Review by Psycho Penguin

Reviewed: 02/13/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

A decent game based on an average movie

Back in the days before almost every game based on a movie sucked, some good game-to-movie translations were produced. Sure, in the days of the NES, some really stunk (Total Recall, anyone?) But Willow was a fantastic game, and this Batman game is a decent platformer. The game does have spome major flaws, and Im not a big fan of this, but it is a pretty good game and belongs on the shelf if you like the Batman series.

Graphics (6/10): The backgrounds are nicely designed, but my main problem with the graphics is the character designs. Batman is about the size of a Game Boy character, which isn't good. I prefer the side scrolling graphics on Super NES because the characters and enemies are both much betetr designed and more life-like.

Music/Sound (2/10): I haven't heard a decent music piece in the game yet. The sound effects are decent, though.

Control/Gameplay (7/10): Batman has good control, but there are moments of frustartion here and there. The gameplay is a side scrolling adventure. I do not think this type of game suits Batman the best. I prefer the side scrolling beat em up action of the Super NES games

Replay Value (1/10): What? This game has replay value?

Challenge (10/10): Its a challenge just to want to play through the whole game.

Fun Factor (5/10): Batman is a decent game, but with so many other games out there it just blends in with the crowd.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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