Review by Brimstone-x

"A great, but forgotten game."

I'm going to review this game because one day I came across it, and even though the name made it sound crappy, I played it. And it was one of the best Nes fighters I had ever played. And heres why:

--Gamplay-- 10/10

The gameplay seems a little strange at first. But it grows on you. Basically you choose from Eight little robots, and each of them have four special moves each. There is four different modes to choose from. You can pick 1P War, in which you go on story mode and battle eight robots and every world. There are four worlds. You can choose to go on 1P Vs COM. In which you can go fight one of the eight robots controlled by a computer. You can go to 1P Vs 2P where you can fight a friend. Or You can go to COM Vs COM, where you watch two computers fight. But all in all, its got great gameplay.

--Story-- 6/10

The games only downfall in my opinion. The story is kind of a Megaman rip-off. Two scientists named Erwin, and Ivan. Erwin and Ivan are best friends and built many robots together. But one day Erwin went into the lab to learn 7 of his robots were stolen. The lab was destroyed and Ivan was gone. He appears on TV later and it seems he's gone mad, because he wants to conquer the world. So Erwin repairs his lab and builds a robot named Skapon. And for your first battle you use Skapon to defeat a robot of your choice. And for the first world, every time you beat a robot, it joins you. And later on you use the 8 robots from world one to defeat the robots in other worlds using unique moves that each of them have. Seems pretty basic huh? But it isn't that bad in my opinion.

--Sound-- 10/10

The music in this game reminds me of Megaman, which has some awesome music. The songs in this game are quite catchy and sound crystal clear and are pretty good quality for a nes game.

--Graphics-- 10/10

Your typical nes graphics, only bigger, badder and better. The graphics on this game are neat. Similar to Rayman but it looks nicer. The characters are little robots with no limbs attaching there arms, legs and head. You might be thinking that sounds crappy. But in this case its a good thing.

--Rent or Buy--

You'll probably never find this game, but if you do, BUY IT. You will not regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/17/06

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