• Sound Test (Japanese version)

    At the title screen, hold A + B on controller 2 and press Start on controller 1. Use controller 1 to hear the music and controller 2 to hear the sound effects.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

  • Sound Test (US Version)

    From the title screen, go to the PLAY menu, press A + B on Controller 2, then press Start on Controller 1 to access the sound test. Use Controller 1 to select the music and Controller 2 to listen.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.


  • Passwords

    The following two passwords start you with the Boston team at games near the end of the season (this is probably the only way Boston will ever win a Series!):

    06811B5CBCFinal game of the Super Series vs Hawaii
    540C783C94Starts you at 69W-0L...1 win clinches pennant

    Contributed By: AdamL.

  • Regular Season Passwords

    Enter the following passwords for the final game in Regular Season...

    20WPWRC945Atlanta vs. Philadelphia (69-0)
    R071B4W4R2Boston vs. Atlanta (69-0)
    8D010RWDP2Chicago vs. Boston (69-0)
    17033K8FH5Hawaii vs. Los Angeles (69-0)
    20K2K5K945Kansas City vs. Seattle (69-0)
    T073S0T4H2Los Angeles vs. Kansas City (69-0)
    00C2WCC945New York vs. Chicago (69-0)
    560C761C94Philadelphia vs. Washington D.C. (69-0)
    00K7KFK945Seattle vs. Texas (69-0)
    15833387H5Texas vs. Utah (69-0)
    8H810FS3L2Utah vs. Texas (69-0)
    P073P674R2Washington D.C. vs. Chicago (69-0)

    Contributed By: Aether Knight.

  • Start on Super Series Game #56

    Normally the Super Series is a best of 7 series where the winner is the team to win 4 games first. Due to a glitch, if you are tied after 18 innings the game counts as a tie and doesn't count towards the total of 7 games. A tie is almost impossible but if you were to keep tying the Super Series would automatically end after 56 games without a winner. Here is a password that starts you in that far fetched scenario.

    68159CRR60Super Series Game #56

    Contributed By: AdamL.

  • Super Series Passwords...

    Enter the following passwords for the final game in Super Series...

    0641185CBCAtlanta vs. Hawaii (3-0)
    1R05447D38Boston vs. Hawaii (3-0)
    B057PBD381Chicago vs. Hawaii (3-0)
    17033K8FH5Hawaii vs. Boston (3-0)
    64158FKSK0Kansas City vs. Boston (3-0)
    T057S8F381Los Angeles vs. Boston (3-0)
    B02DR8P9B0New York vs. Hawaii (3-0)
    1D05487D38Philadelphia vs. Hawaii (3-0)
    8057STF381Seattle vs. Boston (3-0)
    06S1035KSKTexas vs. Boston (3-0)
    H057L7F381Utah vs. Boston (3-0)
    3R0R74W670Washington D.C. vs. Hawaii (3-0)

    Contributed By: Aether Knight.

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