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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kains D.

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough ver 0.1 by Kains D. (samael@merdenoms.net)
    Version 0.1
    Done at 1 o'clock AM, 'nuff said.
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is far from being a popular game for the 
    NES, but I found it challenging enough to keep me playing it until the 
    end. I'm writing this just for the fans out there. Keep in mind that 
    this is my first FAQ and I'm not a native English Speaker. Oh, and that 
    I haven't played the game for years. Future versions will be better, I 
    promise; I'll greatly appreciate your feedback to correct anything.
    -Controls and strategy
    Forget about what the instruction manual says, it was written by someone 
    who is even drowsier than me.
    B buton
    You can dash (press and hold B button with Right or Left directional 
    arrows) until you reach the the tomato factory. It is VERY useful. This 
    also works to make Chad climb ladders faster.
    At the end of stage 2 (the sewers) you'll slide and grab some rocks 
    which you can throw to the pipe organ. You must stand in front of the 
    pipes in order to throw rocks that can break them.
    But the most important use of B button is to control your jumps. Since 
    you must stomp on most enemies EXACTLY in the middle or on the head, 
    jumping higher and farther is very important.  Use the directional 
    arrows to land Chad correctly and avoid damage.
    There are three types of items: The (useless) fertilizer bag, which only 
    adds points to your score ; the lunch bags which come in two different 
    presentations: one will heal four ticks of your life bar while the other 
    will heal all ticks.
    The latter makes you invencible for a short time since it will keep you 
    healing while the "healing" sound lasts. You may call this the "Starman" 
    of Super Mario Bros. because most enemies die when you touch them (and 
    they hurt you unless you stomp on them).
    Practice your jumps. Even when the controls are good, stomping on 
    tomatoes and not getting hurt is a very precise art. This is specially 
    true of flying enemies which are the toughest to beat flawlessly. Do not 
    forget that large tomatoes break up into small seedlings that may hurt 
    Pay attention to the background, this is not your ordinary plataformer. 
    In certain parts you'll have to push up or down on the directional pad 
    in order to proceed. And never forget to look for ladders when you seem 
    to wander in circles. Lack of observation may get you stranded at the 
    third and last level.
    Be patient
    Do not try to kill two enemies with one jump unless you've practiced a 
    lot. Most of the time you'll get hurt if you rush. And avoid skipping 
    "cinema displays" or you'll miss the true last stage and ending.
    -Stage strategy
    Stage 1
    The streetlights will help your sight. Run towards the kamikaze tomatoes 
    whenever you see them, they dive very high so they'll miss. Practice 
    your jumps. Jump three or five (can't remember) on Tomacho to defeat 
    him, beware of your landing since you'll bounce. Jump into the manhole.
    *Weird stuff
    Once you've become an expert with jumps, you may land on Tomacho on the 
    left side and facing right so you keep bouncing as he escapes to the 
    left to the beginning of the stage.
    Stage 2
    As you fall, hold right to land in a safer place. Push up to enter the 
    door. You'll slide when you touch the slime in whatever side you're 
    facing. Beware of the leaks, be patient and time your jumps and slides. 
    Kill enemies before jumping. You'll encounter the hooded figure, ignore 
    it, it will only run away and you can't catch it. Avoid Ketchuk also, DO 
    NOT try to stomp him. Once you get to the pipe organ room (you'll nedd 
    two ticks of energy, at least), you'll get the rocks (which can be used 
    only for this part of the game). Stand then press the B button to throw 
    one of your infinite rocks. Now, instead of smashing the left pipes, 
    begin with the right ones. you must break all pipes to defeat the 
    *Weird stuff
    If you keep throwing rocks into the pipes, you'll keep gaining points 
    for your score. So, you may gain whatever score you want.
    Stage 3
    This is the toughest and largest stage of all. First, dash and high-jump 
    (jump while holding button B) to avoid Beefsteak and land on the  
    conveyor belt. Now your problem will be the annoying mechanical arm that 
    chases you. It hurts you only when it is extended, time those jumps to 
    the highest conveyor belt. You'll get to a machine which drops normal 
    tomatoes. Notice the weird panel-thing on the wall. Use the spot where 
    tomatoes are laid and high jump to touch the panel. You'll be able to 
    walk on the ceiling. Now use the same spot to high jump to the left as 
    far as possible. You'll reach the ventilation duct. Get inside and use 
    the same panels to alter your gravity and make your way up to Dr. 
    Gangrel's chamber. Begin squashing every enemy that appears right next 
    to Dr. Gangrene, move to the left if you have problems. After you stomp 
    enough tomatoes (about 7-10) you can go to the right where the next 
    stage awaits.
    *Weird stuff
    Killer Tomatoes cannot be stomped when you are upside down.
    Stage 4
    Now you must stomp er, stop Doomsday Tomato. This is stage is pretty 
    straightforward, just climb and climb. When you cannot climb anymore, 
    turn around at the corner (press up or down) until you can climb more. 
    Be careful with Fang. If you face Zoltar then you are going the right 
    way. Dodge him by dashing under him (think of King Koopa). If you fail, 
    return to the previous room. Keep climbing until you reach the Doomsday 
    Tomato controls. Leave the control on the sofa, stretch your legs while 
    enjoying the end.
    *Weird stuff
    Fang reacts as Tomacho when you stomp on him (beware of fangs) but he 
    seems to be invencible.
    Secret/Last Stage 5
    Climb the strange-looking pillars and turn around in corners till you 
    find a strange appendix hanging from the "ceiling". Stomp on that thing 
    and you'll win the game. 
    -Final words
    Well, here it is. Feedback about this FAQ email me at 
    -Thanks to
    For posting this cr@p.
    Kao Megura
    His FAQs encouraged me to help other gamers in distress.
    For writing nice and simple FAQs
    The best band of the whole world.
    My brother
    Gracias por todo, bro.
    For reading this useless thing.
    -Copyright & Legal Disclaimer
    This document is free and for personal use only. It can only be posted 
    by electronic means in its entirety without any kind of alteration.
    (c) this document, Kains D.
    King Koopa, Starman, and Super Mario Bros. are copyright Nintendo.

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