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Regional Differences

Basic Controls

The controls were flipped when the game was released outside of Japan. Instead of A jumping and B attacking, B jumps and A attacks in the US/European version of the game. This change extends to the cheat codes too.

Title Screen

The title screen was completely redesigned for the English release, transitioning from the first screen to the second.

The European version omits the title logo completely (the CHR data exactly the same as for the US version, but tilemaps for title has wiped out), leaving it in basic text form on the earlier copyright screen. Two tall buildings were also added to the right side of the screen. A few tiles of the leftmost character's pants are miscolored in the first screen. Also, there are a couple of occasional pixels at the top of the rightmost building. But they aren't drawn there for reason, it's a leftover "TM" sprite from the US title screen, missed while redesigning the European version of the title. The tower and letters shares the same palette, so some pixels of letters are invisible on the building, render this message unreadable and seems unnoticed.

Character Select

Striker's portrait was recolored for the English release.

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The Famicom version has stage intermissions that were removed in the English versions.

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Famous Quotes

The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

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Hey dudes thanks, for rescuing me. Let's go for a burger.... Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Connection to Other Media

The game's first boss Karnov is actually the same Russian fire-breather from the NES game Karnov and the 16 bit fighting series World Heroes.

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