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"A fine puzzle game."

The Adventures of Lolo is a puzzle game for Nintendo. The game consists of several levels of puzzles where you must collect all the items in one level to proceed to the next. The Adventures of Lolo is a good puzzle game. The best part of The Adventures of Lolo that it is a long game, especially for a Nintendo game.

Graphics (5/10)
The Adventures of Lolo features average Nintendo graphics. Nothing too special, but the graphics are good enough that you can interpret what everything is without much problem. The graphics for this game are you just your average, everyday Nintendo graphics.

Sound (5/10)
The sound in The Adventures of Lolo is great, but it does get annoying after listening to it all day long. If the game featured a few more pieces of music, it probably would have scored higher in this section.

Controls (3/10)
The controls for this game seem basic at first, but then you can start using different buttons to do all kinds of different things based on your location and such, and that's something I don't like about this game.

Challenge (8/10)
The Adventures of Lolo is very challenging. This game has very hard puzzles in it as well as easy ones. As you progress in the game, the challenge greatly increases, which is one of the best parts of this game.

Game Length (10/10)
For the prehistoric cartridge that contains The Adventures of Lolo, they sure knew how to make the length of this game maximized. That's the definite best part of this game. Not only is the game challenging, but you get to enjoy that challenge for a long, long time.

Replay Value (2/10)
The Adventures of Lolo cannot be replayed easily, as you will probably remember how to solve most of the puzzles. The Adventures of Lolo will sit in your closet for at least a couple months after playing it until you are able to play it again.

Gameplay (7/10)
The Adventures of Lolo is very enjoyable, especially if you like puzzle games. The courses are all very different from each other, which is surprising considering there are a lot of them. This way you don't get tired of courses that are too similar, and you can enjoy the game much more than you can your average Nintendo puzzle game.

Originality (6/10)
Though it shares the same concepts with other puzzle games, The Adventures of Lolo has original content and courses which are very different from puzzle games I have played. The Adventures of Lolo is a little above average when it comes to originality.

Overall (5/10)
The Adventures of Lolo is your average puzzle game. It is fun, and it is very long. Not only is it long, but also very challenging. I would recommend buying The Adventures of Lolo. You'll have fun with it, and you will also spend long hours playing it. If you were to rent this game, you probably wouldn't stand a chance of beating it in the time that you rent it in. Overall, The Adventures of Lolo is a fine game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/25/01, Updated 11/25/01

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