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"After I write this, I'm checking myself into LA (Loloholics Anonymous)."

:: blood vessel twitching on forehead :: No better time to review a game like this than right after beating the last level! This is one game where part of the fun actually comes from the addiction factor. Innovative puzzles and a simple yet endearing main character make this game appealing to kids and older gamers alike.

Story: 4
You're a slime with arms and legs and you have to save Princess Lala (also a slime with arms and legs) from the castle of the Great Devil. Needless to say, you won't wanna play the game for the plot. :P

Gameplay: 9
To clear a room, you must collect all the heart boxes, which opens a treasure chest which holds a jewel. Picking up that jewel opens a door or makes a staircase appear. You'll have to deal with enemies (like the dreaded Don Medusa) and obstacles (sand, rivers, etc.). To help you, sometimes you will find heart boxes that give you special magic shots, which turn most monsters into eggs, which can then be shoved around. Shoot a shot at a monster that is already an egg and they go bye bye, but they will rematerialize in their original position after a few seconds. Sometimes you will gain special powers (such as being able to break walls or lay a bridge over a river) in certain rooms if you pick up enough heart boxes.

Some rooms not only require brains, but fast reflexes as well. There are times when you will have to use some fancy footwork to stay alive. This adds to the fun of the game in spades.

It only gets more fun the farther you get. This is one of the most entertaining ways I've given my mind a workout in a long time. This game is fun for kids, but make sure they're at least around 10. If they are younger than that, the game will probably be quite frustrating for them.

A simple, easy to remember four character password lets you keep your place as you trek through the 50 rooms.

Graphics: 8
Simple, yet colorful and get the job done. Lolo himself is quite well animated. It's neat to watch him walk around. The intro graphics are also pretty cool.

Sound/Music: 7
Sound effects such as magic blasts and doors opening are decent. Since there are so few songs in the game, you'd think that they'd become annoying after a while, but for some reason they don't, which is very nice. The few songs there are fit with the mood of the game very well. Nothing you'll wanna listen to outside of the game, though.

Control: 10
Seamless and responsive. Walk, push, shoot, stand next to obstacles and use special powers. You can also press Select if you get stuck and need to start over.

Replay Value: 1
You most likely won't wanna play through the same levels over again and sadly there are no hidden bonus levels. They should have included a room creator.

Bottom Line?
This game is definitely worth the buy from Funco Land. It may not have replay value, but there's a 99.9% chance of you having a lot of fun playing through this game (unless you hate puzzle games, that is). Besides, you can always sell it back and put the store credit towards a purchase of Lolo II! This game is a classic, extremely enjoyable NES puzzle game, which is why I give it a 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/24/01, Updated 09/24/01

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