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"The game's best quality is Lolo's dead sexiness."

This is one of the best puzzle games EVER created. This is a perfect game in every aspect as far as I am concerned. It seems that the plot is that your girlfriend Lala has been kidnapped by an evil king and that you must pass through 50 rooms of perilous traps, risking life and limb (wait a minute, you don't have limbs, you are a round blue ball who's only signs of being alive are 2 eyes).

Gameplay/Control: 10/10
The control in this game is excellent. It follows your movements exactly and you should know whether or not you are in range of things hitting you or whether you are safe from death.
The gameplay is fantastic. This is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played and I actually enjoy it. I usually hate puzzle games. You basically go around collecting all the heart containers on each floor. Once all the heart containers are collected, the treasure chest opens. When you touch the treasure chest all the enemies will disappear and the door to the next level will open. There are various enemies that try to get in your way and kill you. The most pathetic one is Snakey, who will not even attack you if you touch it and push against it. Some enemies chase after you and Skulls only come to life once the treasure chest is open. The worst enemies are Medusa and Don Medusa...if you walk into their line of sight you instantly die. You can push blocks around to block enemies and you can turn some enemies into eggs and do the same with them.

Graphics/Sound: 9/10
The graphics in the game are pretty darn good. They really went through a good deal of trouble to make a puzzle game look very good. It is easy to tell when you are in danger of an enemy killing you. It is also easy to tell what terrain there is in the level, which is helpful because enemies can't walk over certain types of terrain.
The sound in the game is repetitive, but good. After level 20 I decided to put on a cd, because the music was annoying and the sound effects are rather unnecessary for beating the game. The only sound effects I really remember from the game are the sound that is made when you shoot something to turn it into an egg and you can tell when you turn something into an egg or pick something up, so why bother with the sound?

Replayability: 9/10
Puzzle games are great because they usually have almost endless replayability. For example, Tetris can be played forever and I have been playing it for 12 years now. I will probably never completely tire of strategically placing blocks. The same is true with this game. Once you beat the game, you probably won't want to touch the game for a long time, but eventually you will long to play it again. Then you can try to defeat the game with less deaths and in a lesser amount of time.
This game is definitely worth downloading and should also be purchased if you can find the original cartridge.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/31/02, Updated 08/31/02

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