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    Save State Hacking Guide by IFerrel

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                            SAVE STATE HACKING GUIDE
                                 Chaos World Nes
                            for FCE Ultra (HEXWORKSHOP)
    1 Disclaimer
    2 Character Offsets
    3 Item Digits
    4 Cheat codes
    5 Legal stuff
    6 Thanks
    1 Disclaimer
    I'm not responsible for what happens if any use the codes 
    and cause damage to your game of course if used the way describe
    here nothing bad happens  
    2 Character Offsets
    *Open the .FCx x=number 1,2,3,etc whit the hex workshop
    *All the character max is 999 (03E7)
    *Max Mp,Str,Agi,Cha,Int,Mag,Atk,Def is 255 (FF)
    *Max exp is 0f; yes 0f dunno why?(999999)
    *Put 00 in the exp when you max out or else the game reset the lvl
    Baran Male Knight  
    13b6-13b7 Current Hp
    13b8-13b9 Max Hp
    13ba      Current Mp
    13bb      Max Mp
    13be      Level
    13bf      Weapon
    13c0      Body
    13c1      Armor
    13c2      Helmet
    13c4      Exp
    13c5      Str
    13c6      Agi
    13c7      Cha
    13c8      Int
    13c9      Mag
    13ca      Atk
    13cb      Def
    13cf      Magic Equip
    13d0      Magic Equip
    13d1      Magic Equip
    13d2      Magic Equip
    Midi Female Thief
    1416-1417 Current Hp
    1418-1419 Max Hp
    141a      Current Mp
    141b      Max Mp
    141e      Level Max 255
    141f      Weapon
    1420      Body
    1421      Armor
    1422      Helmet
    1424      Exp
    1425      Str
    1426      Agi
    1427      Cha
    1428      Int
    1429      Mag
    142a      Atk
    142b      Def
    142f      Magic Equip
    1430      Magic Equip
    1431      Magic Equip
    1432      Magic Equip
    Wendy Female Mage
    1456-1457 Current Hp
    1458-1459 Max Hp
    145a      Current Mp
    145b      Max Mp
    145e      Level Max 255
    145f      Weapon
    1460      Body
    1461      Armor
    1462      Helmet
    1464      Exp
    1465      Str
    1466      Agi
    1467      Cha
    1468      Int
    1469      Mag
    146a      Atk
    146b      Def
    146f      Magic Equip
    1470      Magic Equip
    1471      Magic Equip
    1472      Magic Equip
    Orion Male Shaman
    1356-1357 Current Hp
    1358-1359 Max Hp
    135a      Current Mp
    135b      Max Mp
    135e      Level Max 255
    135f      Weapon
    1360      Body
    1361      Armor
    1362      Helmet
    1364      Exp
    1365      Str
    1366      Agi
    1367      Cha
    1368      Int
    1369      Mag
    136a      Atk
    136b      Def
    136f      Magic Equip
    1370      Magic Equip
    1371      Magic Equip
    1372      Magic Equip
    Leon Male Fighter
    1376-1377 Current Hp
    1378-1379 Max Hp
    137a      Current Mp
    137b      Max Mp
    137e      Level Max 255
    137f      Weapon
    1380      Body
    1381      Armor
    1382      Helmet
    1384      Exp
    1385      Str
    1386      Agi
    1387      Cha
    1388      Int
    1389      Mag
    138a      Atk
    138b      Def
    138f      Magic Equip
    1390      Magic Equip
    1391      Magic Equip
    1392      Magic Equip
    Liza Female Fighter
    1396-1397 Current Hp
    1398-1399 Max Hp
    139a      Current Mp
    139b      Max Mp
    139e      Level Max 255
    139f      Weapon
    13a0      Body
    13a1      Armor
    13a2      Helmet
    13a4      Exp
    13a5      Str
    13a6      Agi
    13a7      Cha
    13a8      Int
    13a9      Mag
    13aa      Atk
    13ab      Def
    13af      Magic Equip
    13b0      Magic Equip
    13b1      Magic Equip
    13b2      Magic Equip
    Nande Male Priest 
    1476-1477 Current Hp
    1478-1479 Max Hp
    147a      Current Mp
    147b      Max Mp
    147e      Level Max 255
    147f      Weapon
    1480      Body
    1481      Armor
    1482      Helmet
    1484      Exp
    1485      Str
    1486      Agi
    1487      Cha
    1488      Int
    1489      Mag
    148a      Atk
    148b      Def
    148f      Magic Equip
    1490      Magic Equip
    1491      Magic Equip
    1492      Magic Equip
    Marin Female Knight  
    13d6-13d7 Current Hp
    13d8-13d9 Max Hp
    13da      Current Mp
    13db      Max Mp
    13de      Level Max 255
    13df      Weapon
    13e0      Body
    13e1      Armor
    13e2      Helmet
    13e4      Exp
    13e5      Str
    13e6      Agi
    13e7      Cha
    13e8      Int
    13e9      Mag
    13ea      Atk
    13eb      Def
    13ef      Magic Equip
    13f0      Magic Equip
    13f1      Magic Equip
    13f2      Magic Equip
    Juno Male Thief 
    13f6-13f7 Current Hp
    13f8-13f9 Max Hp
    13fa      Current Mp
    13fb      Max Mp
    13fe      Level Max 255
    13ff      Weapon
    1400      Body
    1401      Armor
    1402      Helmet
    1404      Exp
    1405      Str
    1406      Agi
    1407      Cha
    1408      Int
    1409      Mag
    140a      Atk
    140b      Def
    140f      Magic Equip
    1410      Magic Equip
    1411      Magic Equip
    1412      Magic Equip
    Sylva Female Priest   
    1496-1497 Current Hp
    1498-1499 Max Hp
    149a      Current Mp
    149b      Max Mp
    149e      Level Max 255
    149f      Weapon
    14a0      Body
    14a1      Armor
    14a2      Helmet
    14a4      Exp 
    14a5      Str
    14a6      Agi
    14a7      Cha
    14a8      Int
    14a9      Mag
    14aa      Atk
    14ab      Def
    14af      Magic Equip
    14b0      Magic Equip
    14b1      Magic Equip
    14b2      Magic Equip
    Dona Female Shaman
    14d6-14d7 Current Hp
    14d8-14d9 Max Hp
    14da      Current Mp
    14db      Max Mp
    14de      Level Max 255
    14df      Weapon
    14e0      Body
    14e1      Armor
    14e2      Helmet
    14e4      Exp 
    14e5      Str
    14e6      Agi
    14e7      Cha
    14e8      Int
    14e9      Mag
    14ea      Atk
    14eb      Def
    14ef      Magic Equip
    14f0      Magic Equip
    14f1      Magic Equip
    14f2      Magic Equip
    Mara Female Bishop     
    1516-1517 Current Hp
    1518-1519 Max Hp
    151a      Current Mp
    151b      Max Mp
    151e      Level Max 255
    151f      Weapon
    1520      Body
    1521      Armor
    1522      Helmet
    1524      Exp 
    1525      Str
    1526      Agi
    1527      Cha
    1528      Int
    1529      Mag
    152a      Atk
    152b      Def
    152f      Magic Equip
    1530      Magic Equip
    1531      Magic Equip
    1532      Magic Equip
    Kail Male Mage   
    1436-1437 Current Hp
    1438-1439 Max Hp
    143a      Current Mp
    143b      Max Mp
    143e      Level Max 255
    143f      Weapon
    1440      Body
    1441      Armor
    1442      Helmet
    1444      Exp 
    1445      Str
    1446      Agi
    1447      Cha
    1448      Int
    1449      Mag
    144a      Atk
    144b      Def
    144f      Magic Equip
    1450      Magic Equip
    1451      Magic Equip
    1452      Magic Equip
    Enak Male Bishop
    14f6-14f7 Current Hp
    14f8-14f9 Max Hp
    14fa      Current Mp
    14fb      Max Mp
    14fe      Level Max 255
    14ff      Weapon
    1500      Body
    1501      Armor
    1502      Helmet
    1504      Exp 
    1505      Str
    1506      Agi
    1507      Cha
    1508      Int
    1509      Mag
    150a      Atk
    150b      Def
    150f      Magic Equip
    1510      Magic Equip
    1511      Magic Equip
    1512      Magic Equip
    Carry Items
    1535 XX max items
    1536 XX max items
    oc=donkey     Max 12 items
    12=Horse      Max 18 items
    1b=carriage   Max 27 items
    1335  ff  Max Gold 65535
    1336  ff  Max Gold 65535
    3 Item Digits
    01=Short Sword
    02=Iron Sword
    03=Steel Sword
    04=Mirage Sword
    05=Crystal Sword
    06=Flame Sword
    07=Earth Sword
    08=Sun Sword
    09=Anger Sword
    0a=Aless Sword
    0b=Iron Spear
    0c=Silver Spear
    0d=Crystal Spear
    0e=Kaiser Spear
    0f=Holy Spear
    10=Old Staff
    11=Ancient Staff
    12=Magic Staff
    13=Silver Staff
    14=Crystal Staff
    15=Blizard Staff
    16=Thunder Staff
    17=Flame Staff
    18=Holy Staff
    19=Michenu Staff
    1a=Short Bow
    1b=Steel Bow
    1c=Thief Bow
    1d=Aero Bow
    1e=Light Bow
    1f=Quartz Crystal
    20=Blue Crystal
    21=Red Crystal
    22=Dark Crystal
    23=Leather Armor
    24=Chain Armor
    25=Plate Armor
    26=Knight Armor
    27=Dragon Armor
    28=Crystal Armor
    29=Flame Armor
    2a=Wind  Armor
    2b=Photon Armor
    2c=Plain Cloak
    2d=Silk Cloak
    2e=White Cloak
    2f=Mage Cloak
    30=Mirror Cloak
    31=Crystal Cloak
    32=Light Cloak
    33=Leather Shield
    34=Iron Shield
    35=Knight Shield
    36=Photon Shield
    37=Magic Bracelet
    38=Silver Bracelet
    39=Orb Bracelet
    3a=Crystal Bracelet
    3b=Strenght Bracelet
    3c=Earth Bracelet
    3d=Light Bracelet
    3e=Leather Helmet
    3f=Magic Helmet
    40=Light Helmet
    41=Iron Helmet
    42=Knight Helmet
    43=Dragon Helmet
    44=Photon Helmet
    45=Flame Magic
    46=L.Flame Magic
    47=Freeze Magic
    48=L.Freeze Magic
    49=Volt Magic
    4a=L.Volt Magic
    4b=Gaia Magic
    4c=L.Gaia Magic (Dummy)
    4d=Sleep Magic
    4e=Stop Magic
    4f=Confuse Magic
    50=Siren Magic
    51=Flying Magic
    52=Turning Magic
    53=Feel Magic
    54=All Feel Magic
    55=Field Magic
    56=Cure Magic 
    57=Poison-C Magic
    58=Stone-C Magic
    59=Para-C Magic
    5a=Resource Magic
    5b=Antima Magic
    5c=Anti Magic
    5d=Force Magic
    5e=Guardin Magic
    5f=Mind Magic
    60=Blast Magic
    62=Dual Herb
    63=Tri Herb
    64=Pois Herb
    65=Para Herb
    66=Stone Herb
    6a=Pegasus Wings
    6c=Impress Flower
    6d=Impress Potion
    6e-Gold Necklace
    6f=Star Sapphire
    70=Moon Sapphire
    71=Cosmo Sapphire
    72=Spring Fire
    73=Dragon Necklace
    75=Ancient Book
    77=Temptation Key
    7a=Guide Ball
    7b=Rainbow Flower
    7c=Ideia Badge
    7d=Sun Statue
    7f=Flare Raiser
    4 Cheat codes
    *Open the Cheat Menu in FCE Ultra
    *Change the value to 000 in the no random battle code to battle every step
    *Be sure to mark enable in the status of the code :P
    *For the double codes put the codes in another window @_o
    Name:    Character start points
    Adress:  0057
    Value:   255
    Name:    Money 65535 Gold
    Address: 6040
    Value:   255
    Name:    No Random Battles (My favorite :P )
    Adress:  0333
    Value:   009
    Name:    Orion 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  607e-607f
    Value:   255
    Name:    Baran 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  60de-60df
    Value:   255
    Name:    Midi 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  613e-613f
    Value:   255
    Name:    Wendy 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  617e-617f
    Value:   255
    Name:    Liza 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  60be-60bf
    Value:   255
    Name:    Leon 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  609e-609f
    Value:   255
    Name:    Nande 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  619e-619f
    Value:   255
    Name:    Marin 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  60fe-60ff
    Value:   255
    Name:    Sylva 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  61be-61bf
    Value:   255
    Name:    Dona 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  61fe-61ff
    Value:   255
    Name:    Mara 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  623e-623f
    Value:   255
    Name:    Juno 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  611e-611f
    Value:   255
    Name:    Kail 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  615e-615f
    Value:   255
    Name:    Enak 65535 exp points every battle
    Adress:  621e-621f
    Value:   255
    5 Legal Stuff
    Chaos World is property of ENIX
    This guide is (c) IVAN FERREL
    6 Thanks
    Gamefaqs the best site for game information
    Fce Ultra team for is excellent work in the emulator
    Natsume for making the game 
    Xanathis for the excelent guide 
    Aeon Genesis for translating the game to english
    Myself for hacking this IVAN FERREL

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