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"One of the few NES games that stand the test of time"

This game was my nemesis when I was a kid, but now it seemed pretty easy. I sat down and beat it in a single day, so I suppose I owe it a eulogy.

Graphics 8/10

For the time these graphics were quite decent. The tiles are nice and big and you can tell everything apart really easily. No squinting, and it looks quite nice, though I've seen better from the NES.

Sound 6/10

Worst part of the game. One twenty-second long clip of utterly syrupy music plays on every stage from start to finish. Worst still, the sound the medusa's make when they kill you is enough to give you a heart attack if you're not expecting it. It's like one of those dumb flash animations where you're staring at the screen intensely except an image pops up - it really freaks you out, but it's utterly lame if you do it on purpose. Turn the sound up really loud for the best effect - or not. I'd suggest playing your own music.

Control 9/10

Lolo controls relatively responsively - much better than most NES games. You move up, you move down, you shoot, etc, instantly after you press the button, and there's no real major faults except when you use eggs to float on water. That gets dicey - sometimes holding the d-pad in the right direction won't get you off and you end up in the drink. And thankfully, there's a suicide command so you can reset the level if you screw it up irrecoverably - you'll do that a lot.

Gameplay 10/10

Lots of good stuff going on - it really locks together really well. Basically, you're Lolo, and you're job is to rescue the princess from the tower. To do this you must go up a number of floors, each of which have a certain number of rooms. Every door is locked - in order to open the door, you need to open the gembox and take the gem. In order to open the gembox, you need to collect all the heart containers on the level. Sounds easy, right? Not! You have all sorts of various baddies blocks and other obstacles to get in your way and tick you off. It works really really well. One problem is that the game's rather short - it can definitely be beaten in under three hours if you know what you're doing, and if you're pretty smart you'll probably clear it in a couple of days. There aren't any saves though - just a password system that uses 4 letters. Pretty cool overall - they don't make games like they used to. Genre-wise, it's hard to classify - it's not an adventure game, not an RPG, not an action game, and it's different from most puzzle games because you actually control a character... It's weird, whatever genre it was part of must have died out - it's a real shame.

Challenge 9/10

Nothing's impossible this time around - If you're pretty smart you could probably beat it in a day (I did it after not touching the game for months and I never made it past the 6th floor when I was a kid), but it'll take most people a few weeks. The floors are cheese until you hit the 7th or the 8th - then it gets harder. Don't use a faq or ask for help from another person - it totally kills this kind of game.

Overall 9/10

Not quite on my ''must play'' list of NES games (Super Mario Bros. 3, Final Fantasy 3j, Megaman 2, Zelda, and Punch-Out), Adventure of Lolo is a really solid game that'll definitely provide some serious fun for an afternoon. Unlike the rest of the games on the must-play list though, this really hasn't lost much over the years - it's still a blast to play. It's a nine only because of the irritating BGM.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/09/03, Updated 06/22/03

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