Review by Vegita

"Hey...why am I a little blue ball with eyes?"


Sound Effects:4/10
Play Control:8/10
Group Enjoyment:7/10
Individual Enjoyment:8/10

Good Points:
We have an interesting game here! You play the part of Lolo, a little blue orb-guy, and you're trying to save your girlfriend, Lala, from the evil King (I forgot his name, but I'm pretty sure it follows the same pattern). In order to rescue her, you need to enter the bad guy's castle and...solve puzzles? I guess this guy hopes you'll get frustrated and leave him alone. So, does he succeed, or will you save the day?

Graphics: Not much here. Your guy's an orb, and the enemies are rather basic. The floors are basic too, but at least there aren't any meshing of colors for enemies/items.

Sound Effects: There's not enough to warrant even an average score!

Music: Not enough, nor are they diverse enough, to warrant a higher score.

Originality: Sure, there were puzzle games before this, but THIS game is amazing! Kudos to the writers of the game for this one!

Play Control: You move, he moves. You want to use an attack (if you've got one), you press a button. Wow, that was hard. You don't have to figure out ANYTHING to get through this game!

Enjoyment: Sure, you can have just as much fun with a group watching (and telling you how to get through a certain room), but where's the fun in THAT? Therefore, the individual enjoyment is higher (you got through the room yourself, didn't you?).

Challenge: This game is ALL about the mind games. They range from the very basic to the VERY complex. This game is GREAT!

Ending: Ok, so it's nothing spectacular. But you DO save the girl, and you feel so GOOD getting through all those puzzles, don't you? At least it's not as frustrating as getting to that last crucial stage on a cliff, only to get knocked off by a cheap bird or something (I'm referring to Ninja Gaiden here).

Bad Points:
Well, some of the puzzles might confuse you. Other than that...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/09/00, Updated 02/09/00

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