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Reviewed: 07/13/01 | Updated: 05/20/02

A cool game for puzzle fanatics

The Adventures of Lolo 2 was a new kind of puzzler back in its day, around 1987. Lolo is a round, blue creature that has the ability to walk, along with a few other abilities. Lolo's girlfriend, the pink Lala, has been kidnapped by a mean monster, so it's up to Lolo to try his best and find her.

The whole game of The Adventures of Lolo 2 takes place in a thin, but towering castle. If you start the game from the beginning, it will show Lolo walking toward that unbelievably tall castle (great graphics in that part), and then it's time to start playing. The Adventures of Lolo 2 is a one player puzzle-type game.

It's played like this: Each level of Lolo 2 consists of trying to collect all the heart items in the level, which all fits on one screen. Once Lolo collects all the hearts in a level, a crate with a pearl inside it will open up. Lolo then just has to walk up to the box, get the pearl, and then exit out of the door that just opened. But it's not as easy as I'm making it sound. In each level, there are many enemies with certain abilities that are hired to try and keep Lolo from getting out of that stage. There are several different kinds of enemies, and they all have different abilities and tactics. There are dragon-looking ones that just stand in place and look back and forth, but they're usually in the way of something such as the valuable hearts. There are many others such as stone rock enemies that run and try to box Lolo into a corner, enemies that shoot arrows the instant they see the blue creature that calls himself Lolo, the dreaded Medusa heads that light up and can shoot Lolo if they're not completely boxed in, and many others.

As I mentioned a little earlier, Lolo mainly just walks around real fast, but he does have other abilities, but first you have to find those abilities for Lolo. When Lolo collects certain hearts, he will obtain the ability to shoot a bubble or two. Lolo can shoot almost any enemy and instantly turn them into a bubble. Once an enemy is transformed into this bubble contraption, Lolo can do things such as push them around, push them into the water and then use them to get to the other side, or shoot them with another bubble to make them disappear completely from the whole screen. There are many other items Lolo can use, such as a ladder that can be placed in certain places in order to get to otherwise unreachable places.

It's always easy to know what items you currently have at any time during the game. On the right side of the screen, it always shows how many lives you have left, how many bubbles Lolo has ready to use, and a graph with three slots that shows any other items such as the ladders, that Lolo has obtained. Oh yeah, there's one more ability Lolo has, but it's not on the good side of things. In case Lolo ever gets trapped in a corner or just gets too frustrated for his own good, you can always press a certain button combination to command Lolo to shake and throw away one of his lives.

The levels in The Adventures of Lolo 2 are well varied. There are basic levels at the beginning of the game that are so straightforward even a 2 year old could get past them, and as Lolo gets farther in his journey, the levels will get A LOT more difficult to figure out, and they'll have a bunch of more numerous and tougher enemies. In other words, this game gets tough pretty quickly and unless you're really good at puzzle games, then you'll probably have a tough time with this game. There are levels full of rocks, trees, and other objects you can't move, and others have boxes you can move or a flowing stream right in the middle. You'll have to figure out how to use weapons and items, how to get past the enemies, and even moreso, find out what order you need to complete your strategies in, to successfully get to the next level.

The Adventures of Lolo 2 is a fun and challenging game, but unless you're great, and I mean great, at puzzle video games such as Move The Boxes, then you might want to look elsewhere before purchasing this one.

GRAPHICS - Lolo 2's graphics are pretty basic for an NES game, but they're not bad in any sense. The characters have cool looks and decent animation, and the other items in the levels are fairly basic, yet colorful and well done.

SOUND - The sounds aren't bad at all. The sound effects sound pleasing, the music goes with the levels, and it's even somewhat catchy in parts.

CONTROL - Controlling Lolo is easy. All you have to do is move him up, down, left, or right, and press the button when you want to use an item. Sometimes you'll probably wish Lolo could move a little faster, but it's not a problem with the controls.

REPLAY VALUE - I've never been a huge fan of puzzle games other than the Tetris ones, so therefore The Adventures of Lolo 2 isn't one of the games I've played the most. However, it is fun to play and fun to try and figure out how to get past the levels. That is, until I get to a level which I just can't figure out even if my life depended on it.

OVERALL - The Adventures of Lolo 2 is a fun and challenging game, but it's one that's more for the hardcore puzzle fan. To make it short, if you like puzzle games a lot, then get this game, but if you're not much of a fan or only somewhat of a fan, you might want to skip this one.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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