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"One of THE MOST CLASSIC puzzlers, and one of my very favorites!!!"

The Adventures of Lolo is one of the best games for the NES. It came out in 1989, and I have always loved this game. This game also spawned two sequels, both of which are equally good. HAL Laboratory did a great job on this game, and I wish that we could see more games in this same series come out for other systems, hopefully, in the near future. Although GameFAQs only allows review scores as high as 10, I'd probably give this game a 15 if I could. This game is just perfect! It rules!!!

Story (7/10)
Lolo's girlfriend Lala is captured by the mean Great Devil. She is taken off to a huge castle and she is kidnapped there. It is Lolo's job to go in and solve 50 mind-bending puzzles (10 floors with 5 rooms each) and save his girlfriend.

Gameplay (10/10)
There are 10 floors and 5 rooms in each floor, for a total of 50 rooms. Each room is an 11x11 board consisting of obstacles, blocks, and enemies. Your job is to collect all the hearts in a room, and a jewel chest will open. Grab the jewel, and all the enemies will vanish, and the exit door will open. Go through the door and you go to the next room. But, along the way, you will encounter some challenging enemies, like the Medusa, who, if you cross her line of sight, will shoot a wave and kill you. Most of the enemies are much tamer, like the Snakey, who can't harm you in any way, and he just looks at all the action. There are also green blocks that you can push to block enemies. When you take certain hearts, you get magic shots, and you can shoot enemies with these and turn them into eggs, which can be pushed around, and used in several ways, like blocking enemies, opening passages, or travelling on water. These eggs can be pushed around like the green blocks. Also, you will have opportunities to use power from time to time, like destroying rocks, building bridges, or turning arrows. It starts out really simple, but as you get further and further into the game it gets more and more complicated. Then you will really have to start using your brain and do a lot of thinking ahead! In general, this game is challenging, but it is very good nonetheless.

Control (10/10)
It's just plain simple. You use the control pad to move Lolo all around the board. You use the A button to fire magic shots or use your power once you have the ability to. Magic shots turn enemies into eggs, which can be pushed around. Also, there are green blocks that you can push around to block enemies, and you push them around just like you do with eggs. It works very simple, and it is not too slow. If you make a mistake, then you can restart the same puzzle by hitting the select button. This will also cause Lolo to lose one of his lives. All the control in the game is just right, and it responds just when you want it to.

Graphics (10/10)
All the graphics in this game look very detailed, especially the enemies. First off, there's the Snakey, which is a cute, green worm that can do no harm to you. He looks at all the action. There are a lot of other enemies in this game, but the meanest-looking of the group are the Medusa and Don Medusa. And I mean that the Don Medusa looks menacing. Lolo is a blue ball with eyes, and he looks very good. Even the expression on his face when he gets killed is detailed and looks good, too! Lala looks the same as Lolo, except she is pink. She looks really good. Trees, rocks, and all other environment looks nice and detailed, too. everything in this game looks very good.

Sound (10/10)
All the sound effects in this game sound great. For example, the sound when you pick up a heart containing some magic shots sounds great. Plus, there's also the sound when you grab the last heart in a level (thus opening the jewel box) and grabbing the jewel sound good, too. When Medusa or Don Medusa shoots you, you hear a ''ZAP!''—that sounds good, too. There are a few others, but I don't need to mention them. There's nothing wrong with the sound effects. They’re perfect.

Music (10/10)
There is only one theme that plays throughout the whole game, but I like it a lot. The reason why I gave this category a 10 is because that music just makes you think. There are a few other tunes, like the one played when you climb the staircase to the next floor. That piece sounds very triumphant. And the music that plays when you save Lala sounds really good, too. All the music in this game sounds very good.

Challenge (8/10)
This game starts out really easy, but it gets harder as you go along. This adds up to a great challenge. If you want a good challenge, try this game. You'll love it!

Replay Value (6/10)
Once you play the game through once, you won't have any more trouble getting through it like you did the first time, and once you play through it several times, it will not be hard at all, hence the 6.

Buy or Rent? Buy!
If you can find this game for $30 at any video game store, buy it and have all the fun you can have with it!!!

To sum all of this up, it is a very addicting puzzle game that will keep your brain working for hours. This game rules!!!

My score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/22/01, Updated 07/22/01

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