat it with
    four and lots of tapping). ^.^ You get the compass this first time, this item
    telling you which way you should head in a level. You can get some more fruit
    and return, getting an extra heart that is a special item (not one that you
    gain instantly, but that you can use later), a vial of red stuff (another item
    that you can use later that refills a heart), and a little ticket that takes
    you back to your hut when you use it. 
    Climb down the tree past the minigame door and head into this new door to the
    bottom left.  A miniboss, a giant bat, awaits.  Just hit it with bones, avoid
    and kill the bats it sends after you, and duck whenever it flies over the
    platform and you'll beat it with ease.  You get a hammer for this one! This
    things is slower and doesn't have as good of range as the bone, but it can
    crush rocks and things. ^.^; Stick with the bone as primary weapon now. Now
    you can appease that mole and go play the minigame back a few screens if you
    like. I do like, so that's what I'm going to explain here.
    Again, I used seven fruits to play this game, so just mind that fact. You
    have to get 20 moles to get this guy's Fairy. An annoying task even when I
    played it. My best advice is to swing while you're heading towards the mole
    you need to bash, seeing as how the hammer swings so slow. Some of the moles
    pop up fully, while others come up halfway, thus making them vanish quicker.
    You can get about 16 or so easily, but need to be really fast to get all of
    them.  No extra items after winning this one either.  This fairy that you win
    completes the special item list and resurrects Higgins one time after his
    hearts run out. A grand item! ^.^
    Now, return to the area where the door to the giant bat was, heading to the
    right and destroying the small rock in your way. Avoid the bug, bounce up to
    the ledge, then up again to the ledge under the log, killing the four moles
    that pop up one after the other here.  I gotta say, though, I don't get why
    the bomb is here, so any help would be welcome. Anyways, keep on heading
    right from here (fall off the cliff if you really wanna), destroying enemies
    all the while.  Watch out for the running thing as you keep on going.  Fall
    down the cliff, killing the bat and avoiding the drop of water and the fire.
    Make sure you destroy all the enemies as you traverse the cavern.  When you
    make it to the end, hold Down and crawl through the small passage, going into
    the door. Kill the bat, then jump and press the button. Climb the blocks and
    get the egg, getting an extra heart added to your life! Now, if you want, can
    collect fruit to get your life to full, or continue on. If you're just
    lacking one heart, I'd just ignore collecting now.
    Climb back under the passage, then jump up to the ledges, bouncing on the
    left where the music changes at the top.  Dun, dun, dun, the boss! However,
    before facing it, bounce to the right ledge, then up the two blocks to the
    higher ledge, making sure to do it quickly as the blocks fall down.  Pick up
    this block, fall down to the main area, jump over the pit, then throw the
    block down a little before the floating block to the right.  Jump on it, on
    the block, then to the high ledge, finally jumping over to the egg and
    cracking it, getting the meat. Now, jump down at head to the right, where the
    boss awaits.  
    This boss isn't so tough, being a big stone head that throws a boulder at
    you.  Jump onto the ledge right in front of it, pelting its eyes with bones.
    When the boulder returns, run back to the left as fast as you can, especially
    if it knocked down a rock and the boulder will bounce once before it returns
    to the head. Once it explodes, the whole stage explodes and you get your red
    dino pal (Spade) back, yay. ^.^ Your pal also gives you a torch, which you'll
    need in the next area.
    Dark place, isn't it?  First thing, equip the torch and head to the left,
    bouncing up and lighting the brazier here.  However, be wary, because the
    flame dies down after ten seconds or so.  Jump across the platforms to the
    left before this happens, though I'm sure you already knew that.  Go through
    the door on the other side and you appear... at your hut?  Eerie cavern.
    Well, anyways, time to take a rest, so go inside the hut and press up on the
    left bed, getting the password for having saved Spade: J15H-9C-3G. You also
    get all of your health restored here as well. ^.^
                                       Area 2
    Now, head to the right and down the ladder.  GASP! The rock has been smashed
    on the path to the left here.  And it's happened at such a convenient time
    too.  Well, let's take advantage of this and go the path.  I would suggest,
    however, that you re-equip the bone for going down this path, the flame doing
    little against snails and, like the hammer, being a close-range weapon.
    Destroy all the enemies along the way, the two blocks in this next screen
    leading to some crystal in the ceiling, but you can't do anything here yet,
    so just ignore it.  Keep on heading left, jumping over the pit and into the
    next screen. 
     Here is a good screen!  It is, as best as I can figure, the dinos' resting
    place.  You can go into any of the doors and there is a fruit on the stand,
    your buddy that you just rescued in the Spade door.  Jump on him, collect up
    to seven fruit if you need to, then head back out to the right. Be careful
    when riding, though, as one hit and your buddy will go poof! Fall down the
    pit and head to the left, watching out for fireballs from the lava and
    destroying enemies. You don't have to worry about falling in the lava,
    seeing as how you have a big dinosaur to protect your bottom side.  
    Fall down the pit over here and head to the right, jumping over a hidden
    magma pool by following the glowing rocks in your jump.  Light the brazier
    here, then head into the doorway that you can now see.  Mini-boss time! It
    shouldn't really be all that hard.  Just shoot it with fireballs and use its
    little gaia crusher move to gain enough altitude to jump over it, should it
    get too close.  Once vanquishing it, you get the water gun.  Once you have
    this, you can (this is optional, mind you; skip on if you want) head back up
    to where you originally fell from the upper world and go to the right,
    equipping the water gun and going to play a minigame where you shoot targets.
     My only advice on this is to wait until the targets are midscreen before
    shooting.  However, the prize for this game is a fairy, which you shouldn't
    need if you haven't died.  So, if you don't need it, just ignore the latter
    part of this paragraph. 
    Jump back up to the first cavern screen nonetheless and water the droopy
    bouncy grass here.  While bouncing on it, use your bones to kill the lobster.
    After doing this, hop over to the ledge that it was just protecting, standing
    here and using your bones to kill the flying bat in the little passage way to
    the left. Once this has been accomplished, hop down and go in the door.  Hit
    the button here, then plan it so you can jump on the moving block.  The egg
    at the top gives you another heart to use in your journey, bringing your
    health up to four.  Now, head back, water the plant, destroying the bat and
    the lobster, then fall down the pit from whence you came.  Now, light the
    brazier here and water the plant, bouncing up to the ledge, then bringing
    out your dino pal again.  Just ignore the flaming platform, your being able
    to walk on the lava after all, kill the flame bird, and head all the way to
    the left, bouncing up to the left.  Unless you need a heart, water the plant
    here and bounce up to the platform, then up to the top.
    Here, you can use the water gun to kill the worm, but watch out for the
    exploding volcanoes as flames come into the foreground.  Bring out the dino
    again and keep on heading left, killing anything in your path.  Watch out for
    the worm on the small uprising near the middle as it spits a fireball that
    can easily hit you.  Fall down the pit, kill the lobster, and start trekking
    to the left.  Kill everything and ignore the doorway you see, but also watch
    out for armadillo thing near it, because it takes two fireballs to kill.
    When you get to the flaming platforms, revert to your water gun and spray
    them, jumping on the first to spray the second, then jumping on the edge of
    the cliff, extinguishing the fire.  Keep on to the right, jumping over the
    armadillo thing here, then up to the right at the hole.
    Boss time!!  Head to the right up here, jumping over the two pits while
    avoiding the fireballs, going into the next screen.  I'd just keep your dino
    pal here. Walk to the edge of the pool, then back away as the boss forms, a
    big magma ball.  Just jump and start pounding it with fireballs, running to
    the back to avoid the fireballs it spits at you, then returning. It's pretty
    easy, really.  Once you kill the big one, two smaller ones form. This is a
    little tougher.  When they stop, start pounding the bottom one with fireballs
    until it's destroyed, then jump and start shooting the top one as it is
    frozen for a few seconds.  After this time, four tiny magma balls come about,
    starting to spin just like its predecessors. This is tricky.  Fall into the
    lava pool, with dino of course, and wait until they pass overhead, then turn
    to where they spin around the platform and fire as many times as you can,
    falling back into the pool when they come back to spin over it.  Do this
    about three times and you shall be victor. 
    You now have freed Heart, a blue dinosaur that hits enemies with its tail
    and sparks that emerge from its swinging.  It also gives you a snowboard,
    which is good, though makes you wonder why it had the snowboard in the first
    place.  Equip the snowboard to move across the ice until reach the other
    side, again, this door leading you back to your hut.  The password for
    completing this area is as follows: ?H5H-9V-3?  Now it's time to continue
    on your journey in Area 3!
                                       Area 3
    Before heading to Area 3, go back over to the dino park and get Heart, then
    head back to the right.  Keep on going past the snails and monkey and
    spiders, falling down the pit.  Kill the bat, then fall down the new pit
    formed by the receding lava.  Interesting how this all ties in together,
    isn't it? Down here, fall down and equip the snowboard.  Slide down and
    the snowman will jump over you, then equip the bone and head in the doorway.
    The mini-boss is working over-time to be here already. Be careful about the
    pit because you'll have to start all over again if you fall.  Just throw
    bones at it and jump over it whenever it gets too close. Also, be wary that
    it moves faster as its life is drained.  Once you get rid of this guy,
    you'll get the spear. Another close range weapon....
    Now, head back out of the doorway, quickly stab the snowman, then jump over
    the head and climb to the top, jumping to the upper screen.  Here is where
    the spear really shines: jump under the log and hold up while pressing the
    attack button and the spear will get stuck in the wood.  Go across the gap
    with the log, then drop down by pressing the jump button again, avoiding the
    icicles and pit and killing the penguin.  If you need some health, you can
    bend down where the blocks are different and crawl in to the egg to get some
    food.  Crawl back out or move on if you don't need any food, avoiding the
    icicle at the end of the cavern and go down the second tube.  Kill the
    penguin, then equip the snowboard and move on out, though watch out again for
    the icicle at the bottom of the first down hill.  Keep on going and jump over
    the pits, jump up on the ledge, board under the clear blocks (stop before the
    end because of an icicle), climb to the top of the hill on the right, then
    board down and jump up to the clear blocks, sliding over and hopping to the
    right into the hole above.
    Avoid the snowman here, unequip the snowboard for the bone, and jump on the
    bouncy grass, heading to the left.  Destroy the bunny, then go into the door
    on the far left.  An actually required mini-game, double gasp! This one is
    for the P-Power and requires you to knock the penguin off the ice block by
    repeatedly pressing A (big surprise).  So, come in with seven fruits and
    press A as fast as you can and you'll get the prize.  Now that you have this,
    destroy the penguin outside again and jump to the other door, going in.
    You needed the power to get past the penguin in this door, which he now
    allows you to do.  Keep on heading right, destroying the seagull and penguin,
    then take a frosty bath, jumping into the hole in the ice and heading down.
    Avoid the spikes and all, heading left and down the hole, the egg under the
    ice cubes in this screen as you head toward the hole holding some meat.  
    Watch out for the spiky thing going up and down as you fall to the floor
    below, going to the left and up the two ledges, then equipping the
    snowboard at the top ledge and jumping up the hole to the right. This is
    another hard part.  You have to jump across shattering platforms to get to
    a button.  The first larger one reappears, which makes it easier if you
    actually reach the button.  The middle one, however, doesn't, so you have
    to be careful.  Once you hit the button, return to the door, then jump to
    the larger one, finally to the moving smaller one, up to the egg and getting
    half a heart. Now to find the other half, hmm?  Now, head back the way you
    came and out of the water onto the ice.  Head right once you're on the snowy
    land, killing things, then equipping the snowboard again to jump up to the
    ledge.  Board down the edge and fall into the pit, unequipping the snowboard
    when you land.
    Head to the right, avoiding the icicle, then heading down the tube.  Head to
    the right from here, crawling under the thin ice passage on the small ledge,
    then falling down the pit, heading to the left and into the door from here.
    Another tricky part. At least both of these blocks return.  Equip the
    snowboard, board over to the right, jump on the block that can fall, then up
    to the switch, hitting it.  Now, return to the door, heading to the very end
    of the ledge here, jumping up to the movable block, then jumping to the left
    when it is as low as it can go.  Congratulations, another heart! Head back
    out, destroying the mink and penguin, then water the plant and jump up to the
    left with its help.  Crawl back under the thin passage, then jump up to the
    higher ledge and keep on heading right.  Just kill or ignore the enemies,
    keeping on all the way until you get to the end, equipping the snowboard and
    jumping up to the ice cubes, equipping the watergun to water the plant, then
    bouncing up to the left.  Watch out for the penguin and icicle here, jumping
    up to the ledge, picking up the block, and putting it near the ledge on the
    right to jump up and into the hole.  
    Boss time already.  These things just seem to come so quickly, don't they?
    If you don't have full health, I'd recommend getting it now by collecting
    fruit.  In this stage before the boss, avoid the mini and big snowmen,
    heading to the right.  When you head into the boss room, you will see a big
    frozen head at the top and ice cubes directly under it. The frozen head will
    come flying down, pick up one of the ice cubes, and start carrying it,
    dropping it whenever its over you.  The best time to attack it is when it is
    getting a new ice cube.  To avoid the ice cubes, run around and get as far
    away as you can when it drops it, the cube bouncing three times before it
    disappears and it gets a new one.  Warning, also, that it gets faster when
    its low on life is in order as well.  
    For this victory, you get Club, the pterodactyl, as a new ally.  Along with
    that, you get an umbrella as a weapon, which is very odd indeed. You need it
    to get home, however.  When you get to the top of the ledges here, equip the
    umbrella, then jump and hold the attack button to float over to the platform.
    Do it again for the next two, then head into the doorway.  Get some rest at
    your hut, the password being Y15H-91-35.  You can't use the umbrella for much
    more than floating, sadly.  Now, though, you have a set of wings, being able
    to go get Club from the dino park.  To get it to fly, you hold down A,
    pressing B in flight allowing you to drop rocks.  Avoid or kill the enemies
    as you get out of that area, flying as high as you can to avoid everything,
    all the way up to the clouds.  
    Along the way, you get stopped by the clouds and have to fly down a screen.
    In this area, inside the door, is a balloon popping mini-game that you can
    play to win a fairy, should you need one.  I would suggest going to one of
    the other games to get a new one, though, as this one is really hard. You
    have to jump and hit balloons with the spear, doing the up-B motion.  I
    really wouldn't suggest playing this one myself. Only advice I can give is
    stay near the middle and once you see a balloon, quickly head in that
    direction and try to jump, hitting it at the top of the arch.  Anyways,
    continue on with Club past here to the next screen, flying up to the clouds
    and heading right until you can no longer go.  Fly back down, switch to a
    weapon (touching the water here with Club will cause it to vanish; I'd
    suggest the bone), and dive on in to the next area.
                                            Area 4
    One really wonders how Higgins can hold his breath for this long.  Anyways,
    head on to the right, killing the fish that's swimming with the bone,
    stopping for a moment and killing the jellyfish when it comes at you.  Keep
    on going right, killing the fish if you want, until you get to the door,
    going inside.  Again, the mini-bosses are getting a little pushy, this giant
    jellyfish being the one you face here.  This things acts somewhat like a
    smaller jellyfish, going criss-cross twice.  However, when it reaches the
    bottom after criss-crossing the second time, it starts to float across the
    ground, which means you need to swim to the ceiling by holding A until it
    passes under you twice, then go back down.  It will start criss-crossing
    again.  Killing it gets you the blue hammer, whee! Now, head back out, swim
    up to the ledge and to the right to the next screen above. 
    Up here, kill the crab, then bounce up to the dry land, keeping on heading
    to the right.  Kill the spiders along the way, then when you encounter the
    crystal, equip the blue hammer and shatter it, moving on to the next screen.
    Re-equip the bone and bounce up to the uprising, watching out for the
    dragonfly and jumping over its flying towards you, doing your best at
    killing it. The other dragonflies that come in from above you, you can just
    duck and they'll miss and fly in a weird pattern away, thus making them easy
    targets.  Now, you can either take the long path and jump down and then back
    up, keeping on to the right, or you can equip Club and fly to the heavens.
    Be wary, though, that at the end of the screen when you are forced to go
    down there's a dragonfly waiting to attack you, so you should re-equip the
    bone and just fall down to the lower screen.  Kill all the enemies, collect
    fruit, etc.  Make sure you only have seven though.  Jump over the gap inside
    the little cavern after avoiding the boulder, then equip Club and fly up to
    the left.  Once you can land on the ledge, re-equip the bone, kill the spiky
    snail and the dragonfly, bouncing over and entering the door to the far left.  
    Another secret chamber.  Well, not that secret, but you get the idea.  This
    one will be a whole lot easier, however.  Just walk all the way to the left,
    equip Club, and fly up to get the half of heart.  Much easier, indeed.  Now,
    re-equip the bone and head back out, falling down the pit to the next screen,
    heading back left, and falling down the pit you jumped earlier.  Kill the bat
    with the bone, then equip Club, flying to the right as far as you can,
    avoiding the falling crystal shards.  When you get to the end, re-equip the
    bone and jump up the hole to the left, jumping over the rock and killing the
    enemies, then going in the doorway to the far left.  
    Another mini-game.  Rabbit racing, this should be fun.  All you have to do
    is have the seven fruits in your possession just like every other mini-game,
    hitting B to jump over a hurdle, and you'll get to the end in no time.  You
    get the J-Power from winning.  Now, head to the right after killing the two
    enemies, falling down the hole, then falling down the first hole in this
    screen.  Go into the doorway and allow the bunny to let you pass.  Now,
    watch out for the worms in these caverns, because they can spit crystals at
    you.  If you need help, fly as close to the ledge to the left up two screens
    and go in the door, flying up and getting the meat from the egg.  After
    getting the meat, re-equip the bone and fall back down the two screens,
    heading right. Walk carefully here as spinning snails, bats, and crystal
    shards can appear out of nowhere ahead of you.  Moles, for some reason, now
    can throw crystals at you too.  At the end, fall down the hole.
    Head to the left, watching out for the worm near the middle and killing it
    with the bone.  Once you get to the lower level, it's much easier to avoid
    the falling crystal and bats. However, when you come to the ledges, watch out
    for the worm spitting crystal on top of the hill.  Duck when it spits, then
    quickly climb up and hit it with a bone.  Equip Club and fly up to the right
    as far as you can go both directions.  Re-equip the bone and fall down the
    pit, waiting for the worm to jump, ducking down and hitting it in mid-jump.
    Keep on going, destroying everything in your way, then bounce up after
    destroying the mole and head to the right.  Boss music already! Watch out for
    the falling crystals here as they really blend in and also for the crystal
    spitting worm down the road past the snail, heading into the next screen
    after making sure you have full health or at least four hearts.
    This boss is a spider looking thing like the last one, except it's on the
    ground this time.  First thing you want to do is jump on the platform closest
    to you, as the spider crawls to the left side of the screen. When it pops its
    top, start pelting the little round thing with bones, running away before the
    crystal it makes appear on the ceiling falls.  Do this, being careful that it
    gets faster and shoots two crystals out sometimes later in the battle.  It
    goes in a pattern, really.  Goes to the left, shooting a crystal to the
    ceiling, to the right, shooting a crystal, then to the middle, shooting two
    crystals.  The only time you should worry is in the middle.  If you need
    to heal, use the heart of the vial of red stuff, but I didn't need to, just
    so you know.  
    For defeating this enemy, you rescue Diamond, the water dinosaur pal.
    Along with it, you get the surfboard.  Once you get to the next screen,
    jump up to the ledges, then jump in the water, equipping the surfboard
    beforehand. This really makes water travel much faster.  ^.^ Surf all the
    way to the other side and go in the door.  Go inside your hut and get some
    rest, the password now being P15H-T1-3M.  Few places left to go adventure
    in, isn't there?  Well, there's a few more. Go over to the dino park and get
    another Club, re-equipping your bone to save your pal from harm. Then head
    back to the screen before that and hop up the two blocks through the hole,
    heading to the left.  Kill the mole and crow here, heading to the left more
    and bouncing up to the clouds and to the new area.
                                             Area 5
    First off, duck down and avoid the cloud, killing it as it flies off.
    Jump up and hit the spinning snail twice, then bounce over the fire,
    heading to the left.  Hit the egg and watch out for the enemies for a few
    seconds, letting the bomb take care of these if you want or just attacking
    them yourself.  When you get to the springy grass on the left cliff, bounce
    over a little to make sure the cloud is gone (it appears whenever you
    return to this screen from below).  So, to make sure, fall down to the lower
    screen then bounce back up and it'll fly away and not bother you again.
    Now, jump over to the cloud (make sure you're on the very end of the ledge
    when you bounce over on the grass or you'll get whacked by a second cloud),
    then to the next, finally up to the stable cloud in the upper screen.
    Up here, watch out for the spinning snails and the clouds, heading all the
    way to the left after jumping the pit and going in the door after making
    sure you have seven fruits.  Just hit A really, really fast in this mini-game
    and you'll win the D-power.
    Now, fall down the pit, heading to the left and killing all the fish along
    the way, though I suggest this only to collect fruit.  Once you get to the
    platform, kill the crab, bouncing up to the two ledges, then up to the next
    screen heading left all the way.  Go in the door and let the fox allow you
    to pass, keeping on heading left.  Bounce up the two ledges, kill the
    spinning snail, and then fall down into the abyss. I'm going to describe how
    to normally do this so you can save Club for later.  Keep on heading left
    across the sand, killing the scorpions and buzzards and avoiding the pincers
    sticking up at the bottom of the hills.  Jump a lot to get out of quicksand
    and watch out for the mini-twister before jumping over the pit near the
    middle.  When you get to the other side, use the water gun to extinguish the
    fire, then keep on going, finally falling down the pit at the end.  
    Do a medium jump to avoid the mini-twister, then head to the left, jumping
    up and to the left here to the next screen.  Go forward a little, killing
    the scorpion and buzzard, then returning some and grabbing the stone,
    throwing it on the buzzard as you head left if it reappears.  Watch out for
    the closer block of the next two as a mouse is hidden under it and also
    avoid the mini-twister coming your way.  Throw the block onto the one
    without a creature under it, then jump up to the ledge.  Kill the scorpion,
    then run past the buzzard and go into the pyramid.  
    This is a fun place..., not.  First thing you should do is kill the mummy
    bat, then equip Club, flying up and climbing the ladder with bone
    re-equipped.  Once the screen changes, climb down the ladder a tiny bit so
    you miss getting hit by the face.  Go into the doorway, bring out Club
    again, flying up and getting the heart, then going back through the doorway.
    Fall back down, go out the door, watch out for the face above the ladder,
    and head on back down. Kill the mummy bat again, then go over and pick up the
    block, watching out for the ghost as you bounce up to the left ledge.
    Head on to the left, avoiding the stone face fire, then down through the
    semi-transparent blocks, equipping Club and flying up in the middle, then
    jumping up to the next screen.  Keep on to the left past the transparent
    blocks here, bringing out Club again or using it if you still have it
    equipped and flying up to the ledge, then climbing up the ladder.  
    Jump up to the bouncy grass, then up to then next screen to the left there.
    Jump up and over the face, going on and equipping Club, flying up, then
    watering the bouncy grass here with the watergun. If any of the flames
    followed you, then extinguish them with the watergun too.  Bounce up and
    to the left, looking over and putting out the fire over there, then bringing
    out Club and flying up and over, destroying the red thing.  Equip the bone
    and head inside the door.  A giant mummy bat... original.  This is a lot
    like the first giant bat you faced.  Just get down in the middle pit,
    standing on the same side as the bat as it shoots out smaller bats, killing
    them as they come around. Then, hit the bigger bat as it goes to the
    opposite side, moving to the same side in the pit as it shoots out bats.
    From this battle, you get your new favorite weapon (mine, at least), the
    boomerang.  This nifty little things seems to hit harder and is also used
    to hit buttons. Considering your probably lost some health, go outside
    and kill the red thing, then hit the button with the boomerang, getting
    the meat from the egg.  
    Get acquainted with the boomerang, then head back the way you came until you
    get to the first screen, falling down from the transparent blocks and
    heading farther left, jumping and hitting the switch here with your new
    weapon.  Jump up on the stone face, down to the platform, then to the next
    stone face, extinguishing the fire with the watergun, next platform,
    watering the plant, then bouncing up and to the left to the new screen.
    Equip Club, flying over everything and then into the transparent blocks
    at the end, flying up the two ladders, then re-equipping the boomerang.
    Head down the ladder on the right, then up the next ladder, killing the
    red thing and mummy bat and falling down the hole on the left.  
    Jump over the first stone head here, climbing down the ladder and heading
    through the transparent blocks in the next screen.  After falling down the
    hole, head left again and making the loop through the transparent blocks
    here, jumping over and heading down the ladder.  Head left at the bottom of
    these, falling down the hole.  Climb down the middle ladder, heading right,
    then jumping up the first two stone faces to the next screen, landing on
    the third stone face on the far left.  Bounce up the fourth and the ledge,
    putting up the transport egg by pressing up on the little pedestal and
    using your ticket home to get some rest and things if you want, or you can
    go around the temple and collect fruit. Jump up to the right of the hole,
    boss music playing. Kill the enemies, then head on right, watching out for
    the ghost.
    This one has got to be the toughest yet.  It's an eye and some hands.
    O.O Eerie.  I really think you're gonna have to use something here, most
    likely the vial of red stuff as it refills you completely.  It starts in
    the center, opening its eye and trying to whack you with its hands.  Run
    across the screen to avoid them, waiting for it to go to the left. Now,
    when it's to the left, jump up in the middle and throw your boomerang at
    it to hit it, avoiding it again as it returns to the middle. Then it'll
    move to the right, doing the same thing as you did with the left here.
    You can get two hits off the left time if you're lucky.  Once it turns
    pink, it starts shooting three simultaneous bullets at you, then pauses
    for a moment, repeating the action.  Just avoid the bullets as best as you
    can and hit the eye four or five times and it will all be over.  
    For defeating this evil apparition, you rescue your final pal, Star, the
    Triceratops. Tri-Star, heh heh. >.> Along with it, you get the skateboard,
    the land version of the other two boards.  Sadly, I am not so coordinated
    on it to make all the jumps as you make your way to the door to your hut.
    So, the adventure's over, hmm?  Not hardly. The big, evil face reappears
    once you are home, stealing your girlfriend from your embrace. This thing 
    doesn't lay off, does it?  Well, go in the hut, resting and getting the
    password: B15H-51-32.  Now, head out the hut and go to the dino park,
    getting Star and equipping the boomerang, returning to your hut and heading
    past it to the left.  Of course, you can go back to the crab tree climbing
    game and get back any of the healing stuff again, should you need it before
    you go, and I'd really suggest getting a new ticket home. 
                                           Area 6
    Well, this is pretty simple.  Giant evil-looking temple and a hole in the
    ground.  Fall down the hole, down and down each screen, then go in the door.
    Now, head left and left and even farther left, killing any enemy in your
    path.  Head down the second or third ladder, then the left ladder from here.
    Watch out for the skull worm's fireballs and the skull bat and head down this
    ladder.  Heading left here until you get to the bouncy grass, bouncing up,
    killing the skull bat, then jumping to the right into the hole at the end of
    the passage.  Now, head right all the way until you get to a door, entering
    when you arrive.  Now, jump up and hit the switch, then bounce down, picking
    up the block and carrying it over to the left and dropping it, jumping on it
    to get to the moving block and finally to the egg which contains the last
    heart of the game. 
    Now, head back out and to the left, falling down the pit.  Watch out for
    all the rampaging skeletons around or they can drain your life pretty
    quickly.  Keep on heading left, under where you had jumped up to get before
    and over the boulder, heading up the ledges to the left and up into the next
    screen.  Here, jump on the bouncy grass and to the platform on the right,
    avoiding the water and killing the bat, then going up the ladder. Jump on the
    grass here, watching out for the charging triceratops skeleton, heading to
    the right and climbing up this ladder.  Now, climb to the top of the ladder,
    hit the skeleton so it will charge and jump over it so it will charge into
    the hole. Then, kill the porcupine, heading up the ledges and to the left,
    just jumping on the platforms above the spikes as you progress, watching out
    for the triceratops skeleton over here, then jumping down the hole. 
    Kill the skeleton bat, then jump over the spikes and jump down this new hole.
    A giant quicksand place.  Lovely.  Well, jump to the platform, then the next,
    doing a medium jump to go under the spikes, but landing on the platform to
    the left to continue.  Jump on the movable spikes, letting them lift you as
    high as they can, then moving on to the next platform.  Kill the two enemies
    on the opposite platform, then hop into the quicksand for a moment, quickly
    hopping back up to the next platform.  Keep on heading left, jumping on the
    platforms as best as you can and watching out for the skull worm in the sand.
    Once you arrive at the door, head inside.  It's the last mini-boss of the
    game! Aren't you proud?  Well, it's a giant skull worm that jumps around.
    All this takes is some quick reflexes, running away when it jumps before it
    lands on you. That's about the best advice I can give. Don't fall in the
    quicksand either.  You get a stone axe for the victory and you better equip
     it, because it's the best weapon you will get.  
    Head on out, watching out for the boulder that rumbles your way, and
    bouncing up to the ledge where the boulder was.  Hop on the moving platform,
    letting it take you close enough to jump to the other side.  Jump over the
    spike pit here, kill the skull worm on the other side of the wall, then hit
    the switch with your weapon.  Jump at the very end of the ledge to avoid
    this spike pit, jumping on the bouncy grass and heading down the hole.
    Jump on the boulder, slowly heading to the left by facing to the right,
    Higgins running on it causing it to move.  Turn left if you see one of the
    water drops about to fall on you, this making Higgins back up before it
    strikes. When you get to the end, ignore the skull beetle and hop on to the
    ledge, heading left and avoiding the boulder, finally climbing up the ladder.  
    Jump from the top of the ladder to the platform and quickly to the ledge
    opposite it.  Now, this is tricky.  You have to press the jump button with
    just enough power to get you over the bottom spikes, but to avoid the top.
    I just skipped it, considering there was a teleport egg right there. Press
    up on the pedestal to place the egg, then use the ticket home and get some
    rest in the hut, getting the password if you want (No, I'm not giving that
    one unless enough people ask me).  Use the teleport egg to return, then jump
    up to the right of the hole. Boss music again! Head to the right, killing
    the enemies with the the stone axe, then readying for the final battle with
    the evil mouth, whatever its form may be.  
    A giant eggplant.... >.> <.<  I really didn't see that one coming.
    Anyways, this is easier than the past couple of boss battles, at least to me.
    All you have to do is get on the middle platform and throw axes at its eyes,
    watching out for the bullets it shoots and the eggplant it makes form on the
    ground with the first bullet. Just jump a lot and dodge too, keeping on with
    the hits. When it turns red, you know it'll be dead soon.  Use healing items
    if you want, considering they won't do any good after this battle.  Your
    prize for this battle is your girly, tied in a bag... in the evil eggplant's
    throneroom... with its crest on banners. If that doesn't make you laugh,
    then something's wrong with you.  
    GASP!! The castle begins to explode. Thankfully, Club comes to the rescue,
    taking you and your girl to an island.  Club flies away and you both take
    a nice walk on the beach while the music plays and the credits roll.
    Congrats!! You beat the game! Isn't it just grand? ^.^
    5. Thanks and Comrades
    Hudson Soft for producing this great game. ^.^
    AIM buddies for listenin to me whine while I took breaks during it. 
    6. Copyright Information
    Higgins, the dinosaurs, and this entire game is copyrighted to Hudson Soft.
    This walkthrough is solely my property, trademarked and copyrighted to this
    user, Spark Pristine.  Please donít steal this walkthrough.  If you want to
    use it, E-mail me and Iíll probably let you.  However, if you do, you must
    give me credit and alter nothing.  I mean it! >:?|  If anyone wants to talk
    about Adventure Island IV or games in general, or if you need help, IM me
     at SparkPris on AIM or my MSN name is the same as my hotmail account.
    Thank you for reading!! :?) See you next time, FAQ reader!

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