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Reviewed: 03/03/01 | Updated: 03/03/01

Adventures Of Lolo : Cute blue ball with eyes meets with puzzles

The scenario here is simple. Princess Lala was kidnapped by The Great Devil. To save her, Prince Lolo must enter and make his way in the haunted castle of The Great Devil. Even if he's not really strong or agile, he's very intelligent. The intelligence (His and yours) is the main weapon in the battle to save Princess Lala and her kingdom.

Only the A Button and the control pad are used. The button to do actions and the pad to move. If Lolo is stuck or made a mistake, you can hit the Select button to restart the level - costing you a Lolo, of course.

Every level in the game is a labyrinth. Other than monsters, each labyrinth is made with special blocks called ''Heart Framers'' and ''Emerald Framers''. The ''Heart Framers'' sometime give Lolo magical powers that helps him defend himself or to cross certain obstacles. Monsters and their projectiles can't cross Framers. You can't move Heart Framers. Emerald Framers, on the other hand, can be moved around to more useful spots, to block a monster or a projectile. When Lolo was succesful at collecting all the Heart Framers in the room, a treasure chest opens. When you reach the chest, all the monsters dissapear and the door that leads to the next level will open.

This game is pure strategy. Many levels can only be completed in a certain way : Go there, grab this, move the Framer to there, make the monster follow you and capture him with this. Reflexes are not neccesary here.


This booklet is a mess. But this thing is so simple it could have have been easy to explain it (Go through each room by taking all the Heart Framers and reach the treasure before you are caught.) The booklet is mainly used as a reference for when you meet new monsters or reach new levels.

Game Elements

Added to certain similarities with the arcade game Pengo, Lolo have certain interesting spins. Certain Heart Framers contain magical powers, like the ability to make little bridges or to destroy big rocks. Others give him a limited number of magic shots that change the monsters in eggs. Lolo can push these eggs in the water and push it to a new area.

Add more elements would have hurt the strategy aspect of the game. Since the buttons are barely used, the player can concentrate on the game strategy.

Sound & Visual Effects

Oh Sh!t ! Cartoonis music again !! But you can take the volume down, the sound plays a very minor role in this game.

The visual effects are interesting and the objects are easilly recognizable. On the other hand, the more detailed image in the game is used for the introduction, not the actual game. Graphically, Lolo himself is the most interesting sprite. He's looking like a blue ball with ears and large expressive eyes. There's also ''Gol''....which suspiciously looks like ''Bub'' and ''Bob'' from the Bubble Bobble series and a large number of monsters that sleep during the game until you walk by them.


If you can think in advance like a chess player, you will progress through this game quickly. The arcade game abilities are not useful in this game. There are no levels that are walks in the park. In general, you need to do it the right way or you won't succeed. The game is simple in the early level but becomes extremely difficult at the most advanced levels.

Final Word

These characters are reminiscent of saturday morning cartoons and give the illusion that this is a kid's game. IT IS NOT. Very few kids could complete many levels. Teenagers and adults that are looking for a good challenge will love Lolo.

This game was widely distributed and shouldn't be a pain to find in your local retailer. It has also been emulated perfectly, so you can find the ROM and try it before buying it. It worths it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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