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"Fun, challenging, unique puzzle game."

The Adventures of Lolo is a unique game in an NES world of predominantly action and fighting. The object is not to fight your way through tons of enemies, but instead to think your way through puzzles. It may sound unexciting, but the increasing complexity and overall concept makes for a mind-bending addictive game.

Lolo's love Lala has been kidnapped and taken to the top of a mysterious tower. It's up to Lolo to get through the 50 rooms (on 10 floors) in order to save her. To advance to the next room, Lolo must open the treasure chest and get the jewel. It's not as easy as it sounds, of course. He has to push green blocks in front of traps to avoid being caught, as well as using his Magic Shots to turn enemies into eggs, which can be floated on rivers or maneuvered around like blocks. The rooms start off easy, but later on they require a complicated series of steps, which can often involve exact timing as well.

Lolo's enemies each have a specific role. For example, the harmless Snakey is there to be turned into an egg that can be helpful. But the firebreathing Gol comes to life when the treasure box opens (done by collecting all the hearts in the room) and will burn Lolo if he crosses his path. Even worse is Medusa, who will turn Lolo into stone if he ever crosses her gaze. But by moving eggs and blocks around, Lolo can neutralize his enemies.

The graphics are decidedly average, but at least you can recognize everything in the room immediately. The music is a repetitive loop that gets annoying fast, and the sound effects are nothing to speak of. However, the emphasis is on the puzzles, not the technical aspects, and fortunately the controls work fine as you strain your brain.

The game is difficult and challenging, and some of the puzzles may take days before you see the solution. Realizing this, the designers put in a password feature as well as unlimited continues, to ensure that any frustration comes from the puzzles, not from having to start all over again.

Overall, the game is fun, an excellent challenge, and a nice change of pace from most NES games. The game was good enough to spawn two sequels, which feature new and different puzzles to get through. And there's nothing quite like it in the NES world.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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