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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WillyFourEyes

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/24/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Publisher: American Sammy Corporation
    FAQ Writer: Walter "SiliconHero" Williams
    FAQ Version: 1.0
      1. Enemies
      2. Equipment
    I, SiliconHero, claim myself to be the sole author of this walkthrough. The
    latest versions of this walkthrough can always be found at the following
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    first by sending an e-mail to the address (or addresses) above. This FAQ is only
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    All questions concerning this guide and/or its author should be directed to
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    walkthrough, then it would be greatly appreciated, as well.
    version 1.0 - November 23, 2002
    - This is a "complete" walkthrough, so to speak, as it includes help for getting
    through to the point where you have to defeat the Shogun to get Arkista's ring.
    Enemy information has been added, but I haven't added how many HP they have to
    take before going down. Perhaps I'll include that in a later update.
    Control Pad - move Christine around.
    A button - fires an arrow from Christine's bow.
    B button - pauses and selects an item from Christine's inventory. Press the A
      button on a highlighted item to use it.
    Select Button - only used between stages. Checks Christine's current status.
    Start Button - same as the B button.
    Stage 1
    + The first stage is very easy. You'll be met with very little opposition here,
    as Scorpions, Goblins and Poison Weeds are your only foes. You need only kill
    most of the Scorpions and Goblins to make the key appear.
    + After you kill three enemies, a Poison Weed will appear in the small forest
    maze to the east. Kill it to obtain an item.
    Stage 2
    + Wolves make their first apearance on this level. They're faster than
    Scorpions, but can still be killed in one hit. Defeat the enemies and take the
    key sitting to the north of the volcano.
    + Both of the Poison Weeds (the one at the base of the volcano and the one
    guarding the door) contain items.
    Stage 3
    + This field is a bit more open, with trees scattered about. There are a lot of
    Wolves here, as well. As you defeat them, a Magician and a Goblin should appear.
    Kill enough enemies to force the appearance of another Poison Weed, and kill
    it to obtain the Key to the gate.
    Stage 4
    + Now you're in a village, where the Goblins have taken over. Watch out for the
    holes in the ground. If you walk on one of them, then you'll lose a health point.
    Weave your way around the buildings and slay the Goblins and Magicians until
    the Key appears. You'll see one of the Goblins being held in place by the door.
    Once you unlock the door, he'll attack. Defeat him and take the stairway that
    he was guarding.
    Stage 5
    + This underground area is populated by Zombies and Bats.
    + There are three different exits that appear to lead to the next level, but
    only the one on the north-west side is the correct one. The others will disappear
    when you touch them.
    + If you're low on health, you can enter the room with the Healing Stone to
    recover (touch the block with the cross on it). You can only use it once per
    level, though.
    Stage 6
    + In this level, the generation point of the Key is right near the staircase
    where you start, but you'll have to do a bit of meandering around and fighting
    Skeletons and Slimes until you can get it to appear. The door and staircase are
    both on the south end.
    Stage 7
    + Now, you've entered a sewer. You'll see Worms emerging from the water to the
    right, and a quasi-invincible Skeleton Knight roaming around nearby. If you try
    to shoot it, its bones will crumble, but it will get back up after a few
    seconds. If you have yourself a holy stick from a previous encounter, use it,
    and the Skeleton Knight will disappear, leaving behind an item. When you kill
    all the Worms, the key will emerge, but so will some Squids in the locked rooms
    to the left. You don't have to kill them all to advance - only the one in the
    room on the northwest side.
    Stage 8
    + The pathways in this section of the sewer are tight, and they're guarded by
    Squids. Since you can't maneuver very well in these paths, use the Thunder Wand
    to eliminate a cluster of them so that you can proceed. Most of the Squids carry
    items, so be sure to pick those up. The exit should be on the north-east side.
    Stage 9
    + After escaping from the sewer, you should re-emerge on a snowy plain. There
    aren't many tough enemies to worry about here. The Scorpions should fall with
    one show of your bow, and the Amoeba shouldn't pose a problem as long as you
    have a Holy Stick. Getting to the exit will require you to push through the
    mountains in the northeast to make some of them disappear.
    Stage 10
    + You're back underground, where you have to contend with Skeletons, Slimes,
    cave Bats, and a Will-o'-the-Wisp. The Wisp is in a room that guards the exit to
    the next area, so you'll need to get the Key on the north-west side by killing
    all of the other enemies in the room.
    Stage 11
    + Your playing field is split in half by a long line of trees. On your side of
    the fence are a horde of Goblins, and on the other side, a handful of Fire
    Spirits (these monsters can take quite a beating). Defeat as many Goblins as you
    can until the Key appears, and then use it on the odd-looking tree (?!) to pass
    through. Defeat the Fire Spirits that stand in your way, and then head for the
    castle up north.
    Stage 12
    + This castle level is relatively simple, with more easy-to-beat-up enemies.
    Kill them all and grab the key, and then go through the door to reach the
    Stage 13
    + This floor of the castle is surprisingly wide open. It should give you enough
    room to run around while dodging and shooting at Pixies. There are also Shadow
    Spirits in the room. Your arrows will pass right through them, so break out a
    magic wand and zap them with it.
    Stage 14
    + When you enter here, head right for the center room and kill off the Crawlers.
    When you turn to leave, you'll meet some hunched-over Skeletons. You can shoot
    at them, but they'll just regenerate themselves to attack you later. If you have
    one, use a magic wand on them. If you don't, ignore them and go after the Black
    Jelly outside of the room. This should generate the Key, which you can use to
    unlock the room with the Healing stone in that center room, and the stairway to
    the next level.
    Stage 15
    + This stage is a little tougher. Take out the armored Knights in each corner of
    the room, and then go after the Ghosts flying around. When you defeat them, a
    Manticore will appear in the middle of the room. It will walk back and forth
    slowly and shoot its tail spikes at you if you get close. A direct attack
    against it will certainly cause you to lose a lot of life, so hide behind a wall
    and use the Fire Wand and pelt it with fireballs. Defeating the Manticore should
    earn you the Key that you need to proceed.
    Stage 16
    + You'll be dropped off in the wilderness now. Beat up the surrounding Goblins
    for items (use any Cure Potions in your inventory to make room), and watch out
    for flying Tengus. Push your way through the odd-looking trees to reach the
    center of the forest and grab the next Key.
    Stage 17
    + You'll be assaulted by Tengus in this part of the forest. Defeat them all,
    and then head north-east to the resting place of the Key. Unless you have a
    Holy Stick handy, just ignore the Amoebae and head toward the exit at the north-
    Stage 18
    + Here in the graveyard, you'll be attacked by Ghouls, who hide in the ground,
    and then chase after you when you come near. Shooting at them will cause them to
    hide for a while, but then they'll get back up and chase after you some more
    until you use a Holy Stick on them. If you don't have one, then ignore them
    and go after the Slimes. Kill them all and grab the Key lying in the center, and
    then head back to the north to enter the tomb.
    Stage 19
    + Head into the narrow pathways and shoot down the Slimes and Skeletons. You'll
    have to do a lot of walking around because there are a few coffins lying in your
    Stage 20
    + More narrow pathways in this level, AND you'll have to contend with floating
    Skull Ghosts. Shoot them down and go for the Key in the center room. Next, head
    to the south-east toward the door, and follow that path to the stairs, clearing
    your way of the Skeletons by using magic.
    Stage 21
    + Shoot down the many Bats flying around the room, and then go into the center
    room to fight the Vampire. You'll have a little more room to dodge his fire this
    time, but he takes a great deal of shots to bring down (even more so than the
    Manticore). If you have the Elf Mirror, then you can stand in front of him and
    face his shots. If not, then you'll have to go down the ladder into the room
    where he appeared, and stand on either side of him (he can only move up or down,
    never left or right). Grab the Key to continue.
    Stage 22
    + This level will take you into a pinkish-looking cave, with four doors blocking
    your way. Defeat the swooping Bats to make the Key appear. Use a Thunder Wand
    or a Holy Stick on the Will-o'-the-Wisps that appear. There are plenty of fake
    exits in the narrow corridors, and each one you step on will cause another bat
    to appear. The correct one lies in a room at the north-east of the map.
    Stage 23
    + Another cavern with more of those nasty corridors. First, take out as many
    Slimes as you can in order to generate the Key at the south of the map, and then
    go back to the North, heading down the LOOOONG path on the left side of the map.
    Open the door to reach the exit.
    Stage 24
    + You'll start out in a wide-open room full of Crawlers. As you start to pick
    them off, slower-moving, but harder-hitting Golems will surface. They'll shave
    two hearts from your Health Bar if they get close. Stay at a distance from them
    and use the Fire Wand to power up your bow. When you defeat these enemies, a
    swift Ninja will appear, and start chasing you around the room. This bugger will
    do even more damage to you (3 hearts worth), but if you have good arrow
    strength, he won't last long. Grab the Key, and then open the second door from
    the left to find the exit.
    Stage 25
    + This room is very wide open, and as soon as you move forward, you'll get
    swarmed by a group of Ninjas. Using a Thunder Wand won't get rid of all of them
    right away...you'll have to put a Fire Wand on and start shooting away. You'll
    have to be nimble, because one of those Ninjas will slash at you and do *6*
    life points worth of damage (which will kill you if you have anything less than
    a shield equipped). Use a Ninja Stunner if you have one.
    Stage 26
    + Kill the Crawlers, and then take the second path from the left, making sure to
    check the wall for fake blocks. Defeat the Squids, and use a Fire Wand to push
    back the Manticore. Defeat it, and head straight ahead toward the Ninja pagoda.
    Stage 27
    + The Green Ninjas on this level have an annoying habit of jumping over walls
    to try to get to you. If you have any Ninja Stunners saved, use them to
    immobilize these Ninjas, and shoot away. You'll have to beat every last enemy
    in this room before you can get the Key.
    Stage 28
    + This room is filled with blue Star Ninjas. These guys don't have the ability
    to hop over walls like their green cousins, but they can still annoy you just
    the same with their shuriken-throwing ability. If you kill half of them off, a
    very speedy white Elite Ninja will accost you (it can also shoot and jump). Use
    the Ninja Stunner to prevent him from attacking you, and then unload a quiver
    on him.
    Stage 29
    + You'll enter a wide-open room with Golems and red Ninjas of all varieties.
    Get them out of the way as quickly as you can, and then concentrate your fire on
    the lumbering Golems.
    Stage 30
    + Lots of Ninjas will come swarming after you. If you don't have a handful of
    Ninja Stunners, then you'll have to rely on Cure Potions and sheer luck to
    survive this battle. Once all of the Ninjas are disposed, you'll have to find
    the Key, and navigate your way past a bunch of hard-to-see fake exits (note:
    the only real one is placed behind a door).
    Stage 31
    + Oh, boy...you've done away with most of the Ninjas, but you still have one
    very angry Shogun Warrior to contend with. This Shogun will dart around the room
    throwing shurikens and lightning bolts at you. If you have the Elf Mirror, then
    you should be fine, but if you don't, you're in for a world of hurt. Try to stay
    as far away from the Shogun as you can, and shoot him down with arrows.
    Defeating this powerful baddie will earn you the prized Arkista's Ring. Grab the
    key in the Middle, and then use the Healing Stone on the upper-right if
    necessary, and escape the Pagode through the door on the upper-left. This will
    take you back outside, where you can watch the castle crumble. You've beaten the
    game!!!.....or have you? Exit the castle, and you'll start on Stage 32, where
    the enemies are faster and harder to shoot down this time around.
    C.1. Enemies
    - Moves slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 1, 9.
    - Points: 100
    - Moves slowly, and sometimes throws axes at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 1-4, 11, 16.
    - Points: 100
    Poison Weed
    - Stays in one spot and shoots at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 1-3.
    - Points: 200
    - Moves relatively slowly, chasing after you.
    - Appears on Stages: 2-3.
    - Points: 200
    - Moves quickly, darting around the field at diagonals.
    - Appears on Stages: 3-4.
    - Points: 400
    - Moves slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 5.
    - Points: 100
    - Flies slowly in a wave pattern toward you.
    - Appears on Stages: 5, 10, 22.
    - Points: 500
    - Moves slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 6, 10, 19.
    - Points: 300
    - Stays in one spot and shoots at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 6, 10, 18-19, 23.
    - Points: 300
    Skeleton Knight
    - Moves slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 7.
    - shooting it will cause this Skeleton to fall apart. Use the Holy Stick to
    kill it.
    - Points: 600
    - Moves slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 7.
    - Points: 100
    - Stays in one spot and shoots at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 7-8.
    - Points: 200
    - Moves quickly, darting around the field at diagonals.
    - Appears on Stages: 8, 15.
    - Points: 400
    - Moves very slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 9, 17.
    - can only be defeated with the Thunder Wand.
    - Points: 2000
    - Moves very slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 10, 22.
    - your shots will pass right through it. Use the Holy Stick to kill it.
    - Points: ?
    Fire Spirit
    - Moves very slowly while throwing rocks at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 11.
    - Points: 1000
    - Flies slowly in a wave pattern toward you.
    - Appears on Stages: 13.
    - Points: 500
    - Moves slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 12.
    - Points: 100
    Shadow Spirit
    - Moves very slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 13, 15.
    - your shots will pass right through it. Use the Holy Stick to kill it.
    - Points: 2000
    - Moves slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 14, 24.
    - Points: 100
    Black Jelly
    - Stays in one spot and shoots at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 14.
    - Points: 200
    Skeleton 2
    - Moves very slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 14, 20.
    - shooting it will cause this Skeleton to fall apart. Use the Holy Stick to
    kill it.
    - Points: 600
    - Moves very slowly.
    - Appears on Stages: 15
    - Points: 300
    - Moves very slowly (up and down), and shoots its tail spikes at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 15, 26
    - Points: 5000
    - Flies slowly in a wave pattern toward you.
    - Appears on Stages: 16-17.
    - Points: 400
    - Hides in the ground and chases you at normal speed.
    - Appears on Stages: 18, 22
    - shooting at the Ghouls will force them into hiding temporarily. Use the Holy
    Stick to kill it.
    - Points: ?
    Skull Ghost
    - Moves quickly, darting around the field at diagonals.
    - Appears on Stages: 20.
    - Points: 400
    - Moves very slowly, and shoots fireballs at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 21
    - Points: 5000
    - Moves very slowly. Does 2 Life Points damage if it touches.
    - Appears on Stages: 24, 29.
    - Points: 1500
    Sword Ninja
    - Moves quickly, and attacks with a sword.
    - Appears on Stages: 24-25
    - Points: 500
    - Flies slowly in a wave pattern toward you.
    - Appears on Stages: 25.
    - Points: 500
    Hopping Ninja
    - Moves quickly, and can hop over walls.
    - Appears on Stages: 27, 30.
    - Points: 2000
    - Moves very slowly (up and down), and shoots fireballs at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 27.
    - Points: ?
    Star Ninja
    - Moves very quickly, and shoots throwing stars at you.
    - Appears on Stages: 28.
    - Points: 800
    Elite Ninja
    - Moves extremely quickly, shoots throwing stars at you AND hops over
    - Appears on Stages: 29-30.
    - Points: 3000
    - Moves very quickly, and shoots shurikens and lightning bolts at you.
    - Appears on Stage: 31
    - Points: 10,000. Holds Arkista's Ring.
    C.2. Equipment
    Items are usually found in small pouches left behind by enemies. The items that
    they give away are completely random. If you pick up a pouch and hear the normal
    "item obtained" sound effect, but don't see anything pop up in your pouch, then
    you've probably stumbled upon a bow or arrow upgrade. Bow upgrades will increase
    Christine's shot distance, allowing her to hit enemies from further away, and
    Arrow upgrades will increase her shot power, allowing her to take down enemies
    with fewer hits. The bow/arrow strength progression increases like this:
    Short -> Cross -> Middle -> Long -> Giant
    In order to view how strong your bow or arrow is, you'll need to check the
    Status screen by pressing the Select button between stages.
    Fire Wand
    - gives Christine's shots the power of fire, allowing them to pass through most
    solid objects.
    Thunder Wand
    - destroys all enemies on the screen.
    Holy Stick
    - wipes out creatures that can't be killed with your bow, like the Skeleton
    Knights in Stage 7.
    Cure Potion
    - recovers Christine's health.
    Leather Armor, Shield, Gauntlet, Helmet, and Mantle
    - extends Christine's maximum hit total by one, allowing her to absorb an extra
    hit before she dies. If she has all of these items, then she can take as many
    as ten hits before dying.
    Extra Pouch
    - increases Christine's bag capacity, allowing her to hold one more item.
    Extra Life
    - gives Christine an extra life.
    Elf Mirror
    - Protects Christine from projectile attacks.
    - restores one heart to Christine's Life meter instantly. Will usually happen
    if her bag is full when she retrieves a pouch.
    Point Bonus
    - Gives Christine a 500 point or 2000 point bonus
    Ninja Stunners
    - holds those pesky Ninjas in place. Doesn't appear until at least Stage 24.
    Arkista's Ring
    - restores your health as you walk around.

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