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"Lolo's first game is a hit !!"

The adventures of Lolo is about two people lolo and lala, but one day a Devil kidnappes Lala and he brings her to his fortress where Lolo must solve challenging puzzles to save Lala from the Devil. So can you figure out the Great Devils fortress to save Lala in time?

Story - 7
Lolo saving Lala from the Great Devil and going into his fortress and solving puzzles untill your confronted with him.(Bye the way he's a push over!) Not the best story put it fits in with game well.

Control - 10
Can't get any better than this. You move Lolo to push blocks, and to shot enemies which turns into eggs that you can push. When you press up on Lolo once he moves up half a space, then when you hit it again he's standing on full space. (This REALLY comes in handy in this game.)

Graphics - 8
Not the greatest in the world, but who really needs GREAT graphics in this game. This is one of the few areas that Lolo isn't the best in. (But who needs outstanding Graphics for this game, it doesn't need it.)

Sounds/Music - 10
Very enjoyable! If your stuck in a room for ten minutes or so the music will NEVER ge on your nerves, it actually cheers you up!

Challenge Meter


I give this game a 10! Like all puzzlers, they tend to be easy at some parts and harder at other parts. But this is what this game was made for......too challenge that tiny little brain of yours! So don't get upset when your stuck on a with it!

Fun Meter


I give this game a 10! It's a very fun game if you like puzzlers. It really is fun to puzzle over a level! You might be on a level for 10 minutes or more and when you think it is impossible, you figure it out! (Believe me, this happened to me a lot and I can't tell you how I felt when I finally figured out a level!)

Overall - 10

A fun game that is challenging and fun at the same time! You can never get tired of this great series. And the next two games get better and better! If you like this get Lolo 2 and Lolo 3! Great things with the high quality of the first one. HAL did a great job with this game!

So what are u reading this for?........get the game and start gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/21/03, Updated 07/21/03

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