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Reviewed: 12/06/01 | Updated: 12/06/01

Who thought controlling a puzzle solving blob would be so much fun?

Puzzle games are relatively hard for me to get into, simply because I’m so Tetris biased with my puzzle experience that I really don’t get into other ones all that often. A friend of mine turned me onto this game, and after a few minutes of playing, I have to say that I was hooked from start to finish! The game takes place with you in the role of LoLo, a little blue blob that has had his woman, LaLa stolen by the Great Devil and spirited away to a huge castle and it is up to you to save her. While the plot of the game is just like any other freaking’ game that you’ll come across on the Nintendo Entertainment System, you’ll find that the game play is something akin to Boxxel for the Game Boy and in some strange way, Bomberman! Through fifty stages, you’ll have to solve puzzles that get progressively harder with each passing stage and will require you to use your brains more than you will use your brawn. All of this adds together for some impressive game play and with some interesting visuals out of a NES game, you’ll find that the game is well worth the cash.

The game starts you out at the bottom level of a huge castle, and right away you’ll be introduced to the first of several puzzles that will meet you as you progress through the game. These puzzles range from the very easy to the insanely difficult and it will wrack your brain in later levels on just how to figure out what to do and what to complete! Now, the basis of the game is not solely on killing your enemies, but rather collecting different items in the room that will open up a huge treasure chest and therefore allow you to excel to the next level. The trick is to use the different objects in the room as well as the enemies around you to accomplish this goal, and to get those different enemies to do what you want, you need to turn them into eggs. While this may all seem to be a little out of whack, when you get into the puzzles and have to avoid different enemies while continuing on your goal, you’ll find that the game takes on that special ability to make all logical reasoning cease and your social life disappear! Addicting to say the least, the different puzzles that you encounter will keep you on edge, while rescuing the woman is little more than a secondary mission.

With only one button that you need to use and the directional pad to control LoLo through the stages, you’ll find that there is no instance of Ghost Control here in Adventures of LoLo! Moving your little guy through the stage is something that takes very little thought and the only thing that you need to do is learn how to time your shots so you magically change whatever gets in your way. Moving the blocks is little more than more directional pad movements, and in the end, anyone of any skill level can learn how to use what there is to offer here. Nothing advanced or challenging about the controls, it is a relief to play a puzzle game that doesn’t require perfect timing nor precise control to get the job accomplished!

Visually, the game is simple yet detailed enough to show that the game is relatively advanced in the way that it should look. The enemies especially are detailed to a degree that you’ll see animation that you just won’t find in a game like Tetris or Dr. Mario! The stages that you come across are all detailed and laid out differently to give you plenty of visual variations, so there is very little here that could be considered repetitive by any means. Probably one of the best features in the visuals is when LoLo gets iced, and you see this really strange expression on his face akin to disgust, which is detailed enough to really make you feel what LoLo is thinking and feeling!

The audio is a little off key for my tastes, but really does set the mood for what type of game that it is. The second part of that is that the music is the same theme all throughout the levels and after about stage twenty or so, you’ll need to mute the television just so you can clear your head a little bit! It’s not that the music is all that bad mind you, but it does tend to get on your nerves with the way that it repeats and the cute sound tones that it reproduces. The sound effects are ranged from different situations that come up as you perform different things. A ringing sound when you pick up different containers to the enemy sound effects and the special things that they do when they attack all come together with a rather nice touch. What impresses me the most is that the sound manages to keep your interest for more than an hour without getting on your nerves too much before you start to bet annoyed!

The Adventures of LoLo is a great puzzle game that probably every NES gamer should probably try at least once in their gaming life. With several hours of mind twisting puzzles, excellent visuals and simple to use and play control, you’ll find that this is a step above Tetris with several instances of almost being perfect! However, you’ll find that the game is one a time through type of game only, and once you’ve gone through with your character, there isn’t much else that you can do with the game other than put it up on the shelf. NES gamers will find this title to be a good diversion from the usual puzzle games that are featured on the NES, while puzzle gamers will find plenty of challenge in just solving what the game has to offer! Worth a look, it’s collection worthy any way that you slice it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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