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Reviewed: 07/23/09

One of the best puzzle games ever! Maybe right below Chip's Challenge.

Synopsis: A classic puzzle game for the NES. Though they tried to put a plot to it by making you, Lolo, save your girlfriend, pretty original right? That’s not the reason to play this game. You’re Lolo, some kind of blue orb with eyes, and you go through rooms of the castle where your girlfriend lies. The rooms consist of different kinds of tile to step on, different items, and monsters with different functions. Anybody that knows anything about one of my favorite games “Chip’s Challenge”, will know that this game has the same qualities to it. It can get pretty mind boggling at times, but the concept of what you do is original, classic, and fun.

Graphics: A tile based puzzle game for the Nintendo doesn’t need great graphics, it could be as simple as possible, and still get the job done. But even with this game, they made interesting looking monsters, pretty detailed for a game that needs not much of it, and even some of the “cut scenes”, such as Lolo entering into the castle in the beginning of the game, were better than many NES game’s graphics, and this is a puzzler!

Play Control: It’s easy, you just go up, down, left, and right, and shoot/use an item every once and a while. There is one major flaw I think though: It’s so damn easy to accidentally push the arrow button more than you want to, thus making you die. The slightest press of a button in this game could cost you a life. And you don’t just walk from tile to tile, but you can stand on two tiles at once, so often you’ll push a block or something a little too far. It’s very easy to make those mistakes, thus the mistakes you make is one of the most frustrating things about this game!

Game Design: I found it excellent! First I should note that anybody that actually designs levels for puzzle games, is an automatic genius. Kudos to those people, most definitely. Good level designs or not, there were many different kinds of monsters, items, tiles, etc., to make variations of levels with, so that’s a definite plus. There’s even two more games after this one! The game is addicting and tons of levels to play, they succeeded with this game.

Satisfaction: When I first heard of this game, I got a bad feeling. But once I actually played it, I got into it immediately! Then I played for a few hours without wanting to put down the controller. Though some levels were perplexing and made you want to punch somebody, these are the puzzle games I like, and I’m not a big puzzle guy.

Sound: This is one of the game’s flaws. The same repetitive tune is used throughout the entire game. 50 levels! The song isn’t annoying when heard a few times. But try hearing it while trying to concentrate on how to figure out a difficult level. It’s way more distracting then fun. Semi-annoying tune + 50 levels = Big mistake.

Comments: If you like puzzlers, this will be a rockin’ good time. If you don’t, you still may like it. Most of the earlier levels are pretty easy to figure out, and only a few of the later levels was I actually on for more than 10 minutes, so that’s the kind of difficulty you’ll be dealing with. Not impossible, but not super easy either. And that’s the way it should be: Mediocre.

Ultimate Rating: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Adventures of Lolo (US, 04/30/89)

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