Review by Chunkey Simmons

Reviewed: 02/21/07

That's quite a difference, action and puzzle adventure in one!

Your friend gets taken away by an enemy. You walk in a scary castle, eager to get her back. You go into these mazes, realising it's much harder then it looks. Almost telling you to give up right then and there. What would you do in this position? Well if you play this game, your soon to find out...

What does this game look like? I literally picture nothing.

The game feature's a blue blob, with a tail, and no mouth. He walks around in a bird's eye view board, and you collect hearts. When you collect them all, you go on to the next board. It's gets a little tricky though. Some enemies have certain catches to them that make the game a lot harder, like one that hits you when he can see you straight on.

Does this game have action, like you made it sound in the introduction?

I'll start by giving you a straight forward answer; yes, it does. You have to act very fast, otherwise in most positions, you are not going to make out the way you want to, but keep in mind: the keyword is "most". Sometimes you can stand in one spot in the game and stay alive. Almost all of the time, it is the enemies that trap you. Some of them go and hit you and your done, but others are moving walls, and try to trap you in corners. Once your trap, there is absolutely no way to get out, unless of course you have a weapon, otherwise, the only way is to press select, which kills you. Not every level is action, some levels are puzzles you must solve, and some are both. It is not a simple 'get all the hearts and go to the treasure!' object, the beginning levels are like that, but some levels involve an object, like the hammer, that you can only use it once, and you got to use it in the right spot in the level, or your toast The action is there, and puzzle or no puzzle, I can already reward this section a ten out of ten..

I'm not good with these types of games, how would you rate the difficulty of this game?

It is quite hard once you get to the higher levels and floors, and not only because of the enemies. Some of the levels, I looked at them, just staring at them, thinking 'what do I do?'. Some of them looked like I needed some kind of hammer, and didn't offer one in the level, but then I notice a spot I can get in, twenty deaths later. That's another thing. You never really have to start over when you loose all your lives. When you die, you just get put back to the first level of the floor you were on. Even if you were to give up and not play the game, you would only have to remember a password four letters long, not guessable password, but not hard to remember. I don't even think I would have to write them on paper. That's just one thing that makes the game easier, and more annoying. I have never beaten the game myself, but I know people who have, so I know how long the game is (although ny estimation could be off), and I know how difficult the game can really get. For difficulty, because of the action and the puzzles, the difficulty I think would indeed be an 8/10.

How good are the controls?

Perfect. Even more then perfect. It's hard for me to explain how the character you control does not move when they get to the right square, they move immediately; but it is easy to explain that the turnings are very sharp. The enemies too move sharply, and it is cool to see. That's basically it. I think the controls have well earned it's 10/10, I think they will pat them selves on the back for that.

So, how are the tunes, the music of the game?

Well, for a puzzle game, I expect some kind of different rhythm, and for action, I usually hear some kind of dramatic music, but both? I personally think the game's music more matches the puzzle sound of the game then the action, although, I certainly think it is better that way. As the music for all HAL games, it gets a ten out of ten.

Do you know how long it will take to beat this game?

As I said two paragraphs ago, I do know, but my estimation might be off. With all the difficulty in the puzzles and the action, it's going to take you at least two days. If you know what you are doing, probably a single day, and if you are extremely good, maybe an hour or two, if you are trying to do a speed run anyway. :)

After going through this game, do you think I'm going to play it again?

Yes I do. The game is fun, and another reason to play it, is for speed to see how fast you can beat the game, and maybe if you have not played the game in a long time, and crave to play it again.

Overall recommendation?

If you love puzzle games, better yet, action and puzzle game, you may ot to drop by and play this game and see for yourself how good it is, although, if you did not like the sound of the game when you read this, you are probably not going to like the game either. If the game sounds interesting to you, then I recommend it all the way, it probably cost a good three dollars at a retro video gaming store.

Adventures of Lolo (NES)
Overall score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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