Review by Rick L

"It could've been better."

I had to try this game out for myself, since I had heard about it for years. Well, it was different from what I had thought, since I had never seen pictures of the game at all!

Graphichs: 7/10

The graphics in this game were cartoony, but alright. The water in the first level looked AWESOME!! Great job programmers! On the other hand, Amagon looks WAY too strange in his normal form. He looks like a man with a head that's higher than it is wide wearing a woman's swimsuit tiptoeing around with a black! Whazzupwitdat?! Megagon looks like some stereotypical macho man you see on the beach that all the chicks faint for more than a Backstreet Boy. Whazzupwitdat as well?! Oh well. Not much I can ask why about!

Sound: 2/10

Right now I do not have a head, as the first level music was so bad that my head exploded into tiny fragments. It's repetitive, annoying, and sounds like cats dying, and a dog trying to bark with a bad cold. There isn't much in the way for SFX either. Complain, complain, complain!

Gameplay: 7.5/10

Well, it's alright, but aiming and jumping is just the ultimate b---h. You have to be dead on or you miss entirely. Not fun. Regular Amagon dies in one hit, so you have to be a friggin' acrobat or else you're gonna get killed by one of the many things either on LSD, Acid, or are just pissed off and wanna touch someone to make them show a stupid expression on their face and fall. Megagon is the way the game should be! Nice, easy, damn near invincible, power, my God! He's awesome! Other than that, the controls are very responsive and there's really nothing to whine about, except for my complaint above. Also, NO BULLET LIMIT!! Really, that gets aggrivating. There's no need of it.

Replay Value: 0/10

NO!! Don't do it! Spare yourself the pain of dying 4,383,498 times again! You won't wanna beat it again. Hell, I haven't even beaten the first level, and I KNOW I don't wanna be playin' this again! So take it for me. Only do it to torture someone.

Overall: 5/10

Like I said, this is an average game that could've been greatly improved. If you're lookin' for an OK game, this is the one. If you're lookin' for a difficult game, this could be your niche. If you're lookin' for SMB3 quality like a lot of picky people are, stay away.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/03/02, Updated 01/03/02

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